Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Datsumo Labo Now Open in Tanjong Pagar!!!



Remember I mentioned before in my previous post (link here) of Datsumo Labo that they are opening a new outlet at Tanjong Pagar?

TADA!!! The second outlet of Datsumo Labo is now opened!!!


Within less than half a year, there is now 2 outlets of Datsumo Labo which makes it more convenient for everyone to be able to get their treatment done!

And since it's in like City area, if you're working nearby, you could actually go down for your treatment during lunch or after work!

And frankly speaking, treatments usually take around 10 - 20 mins only depending on the area of treatment that day so busy OL could actually get your treatment done and grab a sandwich or something during your lunch time!

How convienent is that?!

Plus! The location is really easy to find!

The nearest exit from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station is Exit A!

They have 4 personal rooms to provide the best service for all ladies!

Once again, their special machine to get your treatment done with!

Go get your appointment booked with Datsumo Labo now!

Don't worry, consultation is free!

And also, you just have to mention my name "Tsuriki" and you will get 10% off at Datsumo Labo!

Call now and make your appointment now!

Tanjong Pagar Orchid Hotel Branch
Contact: 6538-3053
Address: 1 Tras Link #02-02 Singapore 078867

Orchard International Building Branch
Contact: 6836-2140
Address: #01-13 International Building, 360 Orchard Road Singapore 238869


XOXO Tsuriki

Saturday, 20 April 2013

My Love for Caps!!!
キャップを愛してる ♥

Hi everyone!

Ok~ I shall stop as much as I can to not only flood all of you with reviews and random rants.

So I'm thinking what should I blog on and since I just reached a few parcels of items that I bought online, I shall blog on the topic -- caps.

A little background here...

I LOVE CAPS ♥♥♥ !!!

Or rather, I love both caps and hats alright.

However, I feel that caps are a lot easier to match and wear for day to day with my casual outfits, I personally own quite a number of caps (alone).

Plus! Now it's also very in trend, ya?! LOL

In the past during my Secondary School days, my mom actually kinda dislike me going out with my friends.
Reason being every time I go out shopping or catching a movie with my friends, I will return home with a new cap/hat.

And of course, being stuck in school 6 days per week didn't allow me much chance to wear them.

Plus! The fact that every time I'm out with my dad with a cap/hat on, he will make jokes out of me wearing it.

Example 1:

"Wah~ Today weather very cold right? You must have your beanie on so that your head does not catch a cold"

Example 2:

"Oei! We're in the car. The sun is out there. Not UV rays for you to block here"

Example 3:

*Points at random girl along the street*

"You see! That siao char bor (crazy woman) wearing a hat in Singapore. I think it's going to snow soon"

*Looks back at me wearing a hat on my head besides him and smile*

"Am I right?"

So it ends up that I have quite a number of hats/caps at home just lying there till my Polytechnic days alright.

Plus, some times my mom and friends would buy me caps, too!

Anyways... Just wanna tell you I just have a love of hats, especially caps ever since I was like 13.

Oh ya! Ok. Just let me say this.

When I was 13, I bought my very first cap and I love wearing it so much, my female friends just hate going out with me.

Why? Cos I had super short hair then and I look just like a boy that they hate going out with me.


LOL. Just kidding.
But no. The story is true.

I have to admit that I was like sad, then, when they refuse to ask me out because I look like a boy...
( T ^ T )

Ok! Now I'm gonna show you MOST of the caps I own.

I've lent some to my friends for performance use and some I left them at my bf's place so yup.
They are not in the listing below alright. LOL

Disclaimer: This post is done quite impromptu so I did not spend a lot of time on taking the photos.
Neither did I spend a lot of time editing them.

My very first cap that was given by my dad when I was... I-can't-even-remember.
Well of course it can no longer fit my head alright but I still keep it.

And yes, if you still do not know, my real name is Trixy. ^^

My very first New Era cap and probably the most expensive out of ALL my caps so far.

Super cute, right?!

Oh ya! The bottom of the tongue is actually full leopard fur.
*Sorry forgot to take photo of it*

First cap from NIKE (if I didn't remember wrongly)

Second cap from NIKE.

