Saturday, 13 March 2010

Shunji Matsuo Wig Launch in Singapore!


昨日 本当に嬉しかった、楽しかったです。

Was invited by Jacelyn to the wig launch event by Shunji Matsuo together with Fidelis and Esther. (≧ー≦)

So first up was a demo on how to put on a wig properly!

There's シュンジさん putting up a really cool wig on the model!

Do some adjustments~

On the other hand, another hairstylist カオルさん is putting on a really pretty wig on another model!

きれい~ ( ̄∀ ̄)

Ain't that super cool and it seriously does not LOOK like a wig okay~

Man~ Seriously LOVE this wig!!!

All wigs by Shunji Matsuo are handmade and exclusively designed for beauty and comfort. Not only are they stylish, lightweight and natural in look and feel, they are also very comfortable for extend wear in tropical climate like Singapore!!!

I know that it does feel a little creepy but I just couldn't be bother that much! I just can't wait to get my hands on them and try them on!!!

I was seriously spolit of choices on which one to try on first!

Finally~ I decided on this really cool wig to try on first!

Just LOOK at the highlights and colours of the wig!

Everyone else at the event was also busy getting their hands on the wigs that caught their eyes!

Shunjiさん helping Jacelyn to try on her first wig of the night!

And here's Fidel trying on her very first wig!

Here's スカイさん helping Fidel with her first wig of the night!

スカイさん is really nice and he helped me a lot last night during the event!

It's really great that all the hairstylist are really nice even シュンジさん himself!

I sure did some practice for my Japanese last night at the event, too~

Yeah~ And it's my turn!

シュンジさん helping me out with my very first wig of the night!

And here's how it look like on me!

I find it 可愛い in a way and it reminds me of Rainie 杨丞琳's jelly fish head

Just LOOK at the colour and highlight of the hair like I mentioned earlier.


They even had makeup artiste at the event so if you went there without makeup, they actually help you with your makeup to match the wig you're trying on! They even had boxes and boxes of falsies prepared okay~!

Everyone's busy having great fun while I wait for my turn for makeup!

Ok~ Last photo before my makeup!
(Above photo taken with my LG Crystal)

Look at the range of brushes! I'm always so amazed when I see THAt many makeup brushes placed in front of me!

Here's the makeup artiste that helped me touched up my makeup and helped me make my eyes look even BIGGER!

With Shunji Matsuo さん (・∀・)♪

Man~ I so wish to get a haircut there at Shunji Matsuo's Hair Studio!

スカイさん helping me with the next wig I'm gonna try on!

With スカイさん

With Fidel

Come to think about it, after knowing her for sooo long, it's actually the very first time we 'went out together' for the first time!

With Fidel and Esther

With Fidel, Esther and Jacelyn

Man~ I really this wig!!!

How I wish that this is actually my real hair!

Isn't it really super duper pretty


After some food from the 美味しい range of Korean food prepared for us, it's time to play again!

スカイさん~ お願いします~

Wig off!

Wig on!

With スカイさん

With another lady at the event

I find this wig really cute, too! (笑)

With Jacelyn and Fidel

シュンジさん & スカイさん having fun with the wigs

スカイさん with another hairstylist o(^-^o)(o^-^)o


Everyone was just having a great time playing with those wigs at the event man~

And the last wig I tried before the hair ends...

With カオルさん. She helped me with the last wig I tried on!


Last night, シュンジさん、スカイさん、 カオルさん and other hairstylist keep saying that I look like a Japanese!



How I wish I actually be a model in Japan! (笑)

As the event reaches the end, the hairstylists even helped us tidy our hair and style them back to how our hair looked like when we first came for the event!

Esther getting her hair fixed

And so was Fidel

スカイさん & another hairstylist fixing my hairdo~

So nice of them right~

Back to my original hairdo~

Man~ I really wish that I have 2 of those wigs myself! Really love the 2nd and last wig I tried on!

If you purchase a wig from Shunji Matsuo Studio, you can actually keep your wigs at the salon, which also offers additional styling services for ythose who would like to update the style of your wig like colour, cut or even perm!

Seriously... I really couldn't tell the wigs apart of which is natural, synthetic or even mixed wigs! But I sure did learn a bit on how to choose a wig and stuff at the event!

They even gave us each a goodie bag filled with hair products and a press release info in that really 可愛い pink file!

I really enjoyed myself lots at the event and even after that where I went for frozen yogurt with Fidel and Esther at Cineleisure!

Once again, thanks to Shunji Matsuo and his team for such a fun event and Jacelyn for the invitation! ☆-(^з^)-☆

Oki. That's all for now.
Shall update this post again if I manage to grab some other photos from Jacelyn's and Esther's blogs after they've updated on the event.



  1. shunji matsuo's wigs are a joke. a piece of advice: save yourself some embarrassment by getting prisila or linea-storia wigs from rakuten. they're better quality and less wacky-looking, and they're ACTUALLY designed by real japanese professionals (not shunji ah pek who looks like he belongs on a getai)

  2. Anonymousへ
    Personally, I don't find it embarrassing to wear the wigs of Shunji Matsuo out.
    Different brands have their different style. And personally I love wild hairstyles and colours. That's why I took photos and tried the more wild wigs that evening.
    There are also natural looking wigs from Shunji Matsuo, too.
    Plus, wigs of Shunji Matsuo can be customised to what you like with the hair material you want.
    All brands serves different customers and their needs. It's not nice to label any brand's items a joke just because they are to you.



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