Thursday, 29 April 2010

Interview with

Hi everyone! I'm so excitied to share with you the interview I had with!

Read the full article here!

I spent quite an amount of time asnwering the questions to make sure I give my most accurate answer!

I'me really glad to be part of this Kawaii Japan Month on!
Thank you so much to the editor of MFP, Bianca!

Personally, I'm a regular reader of .
You should totally head over and take a look if you haven't!
You will then understand why do I follow them.

Although this April month is over, Japan month does not end here!
Wootz to Japan fashion and style!


Home home~

Hi everyone! It's been sometime since I last blogged at this timing.

Well, I did not go for lessons today as I'm having quite a major headache and my left eye hurts lots. I guess it's because of the Japan Lens I got from

I will be doing a review for their lens soon. For the time being, do read my review part 1 for them if you're considering of buying from that blogshop.

Here I'm gonna say sorry to the blogshop owner. Yes I did receive your email stating that the lens are authentic and even gave me evidence. But still, the discomfort that so many people are reviewing online shows some things.

I'm waiting for to return from her study break to get my Japan lens from her.

Ok. Enough of the lens.

I was just reading some popteen models' blog and I realised that one of the model had pink wii controller!

Photo credit to 鈴木奈々's blog


Well, if I were to own a wii set my own, I'm sure gonna get PINK controller!!! Even if it's just one controller. But then, if I do get one, I think my BF will be snatching the controller from me! (><)

Hmm... Last week when Eileen bought her Popteen magazine and we were reading at Coffee Bean, Dann saw 鈴木奈々's photo and say that I look like her.


It was really funny that after having that comment from Dann, that very night I have someone scolding me on my tagboard. 可笑しいな~ (笑)

Anyway. Here's a little updates for people who loves Japanese fashion or even wanna get a Yukata yourself for this Natsu Matsuri.

JapaneseFashionStreet, also known as JFS, a newly opened blogshop by JoXianna and I, will be opening pre-order sprees real soon!
Fashion wear's pre-ordering will be opened next week and Yukata Spree #2 will be opened in mid-may!

Jo and I haven been working nights after nights to make sure we get you the latest trends!

Ah~ Sorting and listing out the pretty clothes and yukata to be brought in is tempting myself to buy lots and lots of clothes and yukata, too!!!

Like this yukata!!!

It's like so super pretty and I've always likes black based Yukata!!!

Photo credit to 菅野結以's blog

See! Black based yukata are nice!

Ok. Back to the point.
Do give us your support! ありがとう~ \(^∇^)/

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Looking for sponsors!!!

Just started planning for my 21st birthday celebration in August.

Was thinking of celebrating 2 days
- 1 day for close friends and another day for bloggers!

I will need a venue, food, decor, cake,... what else?

I'm like super lost!

All the parties that I've ever held were all organised by either my mom or my friends!

Of course, if you were to sponsor me, I'll blog of your service!
Be it food, decor, etc etc!


Fly at MegaZip!


Have you ever heard of flying fox?

I'm one person that LOVES flying fox and just can't have enough of it! But I feel that all those I've tried is just too short.

Want something that last a longer time?

Go on down to MegaZip at Sentosa now!!!

Thanks to Conrad, I got to try it out with a group of my friends a few weeks ago!!!

Everyone was waiting for Gerry to arrived as I told her to meet at the wrong end of the MegaZip ticket counter.

We were at the counter right on top of the hill at Imbiah Station but Gerry was way below at the Silosa Beach!

So we waited for Gerry to arrive and got ourselves our tag!

It's PINK!!!

Here's all of us that's gonna fly down the hill top of Sentosa real soon!

Worry not for your belongings as MegaZip would help to bring your belongings down to the other end at Silosa Beach for you to collect right after your flight.

Our belongings! Heehee...

Xiang Min was too scared to join us in flying~

Do not worry if you think that you're not wearing proper footwear as Crocs will be provided if needed!

Everyone's so excited especially Gerry and Merlion cos it's their very first time flying on a flying fox!

The girls~ Where's Gerry?! LOL

Everyone getting ready

Gerry and I used the smallest sized gear. Meow~

We're short~~~

L sized people. LOL

Gerry: "This is how you gear up. Blah blah blah..."

After wearing our gear and listening to the safety instructions, it's time to set off to the highest point of Sentosa!

Ladies first.

As Gerry is weighted below 50KG, she was recommended to go together with someone so to have more fun as it will be faster and also to prevent getting stuck halfway.

I'm all alone!

Getting into ready positions and clicked! Off we went!!!

Guys' turn.

Dann, Merlion and Jae flew at the same time


See~ Dann was super relax and enjoying the flight down to Siloso Beach!

Ending point.

Jae could take such a sharp photo cos he got stuck towards the end like me.

The flight was super duper fun! I was wanna go for it again!!!

We walked back to the ticket counter at Siloso Beach to collect our belongings

Everyone enjoyed it LOTS and wished sooo much that we can go again! (><)

Like I said, it's SUPER DUPER UPER FUN!!!

Wanna give it a try yourself?

Here's the price list!

Oh man~ I soooooo wanna try out ClimbMax and ParaJump, too!!!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Tutorial: How to blend your hair extensions!

A quick video on how I blend my hair extensions.

This video embedded in this is post in uploaded on my vlogCRUSH account.
For captions please refer to the video on my YouTube account here

Sign up for your vlogCRUSH account here now and start vlogging instead of just blogging!
Don't forget to mention "tsuriki" as your referrer!

Sign up now and stand a chance to win a brand new Sony bloggie Mobile HD Snap Camera!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Review: Moisturised your skin with Neutrogena


Are you someone that had dry skin like me?

Have you ever tried many products but you just feel that your skin isn't hydrated enough still?

Well, fear not!

Neutrogena is here to save people like us with their new Hydro Boost range of skincare products!

DO YOU KNOW that dehydration is actually one of the main causes of premature aging?!

It's really scary imaging you being say 21 years old like me and having a face with super horrible skin that looks like a 31 years old?!

I believe no one wants that~ Everyone wanna have good, young, soft and well hydrated skin isn't it?!

So with Neutrogena's new Hydro Boost range, you are just 5 simple steps daily aways from QQ hydrated, soft skin!

Step 1: Cleasing with Hydro Boost Mousse Cleanser!

This foaming cleanser gently cleanses, smoothes and softens your skin while adding moisture to your skin, preventing your skin from drying!

Just pump around 2-3 pumps

As you can see, the foam is very fine!

*Ahem* Learnt from 女人我最大 the more fine the foam is, the better it can cleanse your skin!

And just massage over your face before rinsing!


After washing, my face not not feel tight but really relax and soft!

Step 2: Toning with Hydro Boost Clear Lotion!

This toner rebuilds your skin's natural water shield as it tones & hydrates with a really refreshing feeling!

Just pour out some onto a piece of cotton pad

And smooth over your face with gentle upwards strokes!


Step 3: Moisturised your skin with Hydro Boost Essense!

This moisturising essense is an intensive treatnent that restores 3 TIMES your skin's moisture level within ONE HOUR!!! Can you imagine that?!

It also keeps your skin fully hydrated with a healthy glow all day long!!!

Don't be silly thinking that you don't need to moisