Monday, 24 August 2009

Tutorial: How to put on falsies?

Many people have been asking me how to put on falsies recently. Like Diana, Qian Yu, and even my 姑姐! And Diana was like asking me to do tutorial on my blog. So.. Ok. I shall post one up!

Step 1: Put on your normal makeup for your eyes.
Eyeshadow, eyeliner etc...

For me, I still like to curl my own lashes and apply one layer of mascara to ensure that my lashes remain curled throughout the day. I don't like my lashes falling down like half through the day den it looks as though I have 2 layers of eyelashes!

But then again, I know of many people that actually skip the step of curling and applying mascara when the put on falsies.

Step 2: Apply lash glue on falsies' lash bone on selected falsies.

Just a thin layer will do. I know it is a little messy in the photo above cos that falsies I used that day was the feathery kind which don't really have lash bone lash bone part.

Step 3: Place falsies on top of your own eyelashes.

Step 4: Adjust falsies as needed.

Adjust falsies to the centre or to the side as how you like your falsies to be placed. Then using your fingertips to adjust falsies closer to your natural lashline.

This is roughly how it will look like when you're done adjusting. And of course, the lash glue have not dried yet then.

Step 5: Leave glue to dry while putting on your falsies for the next eye.

Step 6 (Optional) : Curl to adjust falsies as needed.

Curl your falsies with your natural eyelashes as needed to your own preferences.

This step can be skipped if you don't have a section curler or when unnecessary.

Once again, here's before...

and here's the end product!

TADA!!! Pretty pretty big eyes!!!

*Photo taken by Jo (I think)*

Now you can have pretty pretty big eyes, too!


  1. Thanks for sharing. :) Was going thru to your past post & found tips on applying falsies. Would you be doing lower lashes tutorial?? ^_^

  2. Sherylへ
    Hi. I'll be doing a video tutorial for lower lashes in a few weeks' time. =)

  3. hi dear, where did u get the section curler and how much does it cost? tia =)

  4. nooflowerへ
    You can get that from SASA.
    Mine was a present from another blogger. Think it's around $4-5.



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