It's actually a Teens cap so the tongue is kinda shorter.

One of the first few caps that I was sponsored by PUMA when I was blogging for them.

*Which reminds me how old I am already...* LOL

I have another 2 Ferarri caps that are at my bf's place. Heehee~

Super bargain cap from a random shop in Cineleisure. Only $8!!!

Was just shopping with my friends and when we went to pay for our stuff, we were expecting to pay like $19 for each of our caps?
But nooo~ We paid like only $20+ for 2 caps and a hell lot of accessories! SUPER CHEAP!!!

*Yes, we just grab and pay. Didn't bother checking price*

Shark cap from Hong Kong Ocean Park last July.

Nom nom nom~

WC Cap that I asked Himeko to help me buy from Tokyo early this year.

And sadly, it's so big and not adjustable, I had to sew an elastic band in it.

Finally gotten this cap this year after first seeing it last July in HK.

Yea Haters, I LOVE YOU!!! *Kiss kiss*

Don't worry, my lovely readers, I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE MORE MORE!!!
*Hugs hugs kiss kiss*

First Trunkfit cap. Just love the drawing og the girl on the cap. LOL

My first camo cap from New Era.

Although I have to admit it is really quite expensive and it was an implusive buy, I'm still glad I managed to grab the very last piece of this.

And the last 2 are my new caps joining my collection today!

First NBA team cap!

Have been wanting to get a Lakers cap for a long time but I really couldn't find a nice one till I saw this online.

Woohoo!!! Love the Los Angeles at the bottom of the tongue!

Now I have a matching cap whenever I wear my Lakers Tank Top!!!

Chicago Bulls cap!

I just love the bold colour and design of it so I decided to get this.

Still thinking if I should get it in another team's colour...

Well, I am short of the Celtics cap to match with my Celtics Tee! LOL

Ok! That's all for this impromptu post.

Hope you enjoyed it!

You can read about my shoe collection here.


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Jewel Pink with Liese Bubble Hair Colour

Sponsored Review

Photography: Tsuriki & Sis | Model: Tsuriki's Sis

Hi everyone!!!

Here's another product review!

*Boy am I guilty for posting only reviews for the past I-don't-know-how-long*

This time, I was sponsored 2 boxes of the new Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Jewel Pink!

Jewel Pink - a shiny brown with a touch of pink

And here's the items for your hair transformation in each box!

And now to get ready for operation!

Suit up with gloves provided in the hair colour kit!


Pour in bottle 1 colour into bottle 2 activator!

Tighten the cap back and gently tilt the mixture 180 degrees and back for around 5-10 times

Soon, you will see the mixture's colour changes after mixing well!

Hold the bottle straight up and squeeze the centre of the bottle!
You should be able to see bubbles starting to form like this!

And if you get this, you are now ready to get your hair dyed!

It is really THAT simple!

For a rough estimation for you, my sister has medium short length hair and here's the amount left after application.

If you have long hair, I would strongly recommend that you get 2 bottles!

And after 30 mins...

TADA!!! Nice shiny brown and a little touch of pink!

Because of it's foam fomula, you can get your roots coloured evenly without any worries!

And here's how it looks like under normal sunlight!

Sweet right?!

Liese Bubble Hair Colour is available at supermarkets and pharmacies like Watsons and Guardian.

Go check it out now!


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Namie Amuro's Concert in Singapore Cancelled:
My Views

Hi everyone.

OK. Sorry I'm not gonna blog about my daily life again this time round but this has been really affecting me for the past few days.

Here's the article on The Straits Times today on the cancellation of Namie Amuro's Concert here in Singapore posted on Namie Amuro's Facebook Fanpage.

(Click to enlarge)

Ok. To be honest, the reporter wanted to interview me.

But unfortunately I wasn't able to reply her on time due to work.

SO NOW I am gonna write my views here on my blog instead!

So here's my story...

Namie Amuro to have a concert here in Singapore

When I first got the news that the Queen of JPOP Amuro Namie MAY hold her concert for the 20th Anniversary Asia Tour here in Singapore, I was really excited and looking forward to it!

