Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Review: fallineyes.blogspot.com (Part 2)

Hi everyone!
Here's the post that many many has been waiting for,
Fallineyes.bs's Review Part 2 - Lens!

If you have not read my previous review, read it here!

Like blogged in my previous review post, I only got all my lens 2 months after ordering which was in Feb. In total, I got 3 pairs of Japan lens from fallineyes.
NOTE: All lens are supposingly Yearly Lens.

I wore the supposingly Candy Magic in Summer Blue first.

Here's a photo me of with the lens on.

Yes alright, it looks really nice and really 可愛い.

But look at my eyes after wearing them for one month.

Just see how red my right eye was!

I though that it may just be because I did not wash my lens clean enough or something just like the 2nd King Brown lens I wore around 2-3 weeks after opening the blue lens.
But there was just something wrong with it! My eye got super duper red, pain and itchy whenever I wear the Blue lens on.

Ok. Sorry for the following slight freaky photos in this post but I just have to show you all how red my eye was!

With Lens still on...

Without Lens...

After taking all these photos, I threw that pair away immediately.
I'm super duper afraid that I get infection of something.

So that was the first lens.
So far, the 2nd King Brown Lens have not been giving me any problem other then a few weeks when I did not wash them super clean after filming with MFP with all those makeup and stuff flying into my eyes for 2 whole days.

Here's how it looks like when they're being worn.

Last pair of lens, Violet.

The very first day I wore it, it already gave me a HUGE problem!

I did check the bottle for the degree and stuff but everything is still blurr after wearing the lens! I'm like still half blind lah!
I thought it was just my problem so I wore the brown lens and even my own normal lens I got from optical shop and it's seriously the violet lens' problem!

So instead of seeing things sharp and clear like this

My world is like this whenever I wear the violet lens!

Anyway... this is how it looks like when they're being worn.

Just threw these lens away a few hours ago when I was out as my eye was super duper pain, itchy and red!

(Above photo taken with my mobile)

Jo kinda freaked out when I turned and looked at her and she saw my eye THAt red!

So in short, their lens are horrible! They suck other than looking great!

I've been getting views and links from many many sites on how horrible fallineye.bs' lens are!
Here are some of the links:

  • http://www.safeblogshopper.com/2010/04/04/featured-articles-for-blogshop-shoppers/contaminated-eye-lenses-cause-big-time-infection.html

  • http://meoowwww.xanga.com/723719756/item/

  • http://flowerpod.com.sg/forums/Buy-Http-fallineyesblogspotcom-t92715.html

  • http://forums.sgclub.com/singapore/not_buy_blogshop_255803_2.html

  • http://ch0colateberriies.blogspot.com/

  • On one of the sites, I remember it stated that fallineyes.bs has a sister site which is actually managed by the very same seller.
    DO NOT BUY from the other site, too!

    There's also one of my reader that read my previous review and left a comment, telling me that fallineye's lens are a TOTAL FAKE!
    An authentic lens' bottle has "EOS" printed on it!

    And like I mentioned in my previous post, my friend Jo got her lens from another blogshop.
    Her lens are all bottled with professional looking packaging with "EOS" printed on them. There's also a website URL stated on the bottles and Jo even went to check them out.
    The lens ARE from approved and safe overseas seller.

    I know that everyone wants 可愛い eyes but seriously, *touch wood*, if you're blind then what's the point?!

    Happy Safe Shopping Everyone~!

    Read Part 1 of Review for service here!


    1. こんにちは~ Since we cannot trust fallineyes anymore, where do you suggest/recommend us to get circle lenses from? =( お教えていただけませんか?お願いします!!!

    2. OMG! i actually did just bought my len from her http://www.exclusive-lens.blogspot.com/..
      it very similar to your email... she told me she stay near paya laber..
      so i when all time to go down and get it at her house...
      i did wear it only once... !!!
      i Bought 48Bucks + my REGI mail.. 2.24..
      she told me my lens had broke.. she given me and -500 degree instead of my -550.. howw?!

    3. Same blogshop owner means same lens supplier.
      The lens are NOT approved overseas.
      Hmm... If you don't mind you can still try to wear it for like 2 months?
      Throw away immediately if you feel any discomfort for like 3 days!
      Next time if you get from any other shop, I advice you to let the seller know for the wrong degree.
      Wrong degree may cos serious headache so it's better not to wear if the degree is wrong.
      At least this is what I feel...

    4. she given it to me with th wrong degree i haven't wear it,
      cause i saw one of th model who advertise so i bought it.
      if next time i would like to buy th contact len with blogshop, how would i know that is not FAkE*?

    5. Approved lens' packaging will have URL for you to check.

    6. how will i know and seen there is Approved lens*?!

    7. If they get from approved seller, usually they will be cerifies.
      Else, you can only check after you received your lens.
      Another way is to search for reviews online. Not advertorials.

    8. hi.. can i know where do u order your lens nw..?

    9. I'm still looking for a new supplier. So in the meantime I'm sticking to MOH approved lens - Maxi Eyes.

    10. do you have the website for the approved lens?

    11. Sorry but as MOH is currently very strict and investigating on many blogshops, I will not be giving out the web URL now.

    12. omg! i just ordered and paid for their pink lenses! and only now did i see the review on your blog! >.<

    13. These type of lenses are not meant for daily use. They are only for OCCASSIONAL wear. Similar for even clear lenses. you need to let your eyes rest for at least 1 day a week from contact lenses. Your eye is like a countdown timer with contact lenses on. Once the number of hours of lens wear is used up, the eye will experience the lens intorlerance syndrome.

      Lens intorlerance syndrome is where the eye losses the ability to control the water level in the cornea tissue due to the loss of cells after years and hours of lens wear and oxygen deprivation.

      Possible symptoms are redness, dryness, irritation and even blur vision with only very short periods of lens wear.

      This condition is irreversible. which means you may not be able to wear lenses for the rest of your life. Go to your optometrist for an eye check to evaluate and to prevent this condition from happening.

      There is no such thing as APPROVED OR NON APPROVED LENSES by the MOH. Lenses are good as long as it is well fitted and well managed by a trained professional who can evaluate and stop lens wear on indication.

      There is no point bringing people down although they are commiting an offence because its your own fault that you don't go to an optometrist to check your eyes before getting contact lenses. These type of lenses can also be good if it is fitted well and you know the wear scheldule for these type of lenses.

      I have reported fallineyes last week and they have been closed down. So GET YOUR EYES CHECKED SOON.





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