Sunday, 31 October 2010

韓国化粧品 Hope Girl のイベント


Hi everyone!
So why did I start this post with Korean?

Yesterday I went for one of Korean's famous cosmetic brand, Hope Girl's soft launch event at Heeren ALT.

Happy me can't wait to try the products!

There was this "doll-up" table for us to play around with the products of Hope Girl!

The full range available in Singapore

I met Christy there and we were like having a load of great fun trying out the products!

So let me introduce to you the range of products Hope Girl carries in Singapore!

Powder which comes in 2 shades

Korean's greatest invention, BB Cream.

The Triple Action Multi BB (left) gives a matte finish
whereas the Pink Diva Shimmery BB (right) is of course shimmery!
Great for highlight!

Here's Christy and I!

Guess what?!
Christy only had Hope Girl's Triple Action Multi BB on with Hope Girl's Pink Diva Shimmery BB on her cheek bones!

Looks so pretty right?!
No photoshop oh~!

Cute blushers of Hope Girl

Each blusher comes with this small, handy blusher brush.

There's 2 shades of pink and a shimmery one for highlight!

Hope Girl's Milky Balm Lipstick

I fell in love with it like mad immediately after testing!

There's a total of 5 shades of lipstick.
You're sure to find one that suits you!

Just SEE how milky they look!
No wonder they're called MILKY BALM LIPSTICK!!!

Hope Girl's Night Diva Gloss

Don't think it's just another ordinary lipgloss okay~

Each lipgloss has a mirror on it so you can re-apply your gloss anytime, anywhere!

And turn on the LED light with the button on top and you have yourself a portable lightstick!
Now you're ready to party!

LOL. You can use it during concerts, too!
Just joking! But c'mon! It IS another use for it, right?

Hope Girl's full range of eyeshadow which is super good!

A total of 10 different shades and colours!

Now I'll show you how they look like after applied!

Applied on Christy's arm

Applied on my fingers

And which are my favourite?

I really love these 2 shades of brown!
One dark, one light which is give to create a natural but yet big dolly eye look that I wear super duper often!
And with the shimmer in the eyeshadow, it's glam and elegant enough for dinners, too!

Now let me show you how different just these 2 shade is able to do!



I applied only minimun dark shade on outer half and light shade on inner half of my eyelids!
See how deep my eye(s) appeared to be!?

Next eyeliner and eyebrow crayon

Thickness of the liquid eyeliner

Now to put the eyeliner to the test!

Although the eyeliner may appear to look pretty thick, it isn't when applied!

I left the eyeliner on for a few minuted while I tried the other items and gave it a hard rub!

I rubbed my hand till it's red already and only a very small amount faded!
Although it is THAT lasting, it is super easy to remove!

GREAT! I'm so getting it after I finish my current one!


Hope Girl's liquid eyeliner is Formulated in Japan!

The 3 shades of eyebrow crayon Hope Girl carries!

Hope Girl has this under eye magic cleaner that helps clean off any smudges through-out anytime of the day!
Especially with this humid weather in Singapore, eyeliner tends to smudge and stuff... This under eye cleaner s such a life-saver!

Hope Girl's Mascara

Look at the unique shape of the mascara brush!

Ended off the event with yummy pastries!

Ok. So after alllllll this,


Currently, there's a counter at Heeren ALT on Level 3!

They have the everything featured in this post there!

Why I love Hope Girl?
Cos Hope Girl's cosmetics products are not only of good quality but also reasonable!
C'mon~ Everyone can afford it!

And of course, they have such cute leopard prints on them! Super 可愛い!

And of course the Milky Balm Lipstick!
Fell in love with it that I actually went to get one immediately after the event even though yes my pay has not gone through...!

Look at it! It matches my new leopard cosmetic bag!

So c'mon! Grab yours and try them now!


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