Thursday, 27 January 2011

東京カワイイTV撮影 - ①


Sorry everyone for not updating for such a long time.
Stupid internet has be crazy for the past week and also I have been really busy cos stocks for a few sprees for Popu-Store came in at the same time and I busy sorting them out.

Ok. So here's a post that many has been waiting for -- Filming with NHK!!!


After getting my hair done at Artica in the morning, I head over to Bugis where filming started over there.

Ok. I can't really blog exactly what did we do and stuff cos the programme is not aired yet.

In short, Lieちゃん and 真衣子ちゃん were on the mission to find Gal (Gyaru) girls in Singapore.

Soon, we went over to Toast Box at Bugis Junction for a drink and etc where 真衣子ちゃん also taught me how to use double eyelid fiber!

SEE!! Super natural looking with double eyelid fiber on instead of double eyelid tape!!!

I did try before on my own but gosh it's freaking difficult! I strangled for about an hour plus and it still ended out yucky!

Thankfully 真衣子ちゃん taught me! I tried putting on my eyelid fiber, again, last week and wootz! I DID IT!!!

Here's some photos that Lieちゃん took for me on my PEN Lite after 真衣子ちゃん adjusted my makeup a little to more カワイイ!

Poses directed by Lieちゃん!

Not only were the poses director by Lieちゃん, above photos were taken by Lieちゃん, too!!!

Candid shot. (笑)

And of course, camwhore while the Gals went toilet.

We set off to Far East Plaza after our drink etc and there we got to meet ナビハちゃん!
Yippe!!! My very first Gyaru friend now!!!

We also went over to Shunji Matsuo at The Heerens where we got to meet Clara AKA Dblchin there!

We had a really good time chit chatting and stuff even though my Jap isn't very good and I need to rely on Sakinah, the translator, about 4 hours after we started the filming.


I'm so sorry everyone! I can't exactly blog everything that happened that very day!
The coordinator in Singapore told me that they will be sending me a copy of the programme after it's being aired in Japan.
It's gonna be in DVD format so I'm not exactly very sure how am I to rip it out and upload.
Anyone any idea how can I do so?

So after filming, I went to meet for boyfriend for dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

Papaya soup noodles was heavens!!!

Will continue on filming with NHK Day 2 soon!

Update!!! These eps of Tokyo Kawaii TV will be aired on 12 and 19 Feb from 11pm on NHK!
Stay tuned people!!!


  1. looks fun =)
    lucky you got to meet some real gals~

  2. Aww I'm so jealous you got to meet them! I admire Lie soooo much! <3 You also look really fabulous that day! Can't wait to see the recording ^^

  3. you definitely look better with the double eyelid fiber! <3

    you should use that often!

  4. Not being rude here but I guess you wanted to say the Coordinator instead of coordination? Are you a Chinese? Why do you have a Japanese name? Your hair is nice, is it real?

  5. Anonymousへ
    Hi. Ya I noticed that. It was a typo error but I don't really have the time to edit it.
    I'm Chinese. Tsuriki is simply a simple way to pronouce my English name, Trixy.
    And yes of course my hair is real! No extensions oh~ =)

  6. Hey babe, could you teach me the trick of fiber tape? I kept having problem with it man! :(

  7. Sereneへ
    Hi. I'll be doing a tutorial video after I have mastered fully. I myself am still have problems from time to time. =)

  8. Hi! Where to get the fiber tapes and what is the brand you are using now? Its so natural :)! TIA!

  9. Anonymousへ
    I'm currently using a box I got from a supplier. Not too sure the brand.

    I also use the one that Maiko-cyan is using which is the one used above that I ordered from a Japan supplier.

  10. Hello, thanks for th prompt reply! You're really nice and it kept me going for visiting your blog, because you're real! :)

    Are you able to summarise a little to let me try out first? :)

  11. Sereneへ
    Well I usually put it after foundation, before loose powder.

    The double eyelid fiber should come with a stick that you can use to roughly draft out where you want the line of the double eyelid to be.
    When you're happy with it, stick on the eyelid fiber on that line you made.
    Apply some lash glue at both ends of the eyelid fiber to secure it.
    Gently press, push in the eyelid fiber like what people do with eyelid glue.
    Apply loose powder after the lash glue is fully dry.

    Roughly is like that... (^^)

  12. Thanks sweet, i shall try again tomorrow. I don't know why mine can't stick on at all luhs. Ended up keep wasting that fibre tape :(

  13. Sereneへ
    Haha.. That happens quite often to me, too.
    But I guess that will also depend on the brands of fiber, too.
    Some stick better than others.
    All the best! Ganbatte ne!

  14. Hey(: I just came across your blog and I must say that I enjoyed this post alot! I really like your make up! Do you mind telling me what cosmetics did you use? Thanks!

  15. Anonymousへ
    Hi. Thank you very much!
    Erm.. If I didn't remember wrongly, here's the list of cosmetics I used for that day.

    Foundation - ZA 2 Way Powder Foundation
    Loose Powder - CandyDoll Mineral Powder
    Eyebrow - Canmake Eyebrow Pencil, KATE Designing Eyebrow & Palty Eyebrow Mascara
    Eyeshadow - Shiseido Maquillage
    Upper Lashes - DollyWink #2
    Lower Lashes - DollyWink #6
    Blush - Melliesh #3
    Blush - CandyDoll Peach



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