Thursday, 30 December 2010

New base hair colour @ Artica

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't been blogging for the past one week plus as I was busy like everyone else with Christmas and sadly something very very horrible happened.

If you've been following my tweets, you would have known that I was scolding someone for a couple of days and... Ok. I shall not talk or even think about it now.

This post is a HAPPY post!

I'm like stopping myself from blogging my thoughts or what-so-ever related to that horrible thing cos I'm afraid that I may blog things that I'll regret. So ya... I shall cool down and note my thoughts down after I'm not boiling up there in my head.

First! Here's a photo to prove the importance of false lashes!

Haha~ Very big difference right?!

Ok. It's kinda like a bo liao pic and I thought that some people may not see why so many girls like to put on false lashes etc etc. Well, now these people know!


So here's the final look!

I know my hair is super horrible and oily looking and stuff.
That's because I prepared my hair for bleaching and colouring!

What I meant by "prepare"?

Well, if you're gonna dye your hair, or worst bleach your hair, DO NOT wash your hair around 2 days before getting your hair done!

Why? Cos the oil on your scalp produced over that few days will protect your scalp, your hair when it's being coloured/bleached. Especially people who are gonna bleach, it's a MUST MUST MUST!!!
You may find it kinda disgusting for that few days but it's waaay better than having your hair super sting and itchy etc etc when the bleach goes on!

Famous singer Coco Lee don't wash her hair for like almost 2 weeks if she know that she's gonna get hard bleach okay~
So as compared, 2-3 days is nothing lah~

Seriously, I CANNOT imagine myself not washing my hair for more than 4 days lah! EEEeeeeeee~~~~~!!!!!

And yes I CANNOT stand the sight of horrible black roots!!!

And like mentioned before, I went down to Artica to get my hair done last week!

Last look at my disgusting black roots!

Here I am fully prepared and armoured to get my new base hair colour done!

Photo taken by Juno.

He was like playing with my camera as his wife wanna get my camera.

Seriously, he was like shaking my camera like mad when the took the photos and they all came out SHARP!

Haha.. the scene was funny sia~

Nun head! No Mr. UFO that day~ LOL

So I played my DS, kept myself entertained with my phone etc while Juno was busy with other customers. Seriously.. Christmas season is CRAAAAZY~!
But well, Juno served everyone well! He was like superman that day! LOL

Washed off the dye after my roots are the same shade and colour to the rest of my hair.

What's next?

Hair Treatment!!!

It's my very first time doing proper hair treatment.
Hahaha.. iT's super fun.


See! This!

LOL~ Ok.. It may look a bit scary from the photo as if my head was super duper HOT or something but no no no..
It's just warm. A very comfortable warm. Especially when Far East Plaza's aircon start to gets super cold, this is just heavens!!!

And tada!!! My new base hair colour!!!
I'll be going back around end January after my filming with NHK to get my second tone of hair colour!

This colour is Ash Green. Me likey likey!!!

I always know I can leave my hair in the great hands of Juno!!!

Thank you Juno, Thank you Artica!!!

Far East Plaza
Tel no.: 68362891

Remember to make an appointment before going down to avoid disappointments oh~!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Nicky 李玖哲 『不愛了』

你在逃避著 我在心疼著
是什麼在伤害著 让美好都遗忘了
你是背对的 我是沉默的

我只好假装 我已不爱了
我放开你了 我已不爱了
关上门以后 就算爱你又如何

你快不快乐 过得是否好呢
你在爱谁呢 谁在想你呢
是什麼在反覆著 让回忆都翻起了
你是遥远的 我是孤独的

我只好假装 我已不爱了
我放开你了 我已不爱了
关上门以后 就算爱你又如何

是什麼在伤害著 让美好都遗忘了
你是背对的 我是沉默的

我只好假装 我已不爱了
我放开你了 我已不爱了
关上门以后 就算爱你又如何

倪安東 - Sorry That I Loved You

作詞:倪安東/Skot Suyama
作曲:Skot Suyama

For all of the times that I tried for your smile
For making you think that I was worth the while
So your love love love love love would be mine

For sending you flowers and holding your hand
That no one was there to take a stand
But then love love love made us blind

And I`m so sorry that I hurt you
Sorry that I fell through
Sorry I was fallin in love with you
Im sorry that it came true but sorry doesn`t turn back time
For all that I have done to you
I wish that I could make it right
So sorry that I loved you
Sorry that I needed you
Sorry that I held you tight

And Im so sorry for...
Making you love me and saying goodbye
For being the one that taught you how to cry
It was love love love and it passed us by

For giving you every thing that you dreamed
For taking it back when I fled the scene
Sorry love, for wasting your time

And I`m so sorry that I hurt you
Sorry that I fell through
Sorry I was fallin in love with you
Im sorry that it came true but sorry doesn`t turn back time
For all that I have done to you
I wish that I could make it right
So sorry that I loved you
Sorry that I needed you
Sorry that I held you tight

An apology now after all of this time
Won`t make any difference tonight
But im hopin "im sorry" will open your mind
To love love love love in your life

Sorry that I hurt you
Sorry that I fell through
Sorry I was fallin in love with you
Im sorry that it came true but sorry doesn`t turn back time
For all that I have done to you
I wish that I could make it right (tonight)
So sorry that I hurt you
Sorry that I fell through
Sorry I was fallin in love with you (I was falling in love)
Im sorry that it came true but sorry doesn`t turn back time

I`m sorry that I loved you
I`m sorry that I hurt you
I`m so sorry that I loved you
I`m so sorry that I hurt you

I`m sorry that I loved you....

