Monday, 18 July 2011

I ♥ Hada Labo~♪

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If you do not know, I'm a huge fan of Hada Labo and have been using their products since June/July last year in 2010.

See! I love my tamago like face!!!
Tamago means Egg in Japanese. And tamago like skin is really what lots of Japanese products emphasis on cos it means that you skin will be like egg, smooth, soft and bright!

But you just want MORE with one step?

I know I do!

And I was watching 女人我最大 a few months back and I saw that Hada Labo had released their Anti-Aging + Firming range and I was super excited and couldn't wait to get my hands on one!

*Prayed so hard for the range to come Singapore soon!*

And if you've been shopping at Watsons, I'm sure you know this...


So ya! On the left is the normal Hydrating range's Hydration Lotion
and one the right it's the new Retinol Lifting + Firming range's Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion!

So the 3 main ingredients in this new Firming range is:

1. Retinol Vitamin A which would help to reduce winkles and fine lines.
2. Collagen which would help improve your skin's elasticity for firmer and more lifted skin.
I believe many have heard of collagen before so I think there's no need for me to repeat everything again, right?
3.Super Hyaluronic Acid which will instantly locks in the moisture to your skin keeping it hydrated for a smooth and soft skin!

Basically, ALL lotion (or rather some prefer to call them toner) of Hada Labo HAVE Hyaluronic Acid in them! So! There is actually no need to get more than one of the bottles of each of their different range.

That's means which just the Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion you get firming and lifting effect ON TOP of the hydrating effect of the Hydration Lotion!

So yes! Just this one bottle is enough!
*Of course, if you want whitening effect, please get the whitening range's*

With just one step and correct message during application, you're get V-Shape faced in no time!

*But of course, it DO NOT remove fats on your face okay~*

So yes! Now you know my secret to great skin!

V-Shape face is no longer just a wish, a want! It can be yours!!!


  1. wow!! i love your face skin! so adorable! i hope that i'll sell here in Thailand too! i wanna try it so much hehe...thank you for telling us your beauty secret hehe

  2. you're so prettyyyyyyy!!
    jealous max.

  3. your lower lashes seems to be so natural! what brand are u wearing on the pic?

  4. gaah you look so so pretty and i just cant figure out how to apply those bottom lashes gyaru style D: please teach us if you've time! I already suck at falsies but bottom lashes leave me hopeless D:

  5. Nutchへ
    No problem! If not, you can try gathering a few friends and buy online? Split the shipping cost from Japan to Thailand?

    Thank you! But also, must thank the power of makeup! =P

    Lina Kim ♥ へ
    I was wearing DollyWink No.05. Try it!
    It's super natural looking!

    Saving Capuletへ
    It takes practice. If not, you can try cutting the lower lash into 2 or 3 pieces instead of one long piece. It would be easier for beginners to apply on.

  6. Omg <3 ur flawless skin!!!
    what brand of top lashes did u wear? :D

  7. Who Am I?へ
    I was wearing DollyWink No.2 for my upper lash! =)

  8. you looks so pretty ! *_* love your skin, so bright ! and your face expression are so innocent XD

  9. So pretty, your skin looks perfect ^o^

  10. You're pretty and have nice skin, but the thing with making your eyes big looks incredibly creepy on a human of any race.. it just doesn't suit you. I think you'd look a lot cuter without the giant contacts or the lower eyelashes so low.. and making the upper eyeliner fit your eyelid.



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