Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Anime Matsuri @ Funan


Hello everyone!

Once again there is a anime festival for all anime/manga fans to look forward to!

Official Website: http://animefestival.asia/fam/

Funan DigitalLife Mall is bringing you a whole week of awesome Japanese Pop-Culture here in Singapore from today till this Sunday only!

There are anime screening all week like one of my favourite Detective Conan!

For cosplay lovers, be sure to meet your favourite favourite Celebrity Cosplayers like Kaname from Japan and Natumi from Taiwan!

And also, for the very first time MMK Maids and AR Butlers are having a combine cafe!

And one more thing...

I will be back at the cafe to serve all of you ご主人様 and お嬢様 !

Be sure sure check out http://animefestival.asia/fam/ for more details and all the awesome exciting events prepared for you!

See you there ご主人様, お嬢様!!!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

New Shiseido Range now available at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio!

Official Hair Sponsor

Hihi everyone!

Sorry for the late update again.

So early last month, I headed over to get my new hair colour using the new Shiseido range that is available at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio @ Ngee Ann City!

My goldish hair with pink highlights

Can't wait to get my new hair colour!!!

After much discussion with Justin, he mixed a redish brown tone dye for me with the new Premium Shiseido Hair Colours!

And here's my final product!

Of course, I also used the latest Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair from Shiseido, too!

My hair felt super super soft and smooth after treatment!

Love lots!!!

And 2 weeks later, it was Shunji Matsuo X Shiseido's Blogger Event and I was one of the model for the event!

Headed there earlier with Himeko to get my hair prepared for the demo later on

Lend Himeko my manga to keep her entertained while waiting

My stylist of the night if Nao-san! (The pretty lady with blond hair on the right!)

Getting the curls done!

Yeah! Basic curls done! Now we just had to wait for the event to begin proper!

Yummilicious food from Handburger to fill out tummies!

And after getting my hair styled properly during the event,


A hairstyle suitable for parties!

Everything used on my hair was from the latest Premium Range of Shiseido!

From my haircolour, hair treatment, hair styling water, hairspray!

Super super awesome!

You just have to try them out yourself!

Now you can get 10% off chemical services (perm/straighten/color) exclusive at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio!
All you have to do is mention "Tsuriki" when making your appointment!

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon
391 Orchard Road #05-23,
Ngee Ann City Podium B
Singapore 238872
Appointments: (65) 6238 1522/1514

Cheers to awesome hair!


Sunday, 19 May 2013



二週間前に 友達SZと 一緒に シンガポールのユニバーサルスタジオへ また行った!

今回は 私の第四回だけど、 すごく 楽しかった!

Hi everyone!

2 weeks ago, I went to Universal Studios Singapore again with my friend/colleague SZ.

Although it's my fourth time going to USS, I still had a lot of fun!

Couldn't find a matching tee to go with my bulls cap so I just grabbed my Minnie Mouse tee. (笑)

And yeah! Finally wore my Chicago Bulls cap out!

Ok. Enough camwhoring!

So I headed to meet SZ at Harbour Front before getting some breakfast at McDonalds.

After food, we head straight to Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore!!!

As it's SZ's first proper time to USS, she was super super excitied alright!

And ya, that very day I can really feel the kid in her.

Guess I've been working with her so long that I really forgets her real age at times.

Finally spotted Charlie Chaplin after going to USS 3 times!

So yes! I HAVE to take photo with me but as you can see in the candid photo above, we kinda got punked.

Edited this photo to get it an old photo feel.

Next up down New York street...

Yeah the new Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride!!!

SZ winking her eye, trying her best to fight with the bright sunny sun!

As we were queuing up for our space ride, spotted Cookie Monster's cookie shop

And cutey Big Bird!

Camwhored a little while queuing.

Couldn't believe it! We had to queue for like 10-15 mins for the ride!!!

NOTE: I've NEVER queued for rides in USS in general. I was lucky the past 3 times as there weren't much crowd every time I went.

