Sunday, 27 February 2011


Hi everyone!

I just finished recording a new makeup tutorial video for my most commonly worn out look.

Oki! I'm heading out for movie ≪I Am Number Four≫ with my boyfriend and friends soon,
so I'll post the video up soon after editing.
*Editing is the killer!*
And hopefully YouTube don't play tricks with me again!

That's all for now!
See you soon!

Popu-Store has opened our new spree named Back to School with Japanese School Bags from Candy Sugar and special Elmo edition, too!
Not only do we have school bags this time, we also have school uniform parts and I myself am so getting the Popteen Ribbon!

Place your order @ Popu-Store now!
Spree page:

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Double Eyelid Fiber

Hi everyone!

Ok~ Many people have been asking me about double eyelid fiber lately so this post shall be one that can answer most questions, I think.

So here are the 2 different boxes of eyelid fiber that I'm using currently.

I got this pink box one first late last year online as it's around $5 before shipping and stuff for 90 pieces.

The quality is alright only so I use this on normal days when I'm just going out shopping and stuff.

The only thing is that you may have to more patient with this eyelid fiber as it isn't as sticky as the other box that I'm using.

I may open a spree for this if response is good as I guess the price is pretty reasonable and for beginners, why not just get something that isn't too expensive just to try, right?

Next is AB Mezical Fiber that 真衣子ちゃん is using, too!

Although the one that 真衣子ちゃん is using is in a blue box instead of the pink box, I guess there isn't much of a difference.

And yes, that is the eyelid fiber that was used on both days of me filming with NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV.

This eyelid fiber is slightly more sticky than my don't-know-what-brand eyelid fiber and is easier to work with.
However, it is kinda pricy I feel, especially if it's your first time using eyelid fiber. It's like throwing money into your bin.

I got this box online, too, for around $28 before shipping and etc and I think there's also like 40 pieces including the free 10 pieces that came with it, I think, if I didn't remember wrongly.

It's unlikely for me to open a spree for this as I opened once on my FB Fanpage and response isn't good. Shipment is a killer!


I usually put it after foundation, before loose powder.

Use the stick that comes with the eyelid fiber to roughly draft out where you want the line of the double eyelid to be.

When you're happy with it, stick on the eyelid fiber on that line you made.

Apply some lash glue at both ends of the eyelid fiber to secure it.

Gently press, push in the eyelid fiber like what people do with eyelid glue.

Apply loose powder after the lash glue is fully dry.

So here are the stuff I use when putting on my eyelid fiber.

I usually use Kiss Me Heroine Lash Glue for my lashes and DollyWink for my eyelid fiber.


Cos DollyWink Lash Glue's Brush if the fine kind unlike the Kiss Me one which is much easy to apply along the both ends of the eyelid fiber.

I personally prefer to use a scissor with the tip like that to prevent cutting myself when I cut the eyelid fiber.

Ok! I'm still working hard to have like the perfect eyelids using the fiber with no fail so that I can do a tutorial video andpost it up as that should explain more rather than just words or even pictures.

That's all for this post.
Hope that this post would answer some of your questions.
Do feel free to drop me a comment or a question on my formspring if you still have any questions or doubts.
I'll try my best to answer them if possible.

Thank you!

Have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011



On Sunday, I met up with my Primary school and Seconday school friends!

★ Outfit of the day あの日の私服 ★
Black Furry Painter Hat / Popu-Store
Nerdy Black Specs / Far East Plaza
Puma Jacket / Puma
Rosebullet Inspired Fur Short Pants / Popu-Store
Sneaker Heels / New Look

★ Makeup of the day あの日のメイク ★
DollyWink #2 Upper Lash
SASA 552 Lower Lash
Candy Magic Big Grey Lenses
Melliesh #3 Blush
CandyDoll Peach Blush
SANA Lip Concealer

Ok~ I guess some people may be thinking like are my primary and seconday friends the same people?

Answer: Nope.

Plus! I was from a girls' primary school so it total impossible for me to have guy friends if they are all from my primary and secondary school.

My Primary school friends, dear Kathy!
I got to know her since Primary 1 and that's like 15 years ago?!

And YEAH do I miss my dear Kathy!!!
The last time I met her was last year before another secondary school friend of mine went for NS together with...

...Icy Darren.
Got to know him since Seconday 1.
And this cold-blood guy was like sitting right beside me. (-_-")
Life was quiet~
And yes, that's 9 years ago!
OMG, again!

Iggy~! Got to know him since Seconday 3, 7 years ago.
Ok~ I'm not trying to show how old am I and stuff, but I just kinda wanna remind myself like how long have I known these friends of mine that I treasure alot even though we may not meet up often anymore as everyone are busy with our individual lives now.

And here's my lunch! 昼食!

