Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A filler here!

Hi everyone!

Long time no see!

First! I am very sorry for the lack of updates because I have been super super busy and the only day I can relax every week I really take the time to sleep well and stuff. I have quite a lot that I wanna blog but I have yet got the time to sit down and edit the photos so not to mention blog.

My time is all spent on studying, travelling and baths.

Time is really running short I don't get to enjoy my relaxing baths often anymore!

Talking about baths, here's a video I posted 2-3 weeks back on bath products.

Sorry I've been uploading more videos again (almost weekly) as they really don't really need much time to edit.
And internet here is fast so uploading is not a problem, too!

So ya! Please subscribe to both my channels tsuriki13 and tsuvlog13 !

Oki. Sorry but that's all for this post.

I'll try my best to blog proper this week!

See you soon!

XOXO Tsuriki


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