Wednesday, 2 February 2011

東京カワイイTV撮影 - ②


Sorry I know I said that I'll blog last night after my nap BUT I fell asleep for 13 hours after taking my medicine and I woke up only... 30mins ago?

Meow~ It sure isn't good to fall sick at this time of the year~ Think of ALL the new Ney Year goodies!!! Khui Lapes!!! (Sorry if I spelt wrongly)

So here's the post on filming with NHK Day 2!!! (笑)


Here's me in my Leopard Shades that I got from Far East Plaza and total nude face.

That morning we started out filming in the Gals' very own hotel room!
And like mentioned in my Vlog video, we had a mini makeover by 真衣子ちゃん!


Okay~ Last photo of one of my favourite shades alright~

After the makeover by 真衣子ちゃん for both ナビハちゃん and I, we head down to Cineleisure to take neoprint!

Tada!!! Our looks were completed with apparel from Tokyo Cover Girl, too!!!

With Lieちゃん!

Okay~ This photo is blurr but I like it!!!
Please allow me to photoshop this photo alright.
I'm sure everyone will forgive me putting me this average Sg girl size besides a Jap model! (笑)

ナビハちゃん & 真衣子ちゃん

With ナビハちゃん!

ツリキ's Look:
Super Nudy Barbie Pink EOS Lenses
DollyWink #2 Upper Lashes
DollyWink #6 Lower Lashes

ナビハ's Look:
FreshKon Sparkling Grey Lenses
DollyWink #1 Upper Lashes

Tada!!! Our uper gyaru-nified neoprints!!!

Oki~ Sadly after taking neoprints and Lieちゃん shopping for more shades and glasses at the shop just beside the neoprint shop at Cine, the crew had to rush off to Xiaxue's house for further filming.

ナビハちゃん and I hang out for awhile before I head over to Ikoma for my lesson where the crew from NHK came back also for interview and stuff.

LOL the whole class was freaking funny lah! Firstly, for once everyone snatched the back row of seats like super early, I ended up sitting in the first row.
During filming, my classmates even sneak their mobiles out to take photo and stuff. Super funny~

And suddenly, everyone was SUPER QUIET! Although like 95% of my classmates are working people, we are pretty noisy during class most of the time. But that day... no no no... even 先生 couldn't take it and told everyone not to be so quiet!

Ya.. even when I had シャーリちゃん with me in class that evening, my class was still super quiet!!! ( We both were pretty noisy already okay~)

Haha~ After lesson, I showed my 先生 the neoprint I took with the Gals and guess what, my 先生 is actually a fan of 真衣子ちゃん!

日:私の日本語の先生は 真衣子ちゃんのファンだ!

Ok~ So here are the stuff that the Gals gave both ナビハちゃん and I.

I also got this really pretty pair of green lenses

Sadly it's 0 degree. Still wondering what should I do with it...

Ok. I can't blog out the photos that ナビハちゃn and I took when we hanged out so I'll upload them onto my FB Fanpage soon~!

Oki! That's all for now!
Gonna take my medicine and back to lala land!

Update!!! These eps of Tokyo Kawaii TV will be aired on 12 & 19 Feb from 11pm on NHK!
Stay tuned people!!!


  1. ^__^ nya~ u look so cute in all your pictures,same with the other girls >u< gah those glasses suit you ^u^

    yeah im 0 degrees feel free to give them to me ahem ahem

  3. All u girls look so cute!! U are so lucky to get such a great experience! I used to study in Ikoma for a while too. Sounds really fun to have the crew filming in class! Can't wait to see these episodes! =)

  4. sell the lenses to me plsssss!!! I'm VERY KEEN!!!

  5. Kawaiiberri92へ
    Thank you! (^^)

    Haha... I may sell it since there are people wanting to buy it from me.

    Yeah! I can't wait, too! The eps will be airing this and next Sat!!! Please NHK send me the DVD quick!!!

    Hey babe~ Replied you on twitter already. =)

  6. Hello! Do you think you can upload the NHK episodes online when they're out please? Thanks!

  7. Mireiへ
    I would love to upload but I need help in ripping it out from the DVD that NHK is gonna send me.
    Any idea how?

  8. does the other singaporean girl beside has a blog? i would want to visit her blog.



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