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Japan Trip Day 2 -- Shopping!

Origianlly posted on 09/09/09.
Hello!!! Sorry for the long delay. My post for day 2 of my trip to Tokoy is here! SStill, sorry. I don't have the time to put in the photos taken by my dad still. Once I get my posts updated, I'll let you people know and add up a link to my sidebar. =)

14 August 2009.

This morning, I woke up at 4am Japan time which is 3am Singapore time, as my dad said that we were going to the fish market that morning and told me to set alarm... blah blah blah... making sure that we wake up etc etc.

So ya... I woke up, got ready. Washed up, got dressed, makeup and stuff.

All me cosmetics used. Hahaha~ My dad kept nagging the whole trip this sentence, "I ask you to come for holiday ar~ Not move house ar~" LOL

First try with my new KATE eye shadow I bought the night before.

So after getting all ready and stuff, it was already 5am (JP Time) and I went to wake my dad up. He then snuggled in bed and ignored me. I then went to my stepmom and she was wondering why did I wake up so early?! Auntie Agnes called and told her that the fish market is closed for that 2 days due to it being summer. So everyone else in that apartment knew EXCEPT ME! Argh~

So I just had to find some stuff to entertain myself. TV sucks. Nothing to watch sia~ The some entertaining channel is shopping channel!!! =__='" bored...

From the balcony...

Then I camwhored in the toilet...

I LOVE the mirror in the toilet lor~ SUPER BIG!

Then I went to the kitchen from some drinks and snacks.

Kitchen view~ hahaha...

My banana yogurt. Yummy~ It's quite a big cup for less than 1 SGD lor~!

The sweet I bought the night before, too. Super cooling~ I eat it after my meals. Goooood~

Like I said, it was super boring in the apartment. So I informed my stepmom then went out to explore the neighbourhood on my own a little.

Wanna rent a house?

Oh? Who's there to welcome you?

It's Sho from ARASHI!!! hahah...

There's also EVA outside a pachinko shop!

Namie anyone?

Apparently someone ripped off the top half of Namie from the machine! Tsk tsk tsk~

Super rotten Rookies poster on another machine

Limited Rookies drinks!

One of the convinence store there.

I got myself breakfast!

Drink and onigiri

I like this drink~! Singapore should totally have it lor!

So after exploring around, I went back to the apartment before we all set up for our trip that day proper.

We first went to a Soba shop near the apartment for breakfast as my dad was dying for soba!

See his happy face~!

My tempura soba

After breakfast, we then made our way to Ikebukuro as I wanna go to the Gyosa museum!!! WAHAHAHA

Up the long long escalator at some station. I forgot where liao~ =p

The train is here!!!

My daddy!

See! Their trains seats are cushioned! So good~~~

Hai... But oh well.. Singapore will never have such seats thanks the minority people being super inconsiderate and stuff.

Building along the way...

A sign that I find super funny but real. And like I always like to say,

"Go get a room!"

Ok. So we've reached Ikebukuro 池袋 and we were 'welcomed' with plenty of anime stuff!



Outside the arcade and cinema beside it -- Yattman & Eva

There are also some other non-anime related shops around

We also went to Toyota for a quick look first as we were early and Namja Town was not opened yet then. Oh well.. So was Toyota.

Cars are always guys' toys and yes~ No age limit one lor~

My dad totally went gaga over the new car lah~!

My interest was opposite, the HUGE arcade of like 4 or 4 levels high?! And level 1 and 2 are ALL UFO machines!!!! AAHH!!!

Yippe! Soon we went to Namja Town. Whahahaha

Everywhere is that Cat lor~ In just that building itself, not only that level lor~!

Gyoza~~~ wahahahaha

The entrance walkway

Special menu for the pudding exhibition that period of time

Some old memories of candies and snacks we used to eat when we were young -- including ME!!!

The world's biggest digital something. I forgot liao~ And of course, another CAT found. hahaha

Souvenir shop

All the cat cat stuff. 可愛い~

Gaza machine for special cat pins! Only available at Namja Town

Gyoza area -- Gyoza Street

Let the Cat predict your furture and tell your fortune?!

The street~

There's a lot more photo taken by my dad but I still dont have time to upload, yet. Sorry... will update will update!

Next, we went upstairs! Dessert level!

All the 'official' menu items displayed for you to see before really walking around that level itself.

More displays along the way~

Special PUDDING period~!

I was like super sad that I couldn't share my pudding with her lor~ ='(

I have no idea why but the following item was there at the pudding area:

Boobs pudding/jelly!!!!????

Like people always say, Japanese are the creator of hentai stuff. BUT! Do they HAVE to sell such stuff at a place where most visitors are KIDS?!

But then again... I find it quite interesting as of that idea and I actually wanted to buy one of those back for OZ. =P Not from the 'exhibit' alright~ But from other places. It's like being sold almost at every snack shop you go lor~ Oh well.. I was just to pai seh to buy cos I'm shopping with my dad most of the time so... Neh~ didnt buy.