Clam Chowder Soup with Garlic Bread

♥ My Creamy Scallop Pasta! ♥
As usual, I forgot the exact name of this pasta again.
BUT! Ths taste is unforgetable!
♥ LOVES!!! ♥

Camwhored a little while Iggy went to buy his jeans at Uniqlo after lunch.

Once again, it's a TORTURE to take Darren's photo!
Stupid Dar~ Everytime don't know shy what...
Not as if never take photo before! Roar~!

Pretty pretty photo of my dear~


Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry's!!!

*Gosh~ Now I miss Gerry!*
Totally off topic but everytime I think of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, I just can't stop but thinking of my bestie Gerry!!!
October faster COME COME COME!!!

So back to ICE CREAM!!!

Dear and I diggin' IN!!!!

美味しい~ ♥

The flavour I chose was like most popular!
Cookie Affair!
Anyone else here is a fan of cookies and cream ice cream like me?

The after mess.

As usual, Mr. Darren always SLEEP!

And everyone started playing with my Nerdy Specs which Alvin also has one and wore it that day, too!
Ok~ Who's Alvin out a sudden?

Alvin is my "姐妹" that was in the same class as Darren and I when we were in Secondary 1.
OK~ Basically the 3 of us were in the same class all 4 years in Seconday school lah~ LOL

Sadly I wasn't able to take photo with Alvin that day as he suddenly had "work" to do.

So! Back to NERDY photos with my NERDY specs!




Tsuriki! ME!!!

And to end off, here's more camwhore photos of Kathy and I!

Hmm.. There was supposed to be more photos but as usual, Kathy deleted all the photos that she isn't pretty in.

*I ain't happy about it, but I just take it that I never see ba... *

Oki! That's all for today!

Can't wait to meet these peeps again for dinner on Friday!

Good night everyone!

Friday, 18 February 2011

けいおん ねんどろいど♡ぷち


I finally received my K-On Nendoroid Petite Set that I pre-order from Toycoin as mentioned in this post last year a few weeks ago!

Yippe! Ok~ I wanna say that I love their service so so much!

They know that I do nail extentions and stuff and adviced me to get someone to help me fix the Nendoroids so that I do not spoil neither the Nendoroids nor my nails. And also, they even offered to help me if I have any problems with fixing the Nendoroid Petites.

So nice and friendly right?!

Not only that! When they delivered this huge box to my house, my mom asked them how much is it and stuff (I can imagine how on earth my mommy pester the staff of Toycoin) but the person didn't say a single word about the price etc at all!

Ok. Enough said~ NOW! For the MAIN highlight of this post!



And the secret piece revealed!
Moe Mio~!

Oki! That's all for this short post of mine.
I'll blog about my Ranka Nendoroid Petite after it's delivered to MUA! (笑)


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Brighten Up with Asian Skin Solution

Sponsored Advertorial
Hi everyone!!!

I’ve received many comments before saying that I have good skin. Really, thank you very much. I shared some of my skincare routines recently but I guess these may or may not work for everyone especially, say, you’re one person with higher than average oily skin? Maybe? Cos my skin is generally dry and really sensitive so I can only use some products with certain products contained.

Well, I have this really great place to share today and it’s none other than Asian Skin Solution!

I went to the outlet at Ngee Ann City where I got to experience my very first facial last December and WAO do I love the place and of course, the results afterwards, revealing my naturally SUPER soft and smooth skin!

Cosy cosy place!

I know this is random but I LOVE this sofa, too!!!
Why? Cos there are blings on it! Make me feel like some お嬢様 when I sat on it!

Camwhore is this lovely mirror in my room before I changed

Fully changed and ready to start my facial!

The whole facial treatment was really relaxing I actually fell asleep while getting my facial done lah! Slept for… around 40mins I think!?!

The beautician helped me clean off all my black/white heads, applied like 2 types of different masks for my super dry skin. *loves~*
And also, my uneven skin tone around the T-zone was even out after the facial!

Seriously... I have absolutely no idea that I had uneven skin tone until the skin analysis was done by the experienced beautician!

Yippe! That’s happy happy me after my facial with not only super soft and smooth skin, but my skin is also super clean and hydrated!

Also LOVE the floral tea served after my facial! *あぁ~*

Now here are some camwhore photos with my super clean, soft, smooth and hydrated skin taken a few days after my facial!

See how smooth my face looks, still!
And I promise, NO PHOTOSHOP on my skin okay~!

Doesn’t everyone just wish for pretty pretty skin like that 365 days a year for your entire life?

Wanna try out Asian Skin Solution?!

Now here’s your chance to get super soft, smooth and hydrated skin like mine!

Here’s a fantastic deal for my readers out there! You may enjoy this exclusive offer for at just $18! You will be guaranteed with complete radiance and moisturized skin with this au natural ingredients facial treat!

Just remember to call for an appointment @ 6767 0077
and quote "Blogger_Tsuriki" and PRINT OUT the coupon above oh!

Terms and conditions apply. For 21 years and above only.

Hurry! No one can resist nice nice skin!!!


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