And yeah! Finally it's our time to explore the space in our space shutter!

Let's go!!!


You just HAVE to take this ride at least once!

Managed to take a photo with Abby Cadabby!

And next top, Transformers!!!

As there was quite a long queue, we decided to just queue for single riders. (悲)

Just a silly face of mine. (恥)

And with my battle glasses on, I'm ready for my battles!

Let's go Optimus Prime!

After the Transformers ride, we headed over for the Battlestar Galactica roller coasters where SZ was freaking out as that was her very first roller coaster ride.

I know how that feels when I went for my very first proper roller coaster ride 2 years back.

And yes I was on the very same ride so I know how it feels exactly.

Thankfully then I had Michiyo (or rather now wanna be known as just Mad) to sit through it with me and gave me tips on how to protect myself.

So yup! I told SZ the exact stuff Mad told me 2 years back alright.

After roller coasters, we headed to my favourite ride --
Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure!!!

Once again, we queued for single riders as the queue was SUPER LONG.
And I was lucky to be in the safe spot so I did not get wet.

Just a little...

But SZ was not that lucky alright~ (笑)

After a while we started to shop a little as SZ wanted to find something cute to get at the end of the day before continuing our rides and she commented that this cute little thing looks like me!

So what do you think? (笑)

And next! It's time to move it move it on the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure ride!

We like to move it move it, we like to MOVE IT!!!

Soon, time for LUNCH!

We headed back to New York Street for pizza!

And tada! Here's the Sesame Street cupcakes which Gerry and I each bought one last year.
Now they have the new Oscar cupcake which is Green Tea Flavoured.

SZ and I each got a set meal to (supposingly) share.

Well, I ended up eating like 3-quarter of everything because this SZ just LOVES to order food and eats like a bird only so I always ended up finishing all her food.

*Looks at tummy*

It's all SZ's fault!

Hawaiian Pizza Set! Super nice!

It's my 2nd time eating this!

The first time was with Mad. Super awesome!

Beef Meatball Spaghetti set meal as we were both super tempted after the Sesame Street ride.

Both of us soaked wet after the Cylon roller coaster ride in the rain.

Just before launched, it started raining super heavily so we had no choice but to take the ride even though it was raining super heavily.

I must say yes it was kinda painful as the rain hits you during the fast speed ride and there's almost no way you can open your eyes if you're wearing contact lenses like us but gosh it was awesome!

But then again, it's super dangerous, too, I feel. So just this once experience of sitting on roller coaster in the rain is enough.

Thrilling, but really, once is enough.

Yeah!!! Pinocchio!!! Once again, first time seeing Pinocchio after going to USS that many times.

Some of my friends really wonder how can I actually go to USS that many times even though the park is just this big (or rather this small).

I must say I really really love thrilling rides and the whole idea of just leaving all your worries out of the park for one day and relax, enjoy!

Too bad that there is only this one and only theme park here due to land space constraint, else I think other theme parks will be happily earning my money every year, too!

So I got my Cookie Monster cupcake at the end of the day before leaving the park!

Seriously, if you wanna get any of the Sesame Street cupcakes, I strongly recommend the Cookie Monster one! Yummy yummy!

I tried to do the crazy eyes like Cookie Monster but I guess I as ain't that good that controlling my eyeballs' muscles.

So here's my goodies of the day!

I would seriously get a Elmo towel instead of Cookie Monster if they had one but too bad, they only had Cookie Moster.


Sorry I post on this day kinda late as I understand that my friend was a little shy on appearing on my blog/videos so I had to like get her permission first and stuff.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

And hope that I will be able to go to other theme parks out of Singapore soon, too!

I really wished to be able to celebrate my birthday this year in Japan so we shall see if I'm able to go to any theme parks in Japan this year for my birthday!

Hopefully... Universal Studios Japan?

See you soon in the next post!



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