Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Watson Makeover + Photography session


Firstly, here's a new hair spray I got

It's supposed to help have a volume boost effect which sux.
It didn't even last till I leave my house yesterday lah!

Sian~ Guess I'll really have to order from overseas for Wax spray!

Yesterday, I met my boyfriend for lunch before going down to Watson's office for my makeover + photography session.

Sorry but I'm gonna complain. That makeup artiste shaved my eyebrow without asking or even telling me lor!

She just took the shaver and shaved! That's it!
Wah liew~

Pissed off!

If you's following my tweets, you will know which brand is that makeup artiste from! ( I think )

Played with my tamagotchi while waiting.

Photography session went well and I just can't wait for the photos to be up!

OK~ Voting will begin on the 8 July which is next Thursday!

Please help to vote for me for Watson's YOU Awards in Polished Perfection Catergory!
Voters stand a chance to win a $100 worth hamper.

If I win, I'll giveaway the products I win to a lucky reader of mine, too!


Ah~ Getting a new hair colour this Friday!
Still thinking...
Should I bleach me hair and get a super light colour?

Monday, 28 June 2010



The start of a new week. So how have your last week been?

Suddenly something just hit me 2 nights ago -- Gerry's flying soon.
Haiz~ Super sad sia~

I just can't imagine how would my next 5 months be without her until she comes back for her vacation.
Oh well~ I've never been THAT looking forward to Christmas for the past 20 years of my life.

(≫≪) Shall go prepare fast fast then go meet Gerry in town!

There's like quite a few stuff on my list that I need to do or are super delayed!

  • Meet Sidney tomorrow to do collab video which we didn't got the chance to do a few weeks ago.

    • *So sorry Sidney~*
  • Go for Watson's YOU Awards Finalist Photoshoot tomorrow.

    • *YES! I got in and will need all of YOUR support!*
  • Get costume for this year's CAF performance.

    • *Headache sia~*
  • Get a full-time job

    • *Everyone especially my mom is nagging every single second I'm home lah~*
  • Blog for LWT

    • *Super delayed! Not sure if I can reveal now...*
  • Get a new hair colour at a salon

    • *Will blog soon after I got my hair dyed*
  • Learn MIKU Dance

    • *Learning isn't the problem actually~*
  • Meet up with Sok Hiang

    • *Super delayed birthday meetup sia~*
  • Go to Akibanana with Pearl and Hui Min.

    • *We said to go together like last December lah~!*

    And the list goes on...

    Haiz.~ Ok. That shall be all for now!

    Sunday, 27 June 2010

    Evita Peroni


    皆さ~ こんにちは!

    2 weeks back, I got invited by Abby to Evita Peroni for a mini fun session where I got to try on the super great looking accessories of their!

    Invited Diana AKA molemole and Clara AKA dblchin along, too!

    That many of the accessories of Evita Peroni are hand-made with materials mostly from Europe?

    That's the reason why they are lasting. Of course, every cent you pay is worth the money.

    Although Evita Peroni is a brand from Denmark, you can also find some stuff that is pretty Jappy-ish~!

    Evita Peroni offers not only hair accessoriesbut also fashion jewels, standard eyewear, just-a-luxury eyewear and handbags!

    Here's a look of some of the pretty pretty range of accessories of Evita Peroni!

    Look at their range of shades~!

    That Evita Peroni actually provided complimentary hairstyling services?

    All you have to do it to purchase any accessory from them! You can even go back another day to get your hair styled with that very accessory you got from them before!

    Time for the fun!

    Here's the look I wore there that morning!

    Let's begin the fun!

    Hmm~ Where should I start?

    I love this Messaline Head Band~!

    Raven’s Pelican clip! ($39.90)

    Love this simple Selda Shark clip, too! ($59.90)

    That there's like at least 4 ways of wearing a double-comb?

    1. Normal bun which is boring~~~ zzz...

    2. Half clip

    3. Decor use

    4. New way of bun! LOVE THIS MAN~!


    The chopstick! I seriously didn't know that my hair can actually be tied up using the chopstick! I thought it wasn't long enough~ LOL

    Pretty floral big U pins.

    Don't you just feel like putting on your yukata and go for Natsu Matsuri with these 2 hairdos?!

    The hatclip! Super chio sia~!

    I love this, too! There's also Sliver available!

    Diana looking super chio~!

    Ok.. Sorry but I don't have photos of Clara. Couldn't get photos of her.
    But I seriously love the braid she wore!

