Thursday, 27 November 2008

Lucky Lucky!

hey there everyone!
just took a break and soon it will be the end of FYP for the day!!!

just checked my cozycot email and i found this!


see the total number of people they selected for this special goodie bag?

to think that i'm actually not an active cotter,
i still got my chance to win myself a goodie bag!

i wonder what's gonna be in it.
will blog up to tell everyone once i collect it this weekend.

think i'm lucky?

you can have your chance too!
join cozycot now!
it's totally free!
just join, share, rave, swap or even join sprees!
get your first-hand news to special offers in various shops or even get special discounts!

like last week cotters actually had 20%-30% off storewide at metro with special shopping timing for us!
what time do you think metro closes?
but last week cotter got to shop till 11pm without having the thought that stupid people will chase us out of the shop as they're closing!
though i didnt go in the end,
the sms for us to exchange our special discount card of the night is like still in my mobile phone lar~
and not only that,
not only do you have special treats for yourself,
you get to bring you friends along to some events too!
like the metro discount night,
we got to even bring up to 5 of our friends along!

so what are you waiting for?!
click on the badge on the fun links side bar of this badge below to join now!

you will also get to go to various exclusive beauty workshops at only a low price!!!
no! you do not want to wait any longer!
join now!
and when you join,
dont forget about me as your referral!

referral: quentria

cozycot is a singapore only group,
opened only for singaporeans!
what else is there not good about being a singaporean???

have a pretty day ahead!

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