Thursday, 20 November 2008

bling bling!

last night after meeting,
dann, ezzat and i went to ang mo kio market for dinner.
i love the porridge there.
stall 01-32 if i didnt remember wrongly.

so i had fish porridge,
dann has his mixed grill
and ezzat had his mee soto.

bo liao.

after that,
we went to AMK hub for a short walk.
ezzat left to meet gerry after a short while whereas dann and i continued walking around ang mo kio central and hub.

soon when all the shops started to close,
we went home.
and yeah!
dann sent me 'home' again!
he sent me on tuesday night,
and he sent me again last night!

when i got home,
my mom bought me new sandals as i wore her yesterday
so she decided to get me one my own.

and to personalise it so that we would get confused of which is whose,
i decided to add blings on my sandals.

and here it is!

boring plain black sandals~

blings added!!!

just simple bling bling can make a different feel ok?

and TADA!

once again,
i used the bling blings i used on my phone for this sandals.

i guess i'm going back into bling bling business.
i just wanna bling everything plain lor~

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