Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My new house!

Well, actually gotten the keys to my new house and this being the third time that I'm in the house already.

Excited. But of course there's a lot more behind my mind so... I guess I am not fully excited?

Waiting for the workers to come and and get piping fixed and stuff so ya!

This is my very first post in the very house!

Probably no one else other than me is gonna read this but I guess my blog will just go back to the beginning with only ONE reader, myself.

Anyways, can't wait for things to get in place and the day I can officially move in!

Looking forward!

Monday, 23 May 2016

#TsurikiEats: Pablo Matcha Cheese Tart

Hi everyone!
Long time no see! 

I guess really sitting down in front of my laptop and blogging really isn't gonna work for me much nowadays so I'm just gonna try blogging with my phone and see if this works better for me. 

So I bought the Pablo Matcha Cheese Tart from Harajuku when I was in town on Friday and brought it over to Himeko's place yesterday and we ate it together since Himeko said that she can't finish it alone... 

To be honest, I had Pablo cheese tart once before. I think it was last year January? If I didn't remember wrongly...

And I hated it.

It is not cheesy. I do not taste the cheese at all even though yes I know all the different videos online are showing as though their rare cheese tarts are really cheesy. The fact it, the amount of cheese is like really little.

If you are wondering, nope I did not keep my previous cheese tart for days. I bought it, and ate it a few hours later when I get back to the hotel with my colleague. She also dislikes it and do not taste the cheese at all.

The both of us LOVE cheesecakes. But... Sadly, I will not categorise Pablo's tarts under cheese tarts.

So back to the Matcha Cheese Tarts.

Yes it is very matcha-ish. It's not only matcha, but it also has azuki (Japanese sweet red beans) and mochi in it!

I must say that I kind enjoyed this Matcha Cheese Tart BUT! I still do not taste the cheese.

I would say it is more of a matcha mousse kind of texture? 

A benefit of the doubt, it is already been a few days since I bought it so perhaps the texture has changed a litttle? But I doubt the taste would change much. 

So if you were to ask me if I would buy this again? 

I would. Considering if I really want something matcha-ish and there isn't much of a queue. 

Ok. That's all for today's post! 
Hope to see you'all, again, soon!


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