All my friends and I expected the tickets to be really expensive as we all understands how difficult it is to even be able to invite anyone from Japan over here. Not to mention the Queen of JPOP, Namie Amuro.

I expected the most expensive tickets to be around $300SGD and yes, after confirmation, the most expensvive tickets were priced at $288 excluding SISTIC fee which adds up to a total of $291.

Even though it is really expensive for just a concert but I feel that for someone so huge like Namie Amuro, the money is totally worth spending.

The sale of tickets begin

Like mentioned in my earlier post here, I couldn't decide if I should get the tickets because I'me afraid that I may not be in town on the concert day. However, I still decided to buy the tickets on the very day the sale of tickets began together with my friends.

NOTE: The 3 of us all bought the $288, most expensive tickets!

On the very day itself, I have 2 other friends that bought the same category tickets for the Queen of JPOP's concert.

Within a few hours, all $288 tickets were sold out. I even have a friend that went online to purchase from someone else who bought extra tickets and then sold the ticket to my friend.

NOTE: My friend tried her best to get the ticket from SISTIC, she was not able to. Thus had the need to purchase from another fan from some forum.

So who says there isn't enough fans in Singapore that are willing to pay such a steep price for a ticket to Namie Amuro's Concert?!


I have to admit that nowadays here in Singapore, it may seem that JPOP is dying but NO! I do not believe so!

The fact that KPOP is being promoted a lot more than JPOP here in Singapore, does not equate that people supporting JPOP here is getting any lesser!

I'm sorry but around 80% - 90% of my friends are still super hardcore JPOP fans!


Namie Amuro's concert was not sold out

Well, I did not go on to check on the sale of the tickets after making my purchase alright.

Like seriously, why would I, right?

And I did not see any promotion for Namie Amuro's concert anywhere in any form.

So I was thinking that her concert was selling so well that she didn't even need any form of promotion!

But no! That was not the case!

I saw only an ad ONCE on the big screen outside 313@Somerset just 2 weeks ago, which is like the 1st week of April?

I was really suprised and shocked when I saw that ad.

"OH?! They are finally promoting for her concert like NOW?!"

"Wait! So you mean her concert is not sold out yet?!"

After that, I saw stores like HMV and JRunway giving out her concert tickets are prizes for contests last week!

If you wanna count THOSE in as promotion...

Lack of promotion to the public here in Singapore

Honestly speaking, a lot of my friends did not even know that Namie Amuro is was coming to Singapore till last week?

There were actually A LOT of people who only got to know that Namie Amuro was supposed to come and hold her concert here AFTER such contests (e.g. HMV and JRunway) which was already just a few days BEFORE the concert was cancelled.

Can you imagine if you actually did win the tickets to Namie's concert like Tuesday and on Friday night news were released online stating that the concert has been cancelled and on Sunday you saw the news on the newspaper reporting it!!!

And to make it worst, there was actually ads still on Saturday promoting the concert!

Not forgeting the fact that people can STILL make their purchase for the concert right now as I'm typing this super long blog post!

Like WTF right?!

To be honest, if I do not have hardcore Namie Amuro's fans friends around me, I would most probably NOT know that the Queen of JPOP is coming, too!

Here's a screenshot of a fan from the concert's event page created by Namie Amuro's Facebook Fanpage.

Can you imagine?!

Even fans that joined the Facebook Fan Page are not aware that Namie was coming to Singapore till the 29th of March which is 3 weeks ago?!

So why are people pointing fingers and say that JPOP here in Singapore is dying and cannot attract fans when in the first place the concert was NOT being promoted at all!!!

Avex Announced Concert Cancelled

Last Saturday, I woke up to the email stating that the concert has been cancelled.

I was very very disappointed.

I specially request an off day from work to be able to go to her concert.

I've set aside money wanting to purchase her concert merchandise!

I'm already prepared to go for her concert in her previous concert's tee!

I've been waiting for a JPOP concert to be held here ever since I've been a fan of JPOP 14 years ago when I was in Primary School.

I was so depressed that very day I couldn't get my head into work that day and yes, I almost cried.

Finally when my dream was just about to come true, our dear local promoter Midas Promotion just had to drag me back to hell.

