Thursday, 5 March 2009

Shen Zhen Day 1

well, i shall try from Saturday where i waited all alone at Singapore's Budget Teminal for my sister, dad and stepmom to arrived. i was there early as i tok a cab down due to heavy rain and was super bored~~~

for people who have never been to the budget teminal before, here's some photos.

this is how the budget terminal looks like and basically this photo already takes mostly the whole of the terminal. so small lah~

there's a playgound for the kids to play and have fun. i did see some adults playing along too. lol

there's a small food court there serving BUDGET food.

see the price? budget right~

and cam-whore cause there's really nothing for me to photo already.

i was just like this alone coke bottle on the bin. all alone. so lonely~~~

ok. but soon, everyone's here then we went in for food where i had my pathetic dinner, got a bottle of distilled water from 7-11, newspaper from the book store to keep my entertain on the plane before boarding.

it's my first time taking budget airline, (if not then is just an airline that doesnt serve food one). took tiger airlines this time and i would say the experience is terrible. the take off was super scary that i even fastened my seatbelt even more when it took off. it's freaking unstable and flew super not smoothly!!! there's sooo little space in between seats that i seriously wonder how are people of height say 1.75m and above is gonna survive even a one hour flight to say bangkok?!

so after around 3 hours and 25 mins on the plane, we arrived at Shen Zhen's international terminal (which is freaking small!). my stepmom's friend's friend was supposed to pick us up. however, due to the horrible roads and sign's direction and etc, he lost his way and went round and round the airport and took a wrong lane to the city and the 4 of us were like outside the terminal A for domestic flight for an hour in the rain with the wind blowing for that hour before my dad got so pissed off with waiting that we took a cab ourselves.

we did not go to the hotel and check in immediately. however, we went to this super cool spa where i actually got to blog alittle in the morning when i woke up.

so ok. here's the website's link of the spa.
though i know that it is in chinese but you can just browse the photos of the place to see how cool the place is. cause no matter what, photography is NOT allowed once we enter the locker rooms. who knows what on earth are you taking a photo of sia~ no matter what, it IS a spa!!!

i had a great HOT shower with GOOD shampoo and hair treatment. i didnt use any other hair products cause i seriously have no idea what the rest are at the hair drying area. we had supper at the so-called restaurant inside the place. the food is alright. it seriously depends on what you order i guess.

there's free-flow of fruits, ice-cream, drinks serving at the counters. there's like 4 resting areas where we rest at the area having the super big screen showing the soccer match that night (dont know who against who cause all is in chinese). i had my very first foot massage (脚地按摩) where it wasnt as painful as i thought (or ticklish either) and i even fell asleep!!! ok. it was around 3-4am so ya. falling asleep is normal.

it seems like that are many people that just go to the Queen Spa and just spend their night there. oh well...

the next morning we woke up around 9am where i got to use the computer there (finally!) as it was (finally!) empty. we had some cherry tomatoes and juices before we went to shower again before paying up and leaving for proper breakfast outside the Queen Spa area.

while waiting for the bill to be settled...

this is the logo, the counter that was right in front of where i was sitting then so ya, just take a photo of it.

there, the ladies are dressed in pretty gowns and tiaras and serving you lor~ i saw some are super chio sia~

the grand stairscase to the entrance of Queen Spa.

and here's my stepmom, all refreshed after the night

and my dad with the "what?!" face

ok. settled the bill, and it's time of the outside view of the building.

Queen Spa! dont go to the wrong place oh~

super BIG sign over my head

view from a distance

view from opposite the road. SEE how BIG is the BUILDING!!!!

the restaurant just opposite Queen Spa.

the florist there

some buildings around

and it's time for breakfast!

their chee chong fan there.

ok. that shop doesnt allow us to take photo of their products so that's the only photo i managed to capture.

after breakfast, we went back to Queen Spa to take our baggage and off we went to the hotel that we were gonna be staying in, Hua An International Hotel 华安国际大饭店.

on the cab...

they have this seat cover thingy that they will change everyday, stating the day of each day.

and i cam-whore...

me in dann's subcrew cap

trying to get more people into the photo. =p

and then my sister joined in!

my sister was like complaining say my camera is lousy.


you see! so clear lor!!!

and just before we know it, we've reached the hotel!

ok. i look unglam and so unprepared. *ROAR*
i seriously wonder why dann's subcrew cap will shine sia~

my sister with the flowers in the lobby

the lights on the ceiling

ok. my sis say my camera lousy so she took out raymond's camera.

seriously, after that, we NEVER take that camera out anymore! not even once to charge!

in the room and i had nothing to do so...


and here's the view from our hotel room.

we soon went out to this shopping mall (i forgot the name) and everything in there is SUPER ATAS EXPENSIVE LAH!!! oh my goodness~!

but oh well, we did not stay there long cause it's just too expensive to shop there and plus, my stepmom's friend's friend is coming to pick us up!

they were all trying to figure out where on earth were we then

some of the shops in the ATAS shopping centre.

my normal sister,

my act cute sister.

cubby sisters,

silly sisters.

haha... i kinda like this photo...

and my dad and stepmom were still figuring the location out

ok. i was bored. so....

took a photo of my dirty adidas shoe. lol

ok. after andrew, my stepmom's friend's friend, picked us up, we went for lunch and here's the food!!!

yummy~~~ i LOVE the 虾饺!!!

after lunch, we went to 东门(dong men) for some shopping and on our way there we saw some weird car(s)


and a or-biang wedding car

the signboard of all the buildings there at 东门. we were at the high-lighted one.

seriously, we only finished that building and some stalls around. there's just TOO many things too see.

well, i got myself 2 coats that's super bargain lah!

my pink furry coat for ¥20 which is around $5SGD?!

and my brown furry coat for ¥35 which is around $8SGD?!

ok. the reason they are so cheap is because they are clearing their winter wear. haha...

what's my dad looking at?

oh the plant~

oh ya! forgot to check for flower!

too bad... no flower. and guess where is my dad happy to put that pot of plant at?

under the reading lamp so it will continue to MOVE!


and dinner, we went for dinner with andrew and his girlfriend, anna.

the food of the night~!

super crunchy, tasty long beans!!!

after dinner, we all went back and...

sleepy trixy in cozy coaty.

and now, trixy is gonna go and sleep too.
the time now is 2.00am.

good night everyone!
sweet dreams!

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