Wednesday, 19 November 2008

lunchtime performances

just came back to lab after watching some performances.
after my lunch,
i went to the atrium and when i got there,
our NYP's stage arts drama were having their performance.
though i didnt get to watch the whole thing,
it was enjoyable,
very enjoyable.

and next up was singing by this girl from sound card (i think) and a guy from stage arts (both drama and dance).
i never got to know the guy's name so...
and the PA crew totally sucked today so most talking involved were not listen-able.
but i seriously like the feel of "aint no sunshine" the guy did and of course the song that the girl wrote herself.
i forgot the name of the song already...
need to listen again then i'll know...
if not wrong it should be "hold me in your arms" i think...
i'll try to upload the video up.
i took a video.
but currently i'm uploading the performance by our DEAR foreign bodies.
so if possible,
i'll upload the singing video later on after i'm doing the FB's video.

so after the singing,
it was ballroom.
the guys were good.
or at least i think that they are technically good.
but the girls mah...
still have room for improvement.
at most i'll only say they are alright.
there are 2 girls that caught my eye.
and the weird thing is that they were both in orange skirt for the first dance.

yup yup!!!
those 2 girls in the above photo!
the one on the right dance better though.
but they are both GGGGOOOOOOOOOOOODDD~~~!!!!


and girl on the right danced in the other 2 dances too!


just freaking pretty!

i like this girl cause her expression is always so pretty,
always smiling and you can really feel the joy of (the) dance.
though if you were to see in a technical view,
she may not be the best.
but i feel like just watching,
your eyes will be like just stucked to her lor~
or at least,
i did.

next up,
belly dance!!!

our school really has belly dance!!!???

she actually very pretty but my stupid lousy phone cant capture great shots.
sick! i want a camera of my own!
and can you believe it that she's actually one for the member of our school's track and field team!!!


i'm not really a person that (knows how to) enjoy belly dances.
but from my view,
i think she nervous and as the more she dances,
the more nervous she gets.
i dont know why but ya...
at the beginning she was smiling so prettily
but in the end she just had that look that she's gonna cry anytime.


though i dont know you personally...

next up,
the long awaited DEAR foreign bodies~!

if not wrong,
i saw nice choreo which is super good thing cause i'm like starting to get bored of their dances already...
but seriously ever sinced this year's club crawl i feel that FB AKA FBodz are doing more and more new choreos.

as for how the performance went,
you shall see for yourself in the video.
and again,
i know my phone suck.
so just bear with the low quality video.
if not you should be able to find another video on youTube very soon.

you may see many heads popping out as and when in the video and ahem.
they are people from FB...

Foreign Bodies's Performance of the day:

i was very happy that our dear lovely junior alysa (sorry if i spelled wrongly) doing well in FB.
(she's in the first dance , in yellow, standing in the first row 2nd from the right)
though i am kinda sad as she was one of my favourite junior in this current batch.
but then again,
FB is a better place for her to grow in her hip-hop dance
and ya i know.
she will be better in doing this kind of what-i-say western hip-hop more than our japanese hip-hop.

ganbatte ne!
*just hope that she get to know this*

one random thought here.
just now when i was watching their performance during the dance for the song "take a bow",
i suddenly had the thought that andee actually looks abit like rain
a thiner version of rain.
or even maybe a less hot version of rain.
i told you it's a random thought.

and i seriously love the part andee danced at the chorus of the song
"dont tell me you're sorry cause you're not~"
that part was super good sia~

breaking part...
i seriously got that feel that johnathan may break a leg -- literally.

it was a fun choreo, finally.
i feel that the ending wasnt a very good as someone busted.
the guy right on the left.
his name is [shall not be blogged up].

oh my!
why am i commenting on their performance?!

as for current juniors that are still fighting in our division
you all also most jia you jia you
ganbatte ganbatte ganbatte oh!!!!
i'm looking forward to open house's performance!!!


the video of the singing has just finished uploading
so here is it!

one of the Singing Performance of the day:

last thing,
anyone going for Foreign Bodies's Production?
go together lehz...
i super sian sia~
now only have sok hiang and i going...

come people!
let's go together!

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