Saturday, 17 January 2009

Nail Art Design #4
Chinese New Year

here's a nail art design for this lunar new year!
well, it's my first time trying to paint using arylic paint, so the look of it may not be THAT nice.
and again, i used fake nails this time round.

for this design, you may wanna get a brush that's specially made for nail art. however, if you wanna save money like me, you can just get a size 1 paint brush at popular or some other art shops.

1. paint a shade of red that you like. for me i chose a bright red and painted like 3 layers to make sure the color is really rich!

2. using a small paintbrush to paint black for the stems for the flowers on each nail. just make a quick simple thin line as thin as possible.

3. paint 5 petals randomly along the black lines for each nail in dark pink then light pink and lastly followed by white with the petal slightly overlapping the previouc layer.

4. paint a few drops of yellow in the center of each flower painted.

5. randomly paint some pink paint at empty areas of nails.

6. go over design with glittery nail polish. i used a glittery color from body shop for this.

and the final product:


some close-ups:

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