Tuesday, 4 November 2008


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hey people,
gonna blog about yesterday first
as i didnt blog at night after my dinner.

so firstly,
i was awoken by horns after horns of several cars.
i thought some freaking traffic or rackless driver "doing stunts".

it's just some groom was here to "fetch" his bride.

the cars just keep driving round and round my block's carpark
horning and horning like nobodies' business.

maybe it's a tradition?
i think...


see time i see people getting married on a Monday! lor~

and finally after around 1-2 mins,
they came to a stop.


oh well,
thanks for the morning wake up call though...
if not i guess i'll be even later for FYP yesterday.

opps! =X

so on my way to school,
i met zhi hui while walking out from the mrt station.
she's just so easy to be recognised.
nike bag pack,
rebonded black hair,
simple dark coloured pumps.


and when we're reaching the school's gate
along the shelter walk-way,
jess spotted us and tapped my backs.


so cute lah~
i tap zhi hui,
jess tap the both of us.

but sadly,
they are going for lecture at Blk N
whereas i'm still heading to Blk S

i finally made it to my horrible fish tank.
i tried to focus.
not on doing my work,
but on staying awake.
i failed.
i seriously just slept either lying back on my chair
or lay my head down on the table.

and half an hour wasnt enough.
i still doze doze dozey dozey off off...

so after i woke up,
and managed to keep myself on the "switch on" mode,
it was already lunch time.
however i went for lunch late.
and late as in my original lunchtime was over
then only i went for lunch around...
where my original lunchtime ends at 1.30pm.

cause again,
there's no one in the lab.


i was like super hungry.
i got myself teriyaki chicken rice again.
and to my surprise,
i didnt finish my food!!!

for people who knows me personally,
come on!
trixy cant finish a normal bowl of food?
a normal meal?
answer is: no.
i wasnt kidding.
i was like so freaking full that the last mouth of chicken i had,
i had to force it in.
and guess what?
i still didnt finish my food
cause if i eat anymore further,
i think i'll puke!

so i thought maybe i'm like sick of the taste,
so i went to buy myself fruit juice as usual
and i seriously regretted that.
cause i forced my fruit juice in, too!

what's wrong with my sia~
i didnt eat alot on sunday night...

so after FYP yesterday,
i went home.
did not meet dann.
and then again,
my sister and her boyfriend were like so surprised to see me home that early,

and like i've blogged last night,
we order pizza for dinner.

we order oishii pizza,
oishii combo.
and the combo consist of

1 Medium Pizza (12")
6 pcs Breaded Scallops
3 pcs Mochiko Wings
1 Oishi Salad

add upsized our pizza to a large 14" pizza which costed us only $3 more.

we had wasabi seafood pizza.
and i'll rate it.....

4 stars!


it's nice.
and so were the Mochiko Wings.

and i noticed that whatever i've eaten
was like lesser than what i usually eat to make me THAT full!
really wonder what's wrong with me.

but oh well,
maybe that's a good thing?


this morning,
i woke up earlier,
which should be enough for me to shower,
get ready for school,
and travel to school or at least yio chu kang station by 8.30am.

that stupid bus jammed, again.
it has just gone back to the horrible timing again.

the bus frequency during peak hours
is 2-3 minutes.

and do you know how long did i waited for that stupid bus?

13-15 mins!

even the bus stop opposite
(buses come out from the interchange)
were a little jam up like 5-7 mins a bus.
cause all the other buses were jammed up along the way back,
which is the side that i'm taking!!!

and when the bus came,
3 buses came together.
and every single bus were packed.
i was still able to get up the bus,
made my way all the the back
and get a sit besides another NYP student.

*ya i know*
*cause i see him like almost every other morning while waiting for the bus last semester*

apparently he decided to change
and wait for bus at the previous bus stop.
maybe i shall give up taking this horrible non-consistent bus
and switch to another bus service.

some people asked me before,
"why dont you walk? sinced your house isnt really very far from the interchange..."
but one thing,
i dont wanna end up all sweaty and stuff
when i just my day.
so ya..
that's my answer.

good thing trains hardly have any problems.
so i got on the train,
had a comfortable sit all the way to yio chu kand station.
made my way as fast as possible to Blk S.
and when i reached the lift lobby,
guess what?
i saw a lecturer just standing there,
talking on the phone,
waiting for i-dont-know-what.
i got a feeling that she has been standing there for quite some time
and guess what?

and when i looked up,
both lifts just went up from the 2nd floor.
and i mean those that was actually at the 2nd floor
then some people went in from the second floor then go up that kind.

and why do i know?
cause there's a camera and tv showing...


so i ended up reaching my lab at 8.50am.

after all the waking up earlier and stuff,
i was still late thanks to the horrible bus(es)
and that female lecturer that just didnt press the button.

oh ya!
one more thing.
not only did she not press the button,
finally when the lift was here,
(we were at lvl 1 and my lab's on lvl 4)
she went in and press for lvl 2!!!
like what the~
waste my time.
have she heard of stairs?
then a girl came in after the lecturer.
and she pressed for lvl 3.


very fun huh?

i'm like running late
and have one [censored] that stand and not press the lift button
and that [censored] come in press for one level up
and another [censored] come in and press one more level up.

waste my time...

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