Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Jakarta Travelog Day 1
Welcome to Jakarta

Sponsored Travelogue

Hi everyone!

Continuing from where I ended previously, here's the first day of my trip to Jakarta last month!

With Mint at the airport after touched down.

If you have not read the first half, click here!

Too all people who think that Jakarta is a run-down place,

Think again.

We went to Grand Plaza Indoneia first after quite a long car ride from the airport.

And we have Hollywood super star to welcome us!

Hahahah~ Just joking~

Awesome cafe in the centre of the shopping centre.

Bad romamce range of heels is just SUPER PRETTY!!!

Oh man~ why don't we have this range in Singapore?!

A huge Jimmy Choo for girls like me who goes gaga over heels!!!

*Now who's with me?!*

I know Mint was. Or at least for this particular heels I spotted that is like my dream Cinderella heels!

We came to this shop, Alleira!

We were served some nice with Indonesian traditional snacks

Guess what this is!

Okay~ I do not know what is this called in English but in Mandarian, we call it 蛇草水.

It's those horrible tasting water that our parents (Chinese) here in Singapore will make us drink when we're sick, running fever and stuff.

I drank a bottle before here in Singapore cos my mom told me it's good for sore throat and I was having a really bad sore throat for weeks. So ya, I drank the one sold in Singapore. Not only does it taste HORRIBLE, I totally threw up after that.

So ya! In Jakarta, they have this drink in many different flavours like Strawberry, Lychee etc.

I drank some from Mint's can (cos I seriously do not dare drink the whole can by myself) and it actually taste NICE!
And no I did not throw up.

But of course, the main thing at Alleira is NOT the Indonesian snacks and drinks served us but their really pretty Batik!

Here's a close up on one of the Batik they have in theire shop!

And yup! We got to try on some, too!

That's me trying to tie a Sarong by myself.

*I failed* ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

Oh well! Here's the end product of Mint and I in Batik and Sarong!

How? Nice? Pretty?

And of course we will not let Mike go that easily alright...

Yo Mike! Btw, Mike is a photo journalist that was with us on this trip!
Check him out @ http://asiaphotostock.com

That's not all!

Both Mint and I tried on more of their beautiful Batik!

So pretty of course must camwhore lah!


TADA! The 3 of us! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

And we were given a goodie bag from Alleira each!


And what do we do best?


Next, to lunch!!!

We went to Sari Ratu that is actually located at B1 of Grand Plaza Indonesia.
*If I didn't remember wrongly*

It's near Bread Talk! Lol~

For people do not know, they will serve the full range of dishes but you do not have to eat everything.
Just pick what you want to eat will do!

Curry Fish

Curry Squid

Huge Fried Prawns

And yea! Mint peeled the shell for me! Heehee~
*Isn't she just sweet~*

After lunch, we shopped around before going to the hotel to check in!

Their cinema just looks Grand man~

Mission Impossible!!! I have to watch that movie cos all my friends watched it already the weekend I was in Jakarta.

And seriously, I didn't know that Nicolas Cage has a new movie, with Nicole Kidman somemore!

Anyone still remembers the very first brand of bubble tea in Singapore?

Yes, it's Quickly!

And the very first outlet opened then was so near my old house!

People should thank 苏永康 for bringing Bubble Tea into the Singspore market okay~

There was a dance competition going on, too!

See! Awesome dance floor.

It was a pity that we were not able to stay to watch the dsnce compeition as I was some teams practising and their moves are good!
And also, different. Unlikely in Singapore where most people are just doing the same stuff over and over again and again.

And here we are at the place that we were gonna stay in while in Jakarta, Sari Pan Pacific Jakarta!

The lobby is decorated for the holidays!

Hmm.. So who's the naughty one?

Blogger at work. Lol!

With Mint before going to our room!

Okay~ It was my room by right but we decided to share a room instead! \(^▽^@)ノ

*Knock Knock!*

Now for our little room tour!

The view from our room window!


Mini fridge where Mint stored for Royce chocolate for days and forgot to eat it till the day we were coming back!

Closet and safe.

Our bathroom!

Thankfully we got 'my' room. We got a bathtub!!!

*But then again, every night we're just so tired, we did not fully use the bathtub*

End of room tour. Lol

Opening of our little goodie bag from Alleira!

Yeah! We got Batik from Alleira!!!

Super pretty sia!!!

Headed out for dinner!

This place is just awesome!

It's like the most happening place where people just hang out and have dinner, go for movie, do some shopping and stuff especially on Friday nights.

And yup! That WAS a FRIDAY NIGHT!

Mint, Tsuriki, Mike and Ah Gung!

Ah Gung is one from Indonesia Tourism Board to bring us around!

The Young People

I'm glad I'm not staying in Jakara for long of I'll get fat just eating cupcakes!

There's so so many flavours to choose from!!!

We decided to have dinner here!

I really like how the place is decorated.

It makes you feel as if you're dinning outdoors but you really aren't.

Camwhore while waiting for food to be served!

And after that...

Mint totally just stayed in her IT savy world and ignored me. 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。 Poor me. Because I'm using a iPhone 4S which requires a Micro-SIM, I was not able to use the prepaid SIM card Ah Gung bought for us till I cut it again after many times when we got back to the hotel after dinner. So people. If you were to go to Jakarta, please not do use a phone that requires Micro-SIM if you intend to buy a prepaid card there.

Ice Tea, Chendol

Chicken Satay

Mutton Satay

And the mains Mint and I had!

Mint and A&W bear.

She have been saying over and over that she wanna eat A&W ever since the second she saw one at the airport.

Don't forget me! Lol~

Buy of the day! Mints!

Ok! That's all for this post!

I'll get the videos taken for day 1 edited and uploaded soon!

Stay tuned everyone!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. click click photo is so epic! I burst out laughing! wahahahaha

  2. I never had the opportunity to tell you that I really liked your blog! It is so well done, but mostly I love that it contains, and what you are talking. I do not miss an article, I think you're so cuuute! Your look is very original and close to gyaru, I love!
    Oh and I love the pictures of foods that fill the blog, very yummy!
    Let me ask you, what you used to be as rosy cheeks of your photos? How call'd this software? Thank you! Lots of kisses

  3. Waa such nice pictures.. I really want to go travel soon ! I'm so jelly ! It looks so fun and full of adventures *__* I'd be so happy to try out many noms !

  4. Woow... It's very nice & tempting.. we like it. I think the place for dinner was Cilandak Town Square(CITOS)and located in Kemang Area/South of Jakarta.

  5. Hey regarding the Bad Romance shoe shop it's actually called Pedder Red and we do have it in Singapore!(: It's at taka! Hope this helps and btw you're really pretty!

  6. Lily.へ
    Hi! I use photoshop to edit those rosy cheeks on my photos.

    Yup yup! It's Cilandak Town Square!!! LOL!

    Hi. I know that we have a Pedder Red outlet at Taka and it's near Kino. But what I wrote is that we do not have this range in Singapore, not that we do not have that brand in Singapore.

    1. You can bring ur iphone.micro sims are available for like 2 dollars from ibox or any reauthorised apple dealer store available in most malls in jakarta.



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