Monday, 24 November 2008

living with Tigger(s)

hey there everyone!!!
once again,
i feel very fortunate.

today after FYP,
i met dann and his mom for dinner.
dann had no work today!
so we went to yishun for chilli crab and some other food...

but before meeting dann's mom,
dann and i went to north point for awhile.
shopped around esprit
then kiddy palace where dann got me another big tigger!!!

tiggo (the new joined member) is bigger than tigga (formly biggest in size).
i remember on saturday,
dann actually wanted to get me one tigger (not baby series one) at carrefour.
and it was bigger than tigga already.
then i asked dann,
"you wanna get me tiggers that are bigger bigger huh?"
and dann's reply was
"ya ya ya!"


after dinner,
we took cab back to dann's house.
we watched 舞林大道 and the last episode of 不凡的爱.
so touching...
glad it is a happy ending if not i'll cry~~~

after that at 10pm,
dann and i made our way to coffee bean for cakes!
i had my thousand blah blah blah leaves cake AKA yummy chocolate cake.
weird huh?
chocolate cake,
yummy to me?
i think it's just time of the month where i dont actually mind eating chocolate cakes.
but then again,
it still has to be chocolaty!
if not,
it still suck.


and now presenting to all of you...

i've got tigga, tiggy (pronouced as tiggi) tiggu, tigge and tiggo.

first up!

this is tiggy, pronounced as tiggi.
it's the first tigger dann got me.
tiggy is from a shop from Singapore General Hospital in year 2007, october.
a slight background story,
the price tag on it was removed by gerry if not dann would just give it to me with the price tag on.


this is tigga.
the second tigger dann got me.
this tigger is from a kiddy palace shop and i suppose it's the one at causeway point.
dann got me this tigger for me in year 2007, november, as our 3 months present and to keep me company when dann is not around with me.
*so sweet right~*
and ya...
dann didnt realised that there was a price tag on it when he gave it to me...


this is tigge, the fourth of the tigger family.
this is the only tigger i bought for dann till now.
dann asked me to keep it with me so here it is with me still.


and of course! tiggo!!!
my new member of the tigger family!!!
it's bought from kiddy palace on 24 november 2008, monday.
and the first day i bought it,
it brought pride to me.
cause when we were at coffee bean for cake,
i walked passed this auntie who had a big pooh with her.
of course my tiggo is bigger.
so when i walked passed, the auntie was like looking at the with the "envy eyes"~~~

some of you may realised that i've missed out one tigger, tiggu.
and where is it?
it's now currently on dann's bed using the lappy now.

dont get it?
too bad~

good night everyone!
sweet dreams!

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