*OZ, you're saved man~*

Pudding food stuff. The pudding cake thingy right at the bottom is nice~ But it was just too expensive I couldnt bear to spend that money.

Now... time for some special puddings that are contest pieces this year!

It's like noodles then you pour the syrup into the noodle pudding I guess...

Ramen pudding. It doesn't look like PUDDIND at all lor~ You say jelly maybe I still can accept! LOL

Pudding in an egg!

There are some more but I didnt take photo fo every single one of them. Plus, there were some that were already out of stock when I went to buy my pudding. Imagine~ it was only around 11am and Namya town only opens at 10am! Out of stock liao leh~ Dont siao siao leh~

My puddings~ Pudding drink and vanilla pudding that it one of the contest piece this year.

Both my dad and I bought the pudding drink. I bought mine after him and when I went back to the table with my pudding stuff, he then told me the pudding drink it not nice at all. It totally sucks and yes. It sucks~ Never buy it! Waste of money~! It cost like $2 plus SGD lor~ For like 200ml? I think~ And plus, IT SUCKS! So ya. DONT EVER BUY IT!!!

My pudding costed like $5 plus SGD I think... Cant really remember already. It taste great lor~! 美味しい~!

可愛い Namja tissue~ hahaha

Next area... dessert kingdom!

Crepe shop. I wanted to get one but seeing the queue~ Forget it lah ah~

Let's see how crepes are done!
(I know many already know including myself. But just see lor~)

Pour the mixture and spread to well. Let it heat till blah blah blah~

Then put on toppings, cream, fruits, blah blah blah~ LOL

Let's walk in further!

Are we at Rome or somewhere? =p

Creepy place~~~ Just joking. You can actually get your fortune told there or something lah~ hahaha

Wait! I spotted something!

Naruto pudding?!

Of course must try lah! =p

So as you can see, it was served in a Naruto cup and they also gave out Naruto sticker some discount coupon or something.

It's actually soybean based so it's actually really healthy. Yummy too~~~

Now... From here on... If Yvonne is there, she will TOTALLY GO GAGA!!!

Strawberry cakes!!! There are like lots of other stalls selling strawberry stuff also lor~ Too bad I can't bring back the cakes. Meow~

They also have special Naruto cakes and pastry! I didnt try them cos I was pretty full after 2 puddings and the pudding drink by then.

You are the music in me~~~ LOL

Sugar made cuties!

There is also this small little room area where it's like a church with hythm being played and stuff.

Walls filled with people's wishes and stuff around that area, too.


So after that, we went back to the Gyoza area to buy my Gyoza

Sign near the waiting area for my Gyoza

This just made me think of one movie -- 20th century boys.

健二君 遊びましょ~

The crowd at the Gyoza street

My Gyoza!!! Seriously I have no idea what type of Gyoza I bought. There are just TOO MANY choices so I just chose the first stall, and its first item. Case closed.

It taste alright~ I wont say delicious. But for such a kiddy place, I think it's really not bad. You know... like some places they just wanna earn money and stuff then their food totally sucks one lor~ This one is not. hahaha

A robot? Seriously.. I dont know either. =p

So that's the end of Namja town for now. Like I said. I will update with more photos, more photos with people in them. Wahahaha....

There is also this small 鬼太郎 resturant outside Namja town. Took some photos then I go liao~ hahaha...

After Namja Town, we then went back to Toyota where my dad took 'a look' at some cars there. For me, I got my eyes one something BUT they are not for sale.

Doraemon camping set!!!
AH!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Toyota, we went to a departmental store near Sunshine City.
(By the way, Namja Town is in Sunshine city)

See what I spotted~

Life-sized Rei!!! Arh~~~ My favorite character from Eva lor~

Really cool Eva Era caps!!! But expensive sia~ Wanted to buy for Dann... Hai.. I budget lah~

Anime figuring thumbdrives!!! Got Ranka!!! Arh!!!

One corner for Micheal Jackson stuff! The poster is actually him too!

After shopping there for like an hour, we had to leave to meet up with Auntie Agnes.

My stepmom making a call on the public phone where I spotted the HUGE Haruhi poster

Better view of the poster as we walked towards the train station

Buildings at Ikebukuro. Sadly we didnt get to go ZARA. Meow~

Next stop, Ginza 銀座.

Just look at the shop front you will know that you're at somewhere atas~

And what's that one shop you have to visit have you go Japan?

Burberry for it's BLUE LABEL.

So ya... My stepmom and her friends went shopping at Burberry while my dad and I just look around and spend most of our time sitting down on the chairs near the lift. I didn't buy anything from there alright~ Neither did I asked for anything though some bags are really cute and so are the heels and dresses! Meow~ I want one handbag for my birthday present~ But asking more was a bit too much since the trip to Japan is already my birthday present technically speaking.

