Sunday, 16 November 2008

day out!

yo yo!
i know i aint blogging faithfully on weekends cause i just have too little time to spend each day with my friends
and still needing the number of hours of sleep i need each day,
i seriously just dont really have the time to blog properly.
so i think i'll just reply tags on weekends and blog on my days on weekdays.
i'll still try my best to blog on weekends like what i'm doing now!

so this morning i went to dann's house and finally!
we got to watch doraemon together on a sunday morning again!
but sadly,
we wouldnt be able to do this anymore in the near future as dann would be busy with his work.

we took a train down to city hall.
dann met his colleagues for bowling whereas for me,
i just seated in the station and waited for kathy dear.
we actually wanted to go to city plaza for some window shopping as we both have not been there before we heard that theres alot of cheap clothes there!
due to some problem dear had when she was about to come out,
we changed location to somewhee nearer - orchard.

i was there early so i went to walk walk on my own first.

christmas decor are already up along orchard road.

as you can see from the sign on the left-hand side.
no jay-walking.
and ya...
singaporeans does that alot.
i dont.
cause i do not know how to especially on such a busy road like orchard road.

a better view in this photo.

a cute candy house with a cute cupcake on it.
this photo didnt really capture the cutest view of it.
but i just cant take a better shot cause of inconsiderate people that keep walking pass even though it's freaking obivious i was taking a photo.
they jusr LOVE being in other people's photos sia!!!

cute figurings!!!
oh no!
what happened to his arm!?
so 可怜~~~
thinking that it had been there for 2 weeks at most?!

i went to wisma.

so i walked pass the nike concept store.

and ya...
it's opening soon...
and ther goes my time with dann...
cannot see him,
meet him that often liao~~~
thinking that ever sinced he got this job i like coming home early more and more often that even my sister and her boyfriend is like always shocked to see me at home around 7pm?!

but oh well...
it's a good thing.
at least he's having a job,
a job that he seriously enjoy working,
and working in.

meow i miss him~

next i went to kinokuniya.

didnt really spend alot of time there today as it was quite noisy due to the large number of people there today.
it is a sunday alright...

got myself 章魚焼 as i seriously was a little hungry as i hadnt eaten anything sinced the time i woke up till then which was around 3.20pm.

*i was supposed to meet kathy at 2pm at paya lebar*

so holding my takoyaki in hand,
i ate as i walked to far east plaza.
there were that many people at far east than a usual weekend.

i got myself a frozety tea from yakun.
*it seriously tasted like coffee and not teat!*
i think that person should seriously seperate the cup for making coffee and tea.

went around just a bit bit and finally...
kathy was here.
we walked around a little and we both got ourselves rings.

the weird thing of the day...
kathy's hair is like freaking long already that this girl still wants to extend it!?

i asked her what her purpose of extending?
like say for volume or what cause like eugenia and jess,
they extend their hair volume cause they are/were quite long already.
and this dear girl of mine thinks that she wants even longer hair!
like what the...
not long enough huh?!

i seriously thinks that she wants to go back to primary school with her freaking long hair that can fight with sadako!

next we went to gelare and had some drinks.
dann joined us after he got another pair of shoes.

like that lor.


kathy and i just talked a little and dann was like providing us great laugh with what happened during bowling this afternoon.

next i went to my dad's house for dinner.
we went out to eat today.

i think it's like that first time we actually all go out and eat
(downstair coffee shop not included)

we had fishy fishy tonight! somewhere near jalan besar.

though i didnt really eat alot,
i was like freaking full after that lor!

after dinner,
we went back to my dad's house.
on our way back,
my dad was commenting,
saying that movies like heroes,
lost and fantastic 4 are stupid.

guess what?

when we went back and watched channel 5 which was showing fantastic 4,
my dad was like SSSOOOOO engross lor!

and ya...
like WHO said it's stupid man~~~


i think that's about all for today.
good night everyone!

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