    Which is my number 1 favourite?

    The Messaline Head Band! ($69.90)

    Thank Abby for that fun morning and the pretty pretty accessories~!

    Evita Peroni is available at, Ngee Ann City, Isetan Scotts and Isetan Katong.

    Head down now and make sure you don't miss their current promotion!

    It's really worth your money!

    Friday, 25 June 2010

    Japanese Wavy Fake Bob Tutorial


    Here's my latest hairdo tutorial video.
    It's inspired by Suzuki Nana from one of the issues of Popteen.

    Hope that you'll like the video!

    Do give me your comments, too! (^^)

    I was wearing the Floral Pullover and Demin Jumper from the Pre-orders of JFS itself!

    Do stay tuned for more fashion apparel pre-order next month!

    In the meantime, grab your favourite Dolly Wink and Melliesh Cosmetic Porducts in our latest Cosmetic Pre-order!


    Tuesday, 22 June 2010

    Mini Double Eyelid Tape Spree


    I've received response from many people wanting to try the double eyelid tape I'm using currently as shown in my latest simple gyaru makeup tutorial video.

    As I'm doing some shopping myself, I've decided to help everyone order!

    There's 5 sheets of 10 pairs in a packet at $5.00 SGD.
    ($4.50 for the tape after shipping + $0.50 for normal local postage)

    I'll stop taking orders tomorrow, 23 June 2010 Wednesday, at 11am.
    All payment must be done by 9pm tomorrow.

    UPDATED: I've stop taking orders. However, I bought extras and will put them up for sale on my Items for Sale page once they are here!

    It will take about 3 weeks to arrive.

    If you wanna get a packet for yourself, please email me at .


    Monday, 21 June 2010

    Tags Reply

    Gillian: Oki! I'm pretty noob to ameba, may need your help if I decided to start using my account again! heehee~

    Darrel: Thank you! ありがとう!

    Miyo: Mine was installed by a friend of mine a few years ago. He cracked it for me.

    Yina: I got my double eyelid tape from a private spree of a friend of mine. I don't think it's available in Singapore.
    This is how the packaging looks like.

    It's really good. JoXianna got one packet herself too and she loves it, too!

    It's thicker thus easier to stick on and the effect is better.

    If there's many people that wants it, I may open a mini spree for all when I get more for myself!

    Hello: As stated in the credits of the video, it's AZU's Happily Ever After.

    It's in Azu's Album - Two of Us.

    Wendi: Thank you! Stay tuned to my next hair tutorial coming up soon prolly this weekend cos editing takes time. (^^)

    Sunday, 20 June 2010

    Simple Gyaru Makeup

    This is a simple Gyaru makeup that I wear often recently.
    It's inspired from Masuwaka Tsubasa's look in the July issue of Popsister

    It's like really uper easy to do!

    Subcribe to my YouTube Channel to get the first hand updates!


    Thursday, 17 June 2010

    Mayday "Concert"

    Ok. This is gonna be a complain post.

    Firstly, I like to say that I've always been addicted to Mayday's live performances after the concert I accompanied Eugenie to after our O'Levels like 5 years ago.

    Why? Simply cos Mayday ROCKS THE HOUSE!

    Last Saturday, my dear boyfriend got me tickets and XM got Jo tickets. The 4 of us went down to the Indoor Stadium in excitement. I was like "Wootz! Mayday!"

    Ok. The place is no place like a Mayday Concert Venue.

    I know it's for some charity thingy but I guess I left out a sentence. It's some bo liao company's 20th anniversary.

    The first hour of opening was entertaining.

    If you're following my twitter, you would know that I was laughing like hell and having a super enjoyable time the first hour.

    After the first hour, it was HELL!

    Like who the hell cares about that stupid bo liao MLM like company's "Star Award" session?!
    I think they seriously over run. The tai tais walk super duper slow and talk lots and lots of crap! Like I even care!

    Just GIVE US MAYDAY!!!

    Finally after 2 HOURS of Star Award bo liao session and video and etc,


    Out of a sudden, the WHOLE stadium was awake! And we thought that we were the only people that kena cheated!
    BUT NO!

    Okay~ Photos are taken with my mobile photo.
    I brought a small bag so there wasn't enough space for my camera.

    The one hour of continuous "classic" and most popular and well-known songs of Mayday.

    Ok. For me it was karaoke session! LOL

    In short, HIGH!

    Once again, wanna thanks my boyfriend for the tickets and...


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