Building at Ginza area.

After shopping at Burberry, we went for lunch at this simple Japanese resturant.

It's pretty near a big cake shop near Burberry. It's behind the cake shop.

Auntie Audrey and my stepmom with their lunch. Dig in~!

And this is my hot dip dip udon. I forgot the name of it but it really is delicious! とっても 美味しいです。 If you're going there during and summer, why not give it a try?! (It's only available in summer.)

After lunch, we set off to look for the drama shop that uncle Xiang Min told me about that is near NHK TV Station.

The folks washing their glasses with a special machine outside the shop that makes your glasses sparkling clean!

The equipments!

After quite a distance, we finally reached NHK.

Huge number of people were there at NHK for some carnival or something. That scene looked super familar lah! Dont you feel that it's like a scene in Death Note 2 The Movie?!

We saw this super long queue of GIRLS by the side! I wonder what on earth were they queuing for! And I found a super ugly looking thingy that uncles kept going up to take photos with it! I wonder why, too~

Now guess what I saw~~~

20th Century Boys!!! LOL

I dragged my dad to take this photo with me. =p We had to queue for like 10 mins to be able to get our photos taken lor~

They were promoting the 3th part of the movie that day at the carnival, too!

健二君、 遊びましょ。


My dad then accompanied me to continue to find the drama shop whereas my stepmom and her friends went for some drinks at the cafe at NHK itself. My dad and I searched and searched but we just couldnt find it and I got scolded by my dad for wasting everyone's time and stuff... hai... Oh well.. At least I got to take photo fo the 20th century boys thingy~ LOL

Everywhere was News' poster! Guess there's some program coming up huh?

My stepmom found this beetle. It's huge~~~

SEE! It's even bigger than my biggest toe lah!
NOTE. I'm a size UK 3, US 5 , JP 22.5 okay~

My matcha shaved ice. Super yummy and cooling for a warm summer day!

Next, we went to Ueno 上野.

My dad and I were snapping photos of each other. Will update with the other point of view asap.

A really pretty flower shop at Ueno station, just opposite...

Hard Rock Cafe -- Toyko Ueno Station!!!

They were selling limited Hello Kitty Hard Rock Cafe stuff! Some T-shirts are really pretty but I didnt buy them cos I spent a bomb on pins for my sister. I bought like 3 pins and each costs like ¥1600 lah! That's like around $20SGD each!

A 7 storey high toy shop! I went up to the 6th level and stopped cos the highest level had all the movie figurings and stuff which I was afraid that I may see that freaking thingy. The rest were all cute stuff with like half a level of DORAEMON!!! AAAHHHH~~~~!!!!

Here's one shop you may wanna consider going if you wanna buy some branded stuff but yet dont really wanna spend at actual price for it. You can find 2nd hand stuff, both used and brand new, or just new stuff at discounted price. My stepmom got herself a really cute Gucci handbag and a Roberta Viviani Crystal handphone strap for me. Super pretty but I dont really wanna hang it on as for now. I'm afraid I get it spoilt for something.

The street~

My dad and I waiting for the tai-tais to be done with their branded shopping.

I was trying to take a photo of me with the arcade in the background but I failed. =(

We then carried on walking down the street where I got a huge takoyaki for myself, while we shop for snacks and anything that caught out eyes.

Photos along the street were taken by my dad as I was busy with my huge takoyaki. My hands were just too busy.

After snacks shopping, we went for dinner.

A 2 storey high ramen resturant

It near Ueno Skyliner Line Station. Just somewhere opposite it.

Smile everyone~!

See! Jap resturants have such hangers to let you hang your barang barang so that you get to sit comfortably even if you're sitting by the counter!

My dad and I ordered the same thing -- 豚骨ラーメン

And it's delicious ar~! But the portion is pretty big. Couldnt finish even half of it.

After dinner, we shopped a little more before heading back to the apartment. We got 'conned' by Aunite Agnes to alight one stop earlier with her which made us walk like 30mins down a never ending road back to the road where it crosses with the road that we will walk by if we had alight at Kasuga. We were all super tired and seriously think that it's the wrong way and stuff. Alight at Kasuga station, 10 mins walk back home. That particular stop, more than 30 mins to the cross road only. So there's still like 5 mins walk more to go. ah~~~~ Drop dead man!

Here's my bags after that day of shopping and stuff.

The stuff that I bought! YEAH! I got myself a yukata! Wahahaha!!! And yes.. If you had sen the post I post about this year's natsu matsuri, you would have seen a photo of me in that yukata.

A really pretty hair pin I bought for just ¥500!!! Super good buy lor~!

Rei~ I got this from the Gasha machine! ちょう 可愛い!

OK. That's all for now.
Once again, sorry for the delay and I'll update asap.

Have a good night everyone!

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