Thursday, 29 July 2010



Sorry for not be blogging about my day-to-day life for some time.

Well... Here's one post!

Went to AkiBanana the maid cafe at Tanjong Pagar yesterday evening with パールちゃん. We've been saying to go there together one day ever since last December!
Long THAT's a long time~

Sadly ケイコちゃん was not able to join us. ニャ~

So no more crappy... Maid cafe now!

Ok... It's actually my very first time going to a maid cafe. This shabu shabu at Iluma is so not a maid cafe or of anything similar other than the waitress in maid costume.

Firstly, the atmosphere was weird when we first got there. The whole level 1 was in a mess and they even had a sign outside that states "Under Construction". I was so freaking scared that they are not opened sia~

Anyway... There was only one maid with the lady boss (I think) there last evening. The maid is cute~ She's ハナミ (Hanami)

Here's a short clip of Hanami introducting Tanabata

Ok~ I'm not really into Moe Moe voice person. Maybe it's a girls' thing... Or maybe just me...

Here's the drinks of パールちゃん and I.



If you're wondering how the wasabi coke taste like, I'll describe it.

Firstly, yes if you smell, you CAN smell wasabi!
Secondly, when you first drink it, you only taste coke. Like not much of a difference other than it being less gasy.
Thirdly, only after shallowing the coke, you feel the wasabi!

It isn't actually "spicy". It feels like wasabi ice cream that kind...
Only if you were to drink it fast, you're feel the coolness on your nose. And yes, I drank it fast when we were about to leave.


パール and I while waiting for our food to be served.

No worries of getting bored while waiting for your food to be served as...

TADA!!! They have plenty of japanese magazines for you to read!

Love this area of the cafe.

By the way... we had our dinner on the 2nd floor. Yes, the 1st floor is under construction.

Dinner served! The maid drew a cat on my omu rice right in front of me as you can see~

Tada! My omu rice!


パール's Curry rice

Seriously, I expected the food to taste horrible but in the end, they actually taste better than expected.

Don't expect much still. It's like normal food court japanese food.

After our meal, we were being asked to write/draw on their guest book and leave our contact on their mailing list book.

Yes~ パール camwhore while I'm cracking my brain behind her...

Ok... Let's see who is able to find the message I left!

We found this really pretty drawing in the guest book!

The lady boss just came back from Japan and are selling some japanese lashes that she got back from Japan, too!

Well... Expensive sia...

Ok! So where is this maid cafe?
I do not know the exact address but here's a video recorded by the staff of A87 themselves to guide you there!

Erm.. Personally I find the way they talk abit irritating after some time, but bear with it awhile to get to know how to get there from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station Exit A.

Ok~ My next stop will be either the maid cafe at Chijmes or the upcoming one at Funan.
If I were to organise a outing, will anyone wanna join me in my next maid cafe visit?

That's all for now!


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My Skincare Routine

Here's a short video to show you my skincare routine and the products I use as requested!

Hope you find this video helpful!

Be right back!

Hi everyone!

As I'm facing some problems with YouTube now, I can't upload my video despite the numerous time of tries.

Will be back to share my skincare routine asap!

XOXO Tsuriki.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ads & Sponsors

Hi! Here's a short ad.

As I'm saving up money for my birthday and many other stuff,
advertorial entry with banner linking will be from $50 only!
Banner links will be up for a month.

If you're interested, email me at

If you would like me to do a sponsored review of your products OR services,
do email me, too!
Your review will be linked under my review section!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Enjoying a Digital Lifestyle at NDP2010 Roadshows

C'mon down to the IDA's Infocomm event at NDP2010 Roadshows and have fun while learning some interesting stuff with your family!

Some of the interesting activities YOU can participate at the road show:

  • Learn new infocomm tools - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs

  • Get FREE printout of your favourite photo from that day from Snapfish

  • Capture video with the latest flip video and see how easy it is to upload via flipshare

  • Experience holding the Chinook in your hands with MXR technology

  • There's also prizes are up for grab too!

    Stand a chance to win the Flip MinoHD Pocket Camcorder and MXR WizQubes when you complete and submit your survey form.

