Saturday, 22 November 2008

brief post.

Taggy Reply!!

jiaying*: e cap is cute! and the apple vinegar buy frm where de?

trix: i order the cap from a spree from Prettyduste. you can check out her(i think) blog for various sprees. she usually has sprees for juicy couture stuff though. as for the apple vinegar, i got it from shop and save. however, i'm not sure if it's being sold at every shop and save or not.

gonna post a short post first before i go shower or whatever as i cant leave my lappy now for the moment i guess.
i just came home from city hall after some simple shopping and dinner with dann at plaza singapura.
then we walked to city hall,
walked awhile then go home.

that aside.
why cant i leave my lappy?
all thanks to a girl (i think) that told my mom that someone posted a entry on his/her blog about the fishspa i'm mom is working at.

and when my mom gave me the address of the blog that the girl gave my mom,
guess who's blog is it.


and i was like
"xia xue!? zhun bo?!"
"i just read her blog this afternoon lor~"
"where on earth got entry about your fishspa?"
"not even your face there lah!"
"where got your face there?!"

i even asked my mom if she saw xia xue before (showing her xia xue's photo)
my mom said
"no... such a pretty girl where got come here one?!"

my mom dont believe me and insist that i find her her photo on xia xue's blog.

blah blah blah~
horrible mother i have.
not that she's a horrible mother,
she is a horrible person to me.
cause once she wanna get something,
you DIE!
like the girl gave my mom her handphone number.
and my mom just kept calling and calling her wanting to know where etc etc.
and apparently the girl cant answer the phone at the moment.
but she just keep calling lor~

people hang up phone calls for a reason you know~
not to mention the girl dont really know my mom!
except that she's the auntie at bugis fish spa shop!

and after searching on,
apparently many many people went for fish spa(s) after watching the video of
xia xue's guide to life: the fish spa
so i seriously think that this girl may just be one of them.

hey anyone out there!
if you have any photo of fish spas at bugis street,
please send me the link and release me from this misery!!!

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