Friday, 24 December 2010



It has been quite an unpleasant week for me and I just hope that everything will be fine at least for this Christmas.

Hope that all of you can have a great enjoyable weekend with your friends and families!

And yes! I got a new hair colour a few days back at Artica and the colour is Ash Green.
Will be blogging on it soon!

Once again,
Merry Christmas, マリクリ!
*マリクリ (marikuri) is a slang for マリークリスマス (mari-kurisumasu) among youngsters in Japan*

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

New Sprees on Popu-Store!

Hi everyone!
I just can't stop myself from sharing stuff with everyone!
Popu-Store has opened 2 new sprees even though yes~ It's not 2011 yet!

Japanese Cosmetics #3

New DollyWink Items added!!!

Fashion Wigs #1

Prisila Inspired Wigs!
2-Tone wigs available, too!!!

Check them out now!

Saturday, 18 December 2010



Remember I said that I was gonna get my new haircut and hair colour soon the other time? Well.. as you can see, I have not got it done till now cos of work. On weekdays I'm just stuck at office and my office location is super far and inconvenient for me to go to Artica to get my hair done. On weekends, there's also something on so sadly, still I do not have the time to find Juno.

I've been shopping for wigs recently online and I actually wanted to get this 2-tone wig I posted on Facebook but sadly it was out of stock.

And a few days ago, I saw this Prisila wig!

Man~ I wish THAT is my very own hair lah!
I don't want wig!!!

What do you think about it?

I kinda set my mind to getting a 2-tone hair colour next and am super excited as I'll be getting my hair done real soon in a couple of days! Yippe!!!
I always wonder what would Juno do to my hair even when I'm always suggesting different ideas and stuff to him!

Can't wait can't wait!!! I have been having this current hair colour ever since July?! Freaking OMGoodness! That's almost half a year already lah!
I am one person that gets bored of my hair color real fast so I tend to get a new color every 3 months!

So ya~ That's one more thing on the list to why I hate working full-time! I don't have time to even get my hair done!!!
But like what other choice do I have right?

So back to what I was 'saying'...

The longest time I made myself stay away from dying my hair was like 6 months without even touching up my roots like 2-3 years ago as my bf was complaining that my hair was too damaged.
Seriously~ That was the toughest time I've been through go far for HAIR!!! I am just not able to bear see the ugly black roots growing out of my head!!!

How I wish that every human has this button or something that you can either switch hair growth on or off! Like that I don't have to constantly dye my hair and also for people who has short hair that is of high mantainence wouldn't have to get their hair trimmed every 1-2 months!

But then again, if that really does happen one day, the world will be freaking scary. I so do not wish to be living in that kind of world~!

So thankfully I have Juno to do my hair for me!!!

Oki. That's all for now!
I'm so excited as I'll be having breakfast with Gerry later!
Yippe!!! My bestie is finally back in Singapore!!!
Supper kakki!!!


Friday, 17 December 2010

Fair Skin with Bio-essence BB Cream!


Hello everyone! Remember my post on Bio-essence 8-in-1 Multi-Effect BB cream a few days ago?
Now here's one that is 10-in-1!!!

Nope I did not type wrongly! Really it's 10!!

Tada!!! This is the wonder baby from Bio-essence that not only gives your a natural nude makeup finish, it has tanaka extract to facilitate whitening of the skin!!!

10 Benefits:

1. To revitalize the skin with Platinum
2. To create a natural, nude makeup with luminous glow
3. Concealer
4. Makeup Base
5. Sun Block
6. Skin Repair
7. Oil Control
8. Hydration & Nourishment
9. With anti-oxidants to reduce wrinkles & lines
10. Whitens skin

What's Platinum?

Platinum is a very rare ingredient, and it boosts the skin’s ability to protect itself against free radicals.

Yeah! I know yes I was blessed with super fair skin by birth in the very first place BUT! Whitening products are important, too, to maintain and remain fair~! Heehee~

So what can be better than your makeup products to helps in whitening, too?!

And because there's SPF 25++/PA++, you won't have to worry about forgetting to apply sun screen anymore!
*Ahem~ I myself do forget sometimes... heehee*

See! No more this this that that products after that that this this every morning! Great for working people like me that has to wake up like 6am in the morning!!!

For students in poly, it's also super good right?!
I know everyone wanna see perfect whenever you go out, even to school, but you have like projects and assignments to rush so you may end up burning midnight oil till i-don't-know-what-time. This BB cream will solve ALOT of problems when it comes to getting ready for school every morning.

Imagine.. Rush for project but you still have a lecture or worst a test or exam paper the following morning at 8am!

Grab your sample set now!

