Friday, 29 January 2010

Tired Mentally

Hi everyone~

Just too lazy to type Jap now.

It's been a really busy and tiring week.

I've made many people around me mad and upset and disappointed at the same time.

I can't blog about it now but soon I will.
(Or at least I feel I can)

I'm like getting more into the whole Gyaru thingy BUT I'll not dress up like one any other day! So don't worry about going out with me please~ heehee...

Dressing gyaru is tiriing okay~ Especially for the eyes! Do you know how much effort needed to be put in to make my eyes super big sparkling with thick lashes and etc but yet I can't have tired/sleepy eyes?!

hahaha... So ya~ I'll not dress up gyaru unless it's some special occassion.

My chibi pink panther and Dann's baby.

This pink panther has been in my bag ever since last Saturday and accompanying me through all the stuff I have to go through and attend for this whole week.


My sister's getting married tomorrow and I just hope that with all the things I've screwed up, her wedding will still be a joyful, happy and warm one.

I'm sorry.

All I can say now is, I'm most likely staying put.

The chances of cosplayers seeing UtaName again is high.

God Bless everyone and Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Japan Trip Day 4


On the 4th day of my trip to 東京(Tokyo) last year, I got to go to 原宿(Harajuku)!

Tried to tie a little bow with my hair that morning. Failed I know...

So we waited for Auntie Anges to come pick us up the whole morning... (-_-)

This is the apartment that we lived in for that 8 days. heehee...

The entrance to apartment. The neighbours are really nice. Or maybe it's just a jap thingy. Whenever they meet anyone, (or rather me cos I experienced it) they'll greet! Good morning, good evening...

Yes... we were all STILL waiting~ (__ __)

View from the apartment while waiting

Finally auntie Agnes came and brought us to 六本木(Roppongi) as she was going for church with ナルミ(Narumi). (It was a Sunday)

Alone the way...

At 六本木...

Ok. I did not photoshop that photo above. It was really taken with such a background along the way to the train station. Cool huh?

FINALLY!!! 原宿!!!

As you can see, there isn't much cosplayers anymore. (泣)

Why did we have to wait for auntie Agnes~~~???

It was a super sunny Sunday alright~

Since there wasn't much cosplayers already, and we were all super duper hungry, we decided to go for some food first!

可愛い Menu!!!

That old uncle at the counter super power lor~ Don't see like old old one, he can actually sort out our super messy orders! haha... We all just couldn't make out our minds and keep changing and changing...

My ramen!

My daddy taking photos of my ramen.

Auntie Audrey and my step mom.

Seriously... that was the very first best meal I had when I went 東京! No joke okay~

Try it for yourselves! It's only about 10mins walk away from 原宿 Station.

Just find all those cute decor outside a ramen shop! It should be that already~

After breakfast/lunch, we headed over the the famous bridge filled with cosplayers.

First spotted, Blondie lolita.

She's like really pretty lah~


Sian.. she smokes~

One of the few we managed to see~ 可愛い~

We also saw a guy that cross-dessed and also a few other blondes. The photo taken with them are with my dad. Will share in a later date. (I seriously do not know when will that be...)

Ang mo singing in the park and got chased out by security later on. =P

This girl is HOT! But she looks super fierce I did not dare to ask if I can take a photo of her proper. >.<

Next up,

Meiji Shrine!

Okay.. not yet... it was just the beginning.

Daddy's camera's bat died once we reached the entrance of the shrine. He forgot to charge his battery at night...

Walking in...

Yea~ (・∀・) still super hyper at the beginning of the route


Normal daddy.

Sake-loving daddy. (о^∇^о)


Auntie Agnes and my stepmom!

After 10 mins... Are we there yet?

Still walking in...

Reaching soon~ Don't forget to wash your hands before entering!

Yippe! We're here!!!

After walking the same route out of Meiji Shrine, we went to walk around Harajuku!

Didn't shop much lor~ ='(

There was live radio show along the road.

I was not allowed to take any photos at all. So in the end I hid behind some plants and zoom my camera in to capture the photo above! =p

Tokyo's Harley Davidson gang.
(Sorry if I spelled anything wrongly)

NINE WEST! Was tempted to go in but I didn't in the end.

Went to Snoopy land alone while the folks went for tea.

Special snoopy land coin maker! Super cool to see it being made right in front of your eyes!

とても 可愛いです。

Next floor~


How many girls are going gaga now while seeing the photos?

And Pokemon!

All those above, you find them and more at...


My snoopy coin on my hello kitty wallet. =p

Can you see my coin properly?

My drink for that day. Yummy Calpis!

It has a little yogurt in it so if you can't take lactose, don't drink it!

Got myself a new sandals along the way...

Goodbye horrible and spoilt sandals from Mondo, Hello Jappy sandals!

I'm sure that if you have been reading my blog long enough, you would have seen my jappy sandals many many times already.

More expensive atas brand

And of course...


Super nice lor~

I know that Taka has had a similar decor a few months ago.

But bear in mind, I went Tokyo in mid August okay~

Singapore... kinda slow sia~

Saw this super chio glass piano!

Next we went to 渋谷(Shibuya).

Nice wedding dresses

Bread papa Original!

Watermelon in different shapes and sizes!

Anyone seen a heart-shaped watermelon before?!

I did not buy anything from 渋谷 alright~ Cos I didn't have enough money to buy the stuff I want. Damn sad sia~

Wanted to find my stepmom and get some money from her first but when I finally found her, they say we have to rush back for dinner with Maizawa-san and auntie Agnes.

Went to this restuarant for dinner. ナルミ joined us for dinner, too.

After dinner, I went to buy some bath salt from the pharmecy near the apartment.

Soaked myself in a really shiok warm bath after shower.

See my face all red one sia~

Now I know why japs like it so much!

The bathing area after my "soak". Condensed water on the mirror~

Okay. That's all for that day.

Have a nice day everyone!


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