    Here's the time and venue of the 2 roadshows held these 2 weekends!

    Date: 24th to 25th of July 2010
    Time: 10am – 6pm
    Venue: ION Orchard


    Date: 31st of July to 1st of August 2010
    Time: 10am - 6pm
    Venue: Bishan Junction 8

    I'll be dropping by one of those days, too!
    So if you see me, don't be shy. Come on up and say hi! (^^)

    "Enjoying a Digital Lifestyle" roadshow is held as part of National Day Parade 2010. You can expect many activities and happenings at the roadshows!
    The roadshow is FREE for everyone to participate!
    To find out more about the New Infocomm & U road show, you may wish to visit Singapore Netizen page in Facebook at

    Thursday, 22 July 2010

    New Nails -- Sweet Floral Garden


    Firstly, I've update my private spree with the double eyelid tape I'm using, too!
    So for those who missed the previous spree, grab yours now!

    Next, Nails!

    This is the latest set of nails I painted that is inspired by one of the PopTeen's models.
    Erm~ I forgot who is it...
    I was just flipping through the August issue and thought of this design.

    Sorry for the lack of updates recently as I'm facing a little hiccup while blogging over at Ladies X Tech.


    Cos I'm new to blogging about Tech stuff nd am still figuring out how should I go along bloggign about it.

    And what's Ladies X Tech?

    Well, instead of those boring super detailed tech sites that reviews on gadgets that most girls like me wouldn't understand nor even care to a certain extend, we give you our view of the gadget as a lady ourselves!

    I will also be sharing what are some kawaii gadgets in Japan that girls like as love and are using!

    So... I'll be blogging over there for the next few days due to my lack of updates over there. =P

    Sorry but I'm gonna AIM from quentria for the next few days.

    You can still get updates of me from my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter accounts!

    I will still reply tags, comments and questions on my formspring.

    Oki. That's all for now!
    Loves everyone!


    Tuesday, 20 July 2010

    Watsons YOU Awards

    Hi everyone!

    Today is the last day of voting period for Watson's YOU Awards.

    Please support me by voting for me in the Polished Perfection Category!

    Vote for me and stand a chance to win attractive prizes, too! I'll always give away the products if I win!

    Thank you in advance!

    Blogged via mobile.

    Monday, 19 July 2010

    Pages updated!

    I've jus updated my Items for sale page and Shop with me page.

    Selling some of the extra double eyelid tape I got previously and the yukata I wore in the banner above on my Items of sale page.

    As for Shop with me page, I've added the hottest DetClear Series that are highly recommended on PopSister, PopTeen and other japanese magazines!

    Check them out now!

    Japanese Fashion Street
    Yukata Pre-order #3 Now OPENED!

    Get your yukatas in time for Natsu Matsuri this year!

    If you have ordered 3 or more cosmetics from Cosmetics #1, you are entitled to a 10% of 1 yukata set!
    If you order 2 yukata sets, handling fee will only be $5!
    If you order 3 or more yukata sets, handling fee will only be $10 in total!

    Prices shown are inclusive of international shipping to Singapore!

    Do look out for our special yukata sets which are featuring yukatas as seen on famous models from Japanese magazines like Ageha!

    The yukatas are selling out fast so do make your orders and payment quick!

    Spree closes on 25 July 2010, 2359. All payments are to be in by then.

    Click here to start viewing the yukatas!

    Get ready for summer now!

    Saturday, 17 July 2010

    Sweet Dancing Ballerina

    Sponsored Advertorial

    Hi! I've been blog shopping a recently and found this little blogshop at sells simple accessories that's just easy to match with clothes!

    They have simple floral earrings like this 可愛い cream white rose

    Or like this dangling yellow cray floral!

    Match it of with a cray floral necklace

    They do customisation, too, upon request!
    So no worries of having necklace and earrings of different colours!

    I like this simple pearl hairband, too!

    On your favorite hairdo, too!

    Check out their site for more styles of not only accessories but also nail art, skincare or even cosmetics!

    Enjoy 5% discount with Sweet Dancing Ballerina when you quote "quentria" when ordering!


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