Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Office Life Sucks to the MAX!!!

Photos to express how sh*tty I feel now

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Monday, 27 April 2009

My great weekend!

Yo ho! I know it's late already so I shall make this post a brief one before I go orh orh.

Yesterday, Saturday, or rather the day before, it was the start of natsu practice 2009. Although notmany people come this time round, I do still feel very happy to be able to see some of the alumnia like Jasmine and Emily! Practice wasn't tough and intense but I can feel my muscles aching already, especially my higher thighs. I guess my lower thighs don't feel the ache due to the fact that I wear heels quite often and am able to walk the whole day in 2 and a half inches heels and I wouldn't feel the pain or ache be it my feet or lower thighs! wahahaha~ Nothing compared to people who wears 6 inch, 7 inch blah blah blah, it is currently already a great achievement for me! For someone whose feet are only 22cm and 22.5cm long! hahahaha...

That aside, we've covered one of the choreo for this year's natsu performance already but still don't feel that I have enough groove to this song yet. Will work harder! Even though I listen to the song at least 2-3 times everyday, I still can't seem to really feel the song, yet. Ganbatte ne!

After practice, I rushed home to wash up and get ready for the Samsung's private movie screening for bloggers.

That's me after I've reached home while cooling down, getting ready to shower.

After getting ready, I rushed down to Vivo City for the event after meeting Dann and the guys at Coffee Bean. OK. I didn't take any photos during the event cause Dann and I were late and by the time we reached Samsung's flagship store, the movie was already playing. I initially wanted to snap some photos after the movie, too, but it was already almost 10pm and the staff are already closing the store. meow~ We got to meet Nadnut, currently blogging @ nadnut.com, there at the movie nite too. I also met Claudia, currently blogging @ claudia.sg, the lady who invited me to this wonderful movie screening on the new Samsung LED TV. Thanks Claudia! It really was a great experience! Will do a proper post for the review on the new Samsung LED TV soon.

After the movie screening, Dann and I met up with the guys again and we went to McDonald's for supper as I had not eaten my dinner yet. So as I had my dinner, the guys were just chit chating on random topics. hahaha...

Camwhore after dinner!!!

I took quite alot of shots that night but most of them are all blur. And finally I got a clear shot, Dann just had to ruin it! ROAR~!

We left Mac at around 11pm where all of us went to catch a train home. Surpriseingly it wasn't as crowded as I had imagined. hahaha...

And since I couldn't get any nice clear shots at Mac, I camwhore at home while watching the Guess Show.

AH~~~ I just LOVE thick long lashes!!! How I wish they are not falsies but all my real eye lashes! hahaha...

And for those who still doesn't know which camera am I using, it's the Canon Powershot E1. Like I've mentioned before, my photos does turn out not as nice due to my camera skill problem. I still can't make use of a digital camera to full, yet. Will continue to work harder, practise more, and like what Dann said, play more with my camera! hahahaha...

My usual angles

oh~ I'm so sleepy~ meow!
So I went to bed after the Guess Show and washing up!

Today, Sunday, I had my virgin attempt to apply some colored shadow instead of my usual brown and bronze.

I applied silverish grey in the inner corners, green around the center and metalic grey at the outer corners. So how is it? I know that there's still ALOT of space for improvement but oh well! Everything has a start isn't it?

The photo above is taken in my mom's toilet and NO! I DO NOT have a mole on my cheek! (or rather that a big one) A fly landed on my cheek when I pressed the button of my camera!!!


After I got ready, after that shot of the fly on my cheek, I went to meet Dann for some shopping. OK. By right her should be the one shopping but I ended up getting more things than him throughout the whole day!

Yippe! On the bus to meet my love! hahahaha... It was raining super heavily. Thankfully I brought my umbella along before leaving the house.

So we went shopping for around 3 hours and I was starting to make noise already as I was hungry. We wanted to go to the Disney resturant but unfortunately we weren't able to find it. ='( So sad~~~~ I've always wanted to go there as I've seen the photos that Fidel took when she went there and everything is like SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! ARGH~! I wanna go Disney resturant~~~

Anyone knows the exact location of the Disney resturant? Or know where is it located? Please drop me a comment to let me know, please~~~~

Yu hu~ Cabby back to Dann's place to put down our stuff before heading out for dinner again! Ya the photo is over exposed, I know.

Show you my makeup for the day again!

My shopping!

Dann and his new Jordans!

Happy apples!

Random shots taken from inside the cab.

After putting down our stuff, he head out for some good Hong Kong food. NO, not at some Hong Kong cafe or whatever, it's really good Hong Kong food! I'm so sorry I didn't take photos of the food cause I was too hungry to even think of taking photos. All my mind was thinking was "Dig in!"

After dinner, we went for a little walk at the near shopping centre and Dann got me more clothes! heehee...

Here's my shopping of the day!

1 dress and 2 pairs of shorts from Esprit and 1 pair of shorts from Club Marc.

My new beloved handbag from Charles and Keith. ho hu~! Feel like bring to work tomorrow. I shall see how. hahaha..

After reaching home, I didn't wanna clean off my makeup so I camwhore till crazy before showering. =p

Meow~ i'm sleepy~~~

OK OK I know! I know! It's time for bed!

HUH~!!!!! It's almost 3am???!!!

OK OK. Sleep sleep sleep.

Good night everyone!
Sweet dreams!


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