Monday, 25 May 2009

Blue Graduation Glitter French

Once again it's time for another nail art tutorial! OK. I was bored yesterday since I didn't go to uncle Xiang Min house to play wii so I decided to paint some fake nails. Remember I just had pink graduation glitter french 2 weeks ago at the nail bar? (Post for glitter graduation nails here) So after seeing the manicurist paint that on my nails, I've decided to try it myself. It's actually really simple and easy. Try it yourself, too, and save that $8 additional you have to pay! =p

For this nail tutorial, we'll need a total of 5 bottles of nail polish.

(From left to right)

1. Base color - Pearl white nail polish.
(Can be changed to any base color you want but try to keep it light)
From Daiso at $2.

2. Lighter tone of glitter - Ettusais's light turqoise glitter
I forgot the price of it already but it should be around $10.

3. Darker / main tone of glitter - Fasio's turqoise glitter
I got it at a sales price of $3.20.
*If anyone knows where I can find this, please let me know!!! I wanna restock!!!*

4. Big plain sliver glitter - Ettusais's sliver glitter
Also should be around $10. Make sure you buy the big glitter and not those small small glitter ones. If not the blue (or color of your preference) will be covered!

5. Base / Top coat - Your favorite shiny or quick dry top coat
From Daiso. Do use your good branded top coat for more shiny results!
( * ^ - ^ * )

So have you gotten all your stuff ready?! Feel free to change bottles 2 and 3 to your prefered color glitter. I like blue, so I'll stick to blue glitter. Just make sure one is lighter than the other.

Step 1: Prepare your fake nails if applicable

(Refer to post on "dealing with fake nails" here.)

Step 2: Paint the base color

Paint around 2 layers of base color to your preference.

I painted 3 nice layers to ensure having the results of rich pearl white.

Step 3: Paint the lighter glitter

Paint quick strokes around half the nails.

Note: This don't have to be very neat at all.

With 1 layer on.

As you can see, it isn't neat at all and there's even spaces left "un-painted".

With 2 layers on.

I painted a second layer as I feel that the color isn't very visible. But if your glitter is already quite visible, you need not paint the second layer. And if you are to paint the second layer, make sure you paint less area this time round as compare to the first layer.

Step 4: Paint on main/darker tone of glitter

Paint on generously to ensure the color isreally full and pretty! Paint on 2 layers to ensure that all gaps left out from previous step is filled in.

Step 5: Paint on sliver glitter

This step actually helps to make it more bling and sparkly. It will look much more prettier with the sliver glitter than without.

Step 6: Top it up with top coat

Yeah, you're almost done! Just paint on your shiny top coat and...

TADA!!! You're DONE!!!

Do check out my on the side bar for more nail stuff! (*^-^*)

Have fun everyone!

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