Saturday, 13 December 2008

French Glitter Nail Art Design #3

ok... finally next nail art tutorial!!! hahahaha...
ok... i'm like super bored and have nothing to do so mind as well print some nails for future use.

today we will need a few things:

  1. Fake Nails, white nails used today.
  2. Pearl White Nail Polish
  3. Bronze Glitter Nail Polish
  4. Blings - star and circle blings of 2 different colours
  5. lastly, Topcoat or shiny coat

A few other things you may want to prepare:

  1. Plastic Sheet, any plastic surface which you dont mind getting dirty will do
  2. Double-sided tape

So are you ready?


Firstly after getting all your preparation for dealing with fake nails done (read next post for more details), paint two layers of pearl white as your base colour like below:

(Pearl white nail polish same as the one used in nail design #1)

I know we are using white fake nails this time but this will give the nails a brighter look and also what if you dont have white nails leh? hahahaha...

Next step 2! Paint about 2-3 layers of bronze glitter nail polish like a french tip like below:

(Canmake nail polish used. Color shade should be 57 if not wrong.)

dont worry about painting the plastic sheet or the nail being stuck to the plastic sheet or anything. nail polish will not come out when you remove the nails even if the painting of nail polish is horriblely done like above for some. =p opps!

next is to bling up your nails like the design below!

ok... my mobile camera dont do justice to what i've bling the nails. color may be a little dull but i feel that it's quite easy to match clothes so you can use it for casual use or something?
you may of course may the colour to something else~ will look pretty still! hahahaha...

so here's the done nails!

and when you've put them on it will be like that!


bling bling nails!!!

easy right? even you can bling your own nails!

hope you learn some stuff from here...
please comment too by clicking "what do you think?" below~

thank you!

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