Monday, 17 November 2014

Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold

Review / Advertorial

Hi hi everyone!

Today I would like to share with you my recent new love of skincare products!

I personally have been using these products since I bought them in August when they were first released and am absolutely in love with them!

And they are...

The Bio-Essence 24K Bio Gold Water and 24K Bio Gold Platinum Dual Cream!

Seriously, don't you find the whole 24K Gold and golden packaging very attractive?

I've always love watching Taiwanese variety programs like 女人我最大 which introduces the latest technology of beauty products and recently in an episode of 大学生了没, they introduced that gold flakes will help in the absorption of your skincare products.

Look back at the Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold products...

This MUST be good!

The 24K Bio-Gold and Bio-Platinum contains powerful and superior anti-oxidants that helps to fight free radicals and to defy premature ageing.

You may think "nah~ I'm only early 20s, I don't need to anti-aging products"

But no people!

Imagine you were to start fight premature ageing at the age of 30 so the clock for your skin condition stops at the state it is at when you are 30.

However, if you were to start fight premature ageing at the age of 20 so the clock for your skin condition stops at the state it is at when you are 20.

Isn't that like way better?!

The Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold products are targeted to help people of the age 20s to mid 30s to help fight premature ageing.

So why not start young?

Ok. I shall go into each product proper.

First up! The Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Water!
Retail price: $45 for 150ml

To be honest, when I first bought the 24K Bio-Gold range products, I bought this 24K Bio-Gold Water together with their 24K Bio-Gold Eye Contour Lifting Serum which seriously do miracles!

Not gonna go into details on the 24K Bio-Gold Eye Contour Lifting Serum in this post but it was so good I immediately LINE Himeko and told her that the product is like super good that she have to give it a try!

And ya, she bought it the very next day! Heehee~

Ok. So the 24K Bio-Gold Water!

I use this 24K Bio-Gold Water after washing my face instead of toner.

I must say I really love the process of patting the 24K Bio-Gold Water on my face cos the smell of the 24K Bio-Gold Water really helps me to relax especially at night after a long hectic day.

*plus the feeling of patting 24k gold flakes on your face is super diva-ish*

Just gently pat until the 24K Bio-Gold Water including the 24k gold flakes absorb fully!

Yes you read it correct!

The 24k gold flakes can be disintegrated!

Nope there will not be any 24k gold flakes left on your face after application!

It absorbs really fast without leaving any stickiness on your skin which I totally love!
No one love the sticky feeling after applying skincare products especially in this hot and humid weather here in Singapore, right?

Skin looking all supple without any traces of the 24K gold flakes!
*thumbs up!*

Next! Bio-Essence 24K Bio Gold Platinum Dual Cream

I bought this 24K Bio Gold Platinum Dual Cream around a month after I first bought my 24K Bio-Gold Water together and 24K Bio-Gold Eye Contour Lifting Serum.

Why? Cos the 24K Bio-Gold Water together and 24K Bio-Gold Eye Contour Lifting Serum worked awesome miracle for me which made me decide to get the full range!

Can imagine how deep I fell in love with the 24K Bio Gold range?

The one thing I really love about this 24K Bio Gold Platinum Dual Cream is that it has 2 different creams in one bottle!

The Platinum cream for Day usage and Gold cream for Night usage to achieve 24 hours of luxurious treatment!

I do not have a huge dresser to my own so space usage on my table is quite limited.
With both Day and Night cream in one bottle, I get to save space on my table.

On top of that, I feel that it is more affordable, too!

For only $42 for 40g, you get both Day and Night cream!

Normally we have to spend twice the amount of money to get a Day and a Night cream cos they are sold separately. But now, we only have to buy one bottle but still ensure that our skincare routine is completed with both Day and Night cream!

So in the morning, I would apply on the 24K Bio Platinum Cream after 24K Bio-Gold Water.
The 24K Bio Platinum Cream contains SPF25 PA+++ which means I don;t have to apply any sunscreen after unless I'm going to the beach or something.

So in the evening, I would apply on the 24K Bio Gold Night Cream after 24K Bio-Gold Water.
All relaxed and well moisturised and ready for a good night sleep!

And everyone! Never never forget your neck when you apply your skincare as it reveals signs of aging, too!

In fact, I always feel that the neck reveals signs of aging the best.

Especially now that everyone is always looking down on our phones etc, these signs of aging on our neck will be more obvious!

Hope that all of you will really try the Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold range's products out as they really work miracle for me.


Stay pretty everyone!

XOXO, Tsuriki.

Friday, 24 October 2014

#Wonderland Of Tea Party

Blogger Events

Hihi everyone!

Back in August, I attended my very first blogger event in the past year! 

Yes, it's been a long time since I last attended a blogger event ever since I headed to Japan for 3 months mid last year.

And cos I'm hardly in Singapore over the weekends, it makes it even more difficult for me to attend blogger events as they are mostly held over the weekends.

Anyways, yea! Back to attending events feels good!

Wore my yukata to the event not because Himeko and I knew that it's all Japanese themed, but because we were heading to 夏祭り (Summer Festival) after the event that evening.

And yea! Super happy to finally own a WC Kumatan Yukata!!!

Always wanted one ever since it was released years ago but I didn't manage to get one.

So when I saw it at the store on sales months back, I bought it without a second thought!

And yea! Himeko was also in Yukata!

If you find the Yukata Himeko's wearing familiar, it's because it's mine and I wore it to 夏祭り for 2 years! 

Once in Japan next year and once in Singapore the year before!

Anyways, back to the event proper!

It was a tea tasting session and like mentioned, it was a Japanese themed event.


Cos we are having awesome tea from Japan!!!

And first up was the Ginger Tea of  Shimodozono!

I understand that many people are afraid or dislike the taste of Ginger but trust me, Japan really knows how to make Ginger yummy!

I have always disliked ginger since year but ever since staying in Japan for that 3 months last year, I realised that Japanese ginger products really don't taste that bad!

And some actually taste pretty good!

And for the tea of Shimodozono, they contain Mix Herbal Extracts which helps to balance your body hormone naturally, helps in detox & cleansing, revitalize & vitalize, support body functions and lastly have a relaxing & calming effect!

This Ginger Tea of theirs used Organic Ginger in the making which is a powerful antioxidant. Plus! It also helps to improve stomach functions, improve metabolism, and help in reducing inflammation & infection!

Just imagine how healthy it is!

This Ginger Tea does not have a very strong ginger taste which many people are afraid of.

Plus! It's of black tea base so if you're a fan of black tea, do try this out!

They paired their Ginger Tea with this special yummy brownie! 

It's not very sweet and the taste of the tea and cake compliments each other really well!

Next! Mixed Herb & Roasted Tea!

Roasted tea... you may be thinking "Huh? What tea is that?"

Perhaps you'll be more familiar with ほじ茶 (hojicha) instead?


Paired with this Japanese fluffy pancakes with Azuki Beans & Apples!

The sauce was like cheesy base which surprisingly goes really well with their Mixed Herb & Roasted Tea!

And lastly! Rose Oolong Tea!

A fan of Rose Tea? A fan of Oolong Tea?

You're gonna love this!

A nice cup of good Oolong Tea with the fragrance of Rose, what more can I ask for?!

(Yes, I am a fan of Rose tea AND Oolong Tea!)

This is just the best of both worlds!

And of course! Awesome tea paired with awesome dessert!

This sesame based dessert was just super smooth and super yummy!

And with sips of the fragrant Rose Oolong Tea, it was just heaven!

A huge huge thanks to Tealy and Blackbox for the invitation to such an awesome event that day!

If you are interested in trying any of the teas mentioned or others, do check out Tealy's website at

Oki! That's all for this post now!

See you in my next post soon!

XOXO, Tsuriki

Monday, 6 October 2014

Cafe Hop Hop!

Daily Bits of Life

Hihi everyone!

Sorry for not blogging the past week.

Today's post I edited my photos differently. Do let me know if you like me to edit my photos this way yo~ (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

Back in August, there was a day where I headed out cafe hopping with my friends Sok Hiang and Poh Yi!

We met up at Holland Village then decided which cafe to go to!

First stop, we went to Hatched for brunch! 

Cutesy cafe and yea! I love eggs!!!

Isn't their pepper and salt shakers super cute, too? 

And food is served!


And yea!! Let's dig in!! 


After brunch, we headed to get ice cream for dessert!

They have lots and lots of flavours!

Totally spoilt of choices!!

And it was poloroid time!!

Super cute!! Haha (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

And next! Some coffee, tea and pastry!

Had Mint coffee! Yummy yummy!

Though... It may taste like toothpaste to some people. ಠ_ರೃ

And lastly, we found a place to take nice photos! 

Such a nice place!

Therr are many other cafes in Holland Village and I can't wait to explore with them again!! 

After cafe hopping, Poh Yi left to meet her friends and Sok Hiang and I headed over to Play Nation at S*Cape to burn some fats! 

Dance Game on XBox!!

And ya.. We sure worked it out for that hour!

Next! We headed over to Orchard Central to meet our other friends for my birthday dinner! 

Yea!! Danna got me ice cream cake for birthday this year!! Happy happy!!!

Oki! That's all for this short post today!

Gonna be heading back to Singapore soon! So happy!!

FYI, I'm currently in Tokyo when I'm blogging this post!


Ser you'all back in SG, soon!

XOXO, Tsuriki.

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