All because they did not even make the effort to promote Namie'a concert!

Like what many commented on Facebook, "Namie Amuro is no small fry".

If they expect the concert to be sold out by only the few posts on Facebook from Namie Amuro's Fanpage, then they are so wrong.

For goodness sake, how many people are posting and sharing and uploading tons of things onto their timeline every second.

What makes you so sure that more than half of the people in Singapore would actually get to see that very post on Namie's concert?!

I personally have quite a number of friends who do not even use Facebook or any social media platforms.

So how on earth do you think those Facebook posts are gonna reach these people?!

What if these people who are not on the social media are actually fans of Namie but they totally lost the chance of even knowing that their idol is coming and would be holding a concert?!

I guess the only time they actually got to know about the concert is 1 or 2 weeks ago OR even worst, after this whole mess after the concert is cancelled on newspapers.

And slowly, this disappointment turns into fustration.

Why wouldn't Midas Promotion just give us a proper explaination?!

(Screenshot on my iPhone less than 20mins after I received the email notification)

Although the reason of why the concert is cancelled is being changed from "issues concerning local promoter" to "due to local technical reasons", it is still because of local promoter in Japanese.

(Click to go to Namie Amuro's Official Website's Annoucement Page)


YES! There are actually A LOT of Singaporeans who can read Japanese!

My wishes

So what it seems to me is that the cancellation of the concert has been confirmed be it whether Midas admits it or not.

If they are going to stick to their word and say that the concert is going to resume, even if it feels damn silly, I would still go down to the Indoor Stadium and see what's gonna happen.

I just hope that this will not be the reason for any other JPOP artistes to leave Singapore out of their considerations for their concert tours in future.

I'm sure if they had worked with a promotion company that is way more responsible, things may not be so right now.

安室奈美恵さん、もし このすべてが読める、ちょっと 言いたい事があります。

今度 安室さんのコンサートへ 行けなかっては 本当に残念です。
でも、シンガポールのファンの皆さん また 安室さんに ずっと愛して、ずっと応援して。

次回は、安室さんの海外のコンサートへ 絶対行ってみます!
よかったら 日本のコンサートで会いましょう!

So that's all for this post now.
Sorry for the long and wordy post.


Sidenote, #PrayForBoston.

With love,

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Rant: Namie Amuro Concert in Singapore CANCELLED!!!

Hi everyone~

Ok. Sorry for not blogging recently as I've been really busy preparing for a really important day and after that, I have been feeling very tiring and feeling sick.

So everyday after work, after dinner, I would go home and head to bed early.

Anyways... So just about 10mins ago, I received an email notifying me that Amuro Namie's concert here is Singapore had been cancelled!!!


I have been looking forward to this concert so super long!!!

In the beginning, I was still worried if I would be able to watch it or not as I thought that I may not even be in town by then but still decided to get the tickets just in case I am still in town, I don't wanna regret not being able to have seats near the stage.

When I got to know that I will be in town on the concert day, I am super exciting and just can't wait!!! I even requested for off from work for that very day!

And now?! On the 13th April, just 13 days away from the concert you tell me the concert is cancelled?!?!


I believe everyone else who were looking forward to the concert like me will feel the same -- upset, disappointed.

To imagine that I am not exactly a really super huge fan already and I am already feeling this way. How about all the other mega fans in Singapore out there?!


I just hope that Namie will come again.

Please please please!!!!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Your customised slimming treatment
@ Marie France Bodyline

Sponsored Review

Hello everyone!!!

Ok. Before I blog on random daily stuff, please allow me to post another review.


I just realised that for the past a month or 2, I have been posting nothing but reviews!


Perhaps it's because my life has become kinda boring and I have nothing much to share about with you...

Anyways! I believe everyone would love to have an awesome body figure, right?

I was one of the lucky bloggers who were picked by OMY.sg for this treatment review for Marie France Bodyline!

*Happy me!!!*

I picked a date and chose an outlet in a neighbourhood area in Bishan as it was easier for me to go to my sister's place after my treatment that very day.

The outlet is really easy to find so not to worry even if you're not familar with Bishan.

From Bishan interchange's bus alighting point, you will see a zebra-crossing nearby.

Just cross that road.

And before you know it, TADA!!!

You've reached Marie France Bodyline!

If really have to ask for directions and am shy to let people know that you're going for slimming treatment, you can just ask people for directions to KOI as the outlet is just right beside KOI!

I'm sure most people would be able to give you brillant directions!
Even students will know!

But then again, I am NOT encouraging you to buy KOI after your treatment, okay?
That would be a total waste!

*hahaha~* (can't help but laugh)

Upon entering, the consultant served me and brought me to get my weight taken, followed by consultation.

After consultation, I was showed to the waiting area where there's magazines for you to read for you wait for your therapist to get ready.

Frankly speaking I did not expect a neighbourhood outlet to look so high-class!

*Old-fashion thinking of mine*

And if you like, they have candies for you, too!

Soon my therapist for the day came and showed to the lockers where I can keep my belongings before getting changed.

Really well organised, huh?

Next, get changed!

I reaally love that they provide such disposable slippers instead of the usual normal slippers that I know many places provide as I feel that it's way more hygienic.

Who knows who last wore the slippers before you and what they did or what so-ever, right?

OK. Sorry. Over-reacting a bit.

Wrapped inside the robe is actually disposable undies for you to change into before your treatment.

And after you've changed, just lock your clothes and shoes back into you locker and you're done!

All ready for my treatment!

Sorry, allow me to camho a bit while waiting for the therapist. LOL

BTW, I'm wearing GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green Lenses from GeoColouredLenses.com

*Sorry sidetrack*

Now off to my treatment!

Super nice place! OMG yo~

Super cosy room for you while you get your treatment done!

Treatment in process...

Sorry as the light was dimmed during treatment which will help you to relax, I was not able to take much photos...

( T ^ T )

So I had 2 different treatments done that day!

First! Intelect Spot Shaping, also known as ISS.

Step 1: Ultrasound Fat Breaking

The therapist wil first apply Ultrasound Gel and Anti cellulite serum mixture before using their special machine for the ultrasound.

*Fats! You're going down!!!*

Step 2: Deep Tissue Detoxification Massage

After ultrasound, the therapist will then apply on Anti-Cellulite serum in which will follow by massage for about 20 mins.

Step 3: Fat Mobilisation System (FMS) Body Wrap

Lastly, wrap the treated area, which for me are my thighs, for 20mins!

The FMS encourages the depletion of heat energy from within the body.
It forcies the body to compensate for the loss of heat energy by tapping into its accumulated storage of fats to burn-off as energy.

Together with their anti-cellulite serum applied, just awesome yo!

I was then shifted to another room wih comfy sofa for me to relax while the FMS body is on!

Next! Contour Sculpt Body System, also known as CSBS.

As we know, Marie France is actually very known for their Body Wraps!
So yes! I got to try it out, too!

Some benefits from CSBS:

• Visible reduction and improvement in the appearance of cellulite.
• Detoxification that is designed to help cleanse the body of toxins and interstitial fluids trapped between small spaces of fat tissues.
• Hydrate and improve texture and appearance of skin.
• Helps activate the lymphatic system thereby promoting detoxification and a boost to the metabolism.
• Promotes synthesis of collagen resulting in firmer and tightened skin tone.
• Brightens skin and protects against discoloration and uneven skin tone.

Relax till I wanna sleep. ZZZzzzz....

So comfy~

Water intake is very important so the therapist made sure that I always have a cup of water beside me!

So nice right?!

Drinking up!

And here's a photo taken in their washroom before leaving

I wouldn't say there is a drastic change but I could feel my thighs firmer a bit when I left?

So now here's 2 really awesome deals for you!

Please note that both e-vouchers hasd to be printed and presented before your treatment to enjoy the deals!
And also, these treats are only valid till 27 April!

So quick quick! Go NOW!!!

*Ok. No need now... go TOMORROW!!!*


For more information, you may check out the following links:

Marie France Bodyline's Website - http://www.mariefrance.com.sg/
Marie France Bodyline's Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/MarieFranceBodylineSingapore/



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