Saturday, 8 November 2008

happy apples!

finally managed to send this...
all of us just came back after burger king for breakfast.
after breakfast,
we went to comic connection and we found the game that dann had been searching like mad for a long long long time,
i was like searching for it like mad also cause i wanted to get it for dann as his birthday present.
Lue song~
thanks but no need to help me find liao~
i got it already!
next we went to the arcade and there i saw little mermaid plush toy!
at first dann didnt wanna catch for me as the little mermaid's like stuck in between all the other princesses plush.
but dann saw me really wanting to have one and that the people allow us to change as long as we catch any of it in the same machine.
so dann caught a jasmine and we changed it for a little mermaid!

after that we went to simei where zat, oz and steve got new magic cards.
dann is like playing his game like mad again...
dann has sái loh...!

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