Help to vote for me by grabbing your sample set, too, at the same time!
My ticket to Korea lies in your hands!

Thank you everyone! And hope that you'll like the BB creams as much as I do cos THEY ROCK!!!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010



A few weeks back there was this mini tea party held by Tokyo Bust Express!

Look of the day!

Upper Lash - DollyWink #2
Lower Lash - DollyWink #8
Lenses - EOS Jelly Brown

Outfit of the day!

Furry Leopard Hat - PopuStore
Plain White Top (Inner) - Cotton On
Nordic Outer - John Little
Demin Shorts - Cotton On

Matched with...
Black Leggings
Black Knitted Maru Leg Warmers
Sneaker Heels - New Look

And yes! I can't wait to try out the treatment! Like mentioned on my Twitter, I want boobs like Kipi!!!


Okay~ It actually all started with a photo of Kipi with overflowing boobs on my boyfriend's phone as his wallpaper lah~ It started as a joke but then again, I wanna have a full cup! Now my boobs are like not here not there... If you get what I mean...


So I got up early like 8am to get ready as the tea party starts at 11am.

Allow me to camwhore a bit before leaving the house... LOL

So I got there.. Even though I was late, I was the very first blogger to reach as everyone was delayed due to the super heavy rain that very morning.

Got to meet some other bloggers and was really glad to get to know Jae!

*Ya Jae~ A female blogger... Not Jae as in Jaeson.. LOL*

Now I have one more person to share Japanese fashion and makeup with!!! Wahaha~!

Hot Green Tea to warm us up in that rainy rainy weather

And yup! We got a short briefing where we got to learn the different types of bust! Seriously I didn't know that there is THAT many types of bust and bust problems etc etc!!!

After briefing...




After our 'breakfast' we soon started to decor our very own skretch book!

Some deco items for us to decorate our own skretch book!

TADA!!! Mine! Mine!!!

Camwhore with Fidelis after we're done with our skretch books

Meow~ I don't like taking photos with Fidel. Her face so small lah!!!
She also said that my arm are short... Like when camwhoring even though I fully scretched out my arms already but still the camera is so near.


Never mind.. I should get to know a certain blogger better. We'll understand each other's pain...
Sorry but will not say who the blogger is cos I feel that it's not nice to say that one's arm is short when I don't really know the person...

But I do admit feel that my arms are pretty short as compared to many other people. Sadded...

Never mind! It's ok! It's just time to save money and get a wide-angled lens that's all! LOL

With Karine and Fidelis!

Ok~ I didn't take photos with many others cos I was really tired and also as I was having quite a lot of problems that week I really didn't have much of the strength. Plus! JLPT was the following day!!!

Oki! That's about all...

I can't wait to try the treatment!!!
I know it is kinda like pai seh but still I promise I'll blog how I feel about the treatment!


Good night everyone!
I'll go dream about having boobs like Kipi~ *drools*

Monday, 13 December 2010

Brighten up with Ginvera



Ok~ I've been asked before like what products I use to remove black heads ar... for dark eye circles and eye bags ar... Well! This post will answer your questions once and for al!!

Green Tea Goodness from Ginvera!

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel 60g - RSP: $16.80
Ginvera Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away 15ml - RSP $18.90

So first up! It's the Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel!
I really really love this product as not only removes black heads from your WHOLE FACE, it also brightens your dull skin!

See! Total of 10 benefits in a single wash of this 1 goodness in just 3 simple steps!!!

Let's begin the MAGIC!

Squeeze out a small amount roughly a 20 cent coin size for your face.
*I squeeze lesser in the photo as I was demo-ing on my hand*

Next simply rub gently on your face. I personally like to rub in a circular motion.


I know that it feels a little disgusting when I first used it like EEeekk! What are all those green stuff?!

Don't worry~ It's normal and that's just your dead skin etc etc... All the dirty stuff lah in short.

Next simply wash it off with water or facial wash.
Personally I like to wash my face with cold water. It's better for the skin, REALLY!!!

So here's before and after!

After using, you can see that my skin looks more like translucent and *ahem* can see my veins even more clearly.
My hand is super duper smooth after usage so yes, after usage, your face will be smooth smooth, too!

It really helps soften the cornified layer and gently remove the dead skin barrier to instantly reveal a brighter, finer complexion.

And also, it helps regulates and helps control sebum secretion for a shine-free complexion whole day long.

NEXT!!! *Shoo shoo Dark Circles!*
Ginvera Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away

I just love it so much as it's really easy to apply, too!

Naked face photo alert!


See! Look at camera also can apply!

Ok. Yes! I was wearing Doraemon Pyjamas. So what?! I LOVE Doraemon!
So Don't judge me!


Share my eye love with Rilakkuma!

Rilakkuma: Are you crazy?! I'm a plushie!!!

SEE my pretty pretty skin after using both Ginvera's Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel & Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away!

Now YOU can have pretty pretty skin like mine!
Get your Ginvera Green Tea products from any Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, BHG, OG, NTUC FairPrice, Carrefour, Giant, C.K. Department Store, SASA and other leading cosmetic houses!

Not a single bit! So you see that my eyes are actually like one big one small one...

Grab your samples!


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