Friday, 27 March 2009

Pretty nails in minutes!

It's been a really long time since I last post on nail art stuff ever since this year's Lunar New Year. And finally!!! One more!!! hahaha...

Have you ever bought those pretty fake nails and you put them on using nail glue and feel sooooo sad after you take them out cause you will never get to use them again due to all the chemicals used during the removal?

Well... This problem can be solved super easily!

An the magic is NOT to use nail glue but this!

I don't know the exact professional word for this tape so I just call it the nail tape.

It works like double-sided tape so all you have to do is to stick them on your fake nails, remove the paper and stick the nails down!

The instructions given is to stick the tape onto the fake nails then you stick the fake nails onto your own nails. I've tried that before but I personally feel that the fakes will stick down more stronger when I stick the tpe directly onto my nails then stick the fake nails down. So... up to you. it all depends on which you feel more comfortable with.

1. Stick on the tape

2. Remove paper cover

3. Stick on your fake nails

4. Press down the fake nails as hard as possible BUT make sure blood is still able to flow through!

Repeat the steps for all your nails and...

TADA!!! You have pretty pretty nails for the day!!!

See~~~ You don't have to have super steady hands to have great nails too!

Do check out my on the side bar for more nail stuff! (*^-^*)

Have fun everyone!


  1. hey,do you know where to buy the "nail tape" ? (:

  2. I got mine from Daiso. However, those that they're selling now aren't that good as the old ones...

  3. only daiso sells that? no other place?

  4. I'm not very sure but I guess it will cost more if you get it from other manicure shops.

  5. Nice nails..
    Btw your foundation or bb cream color is way too fair..
    It's different from your neck..

  6. Do you know where I can buy pretty fake nails like what you have?

  7. Bitterlemonへ
    I think my sister bought those for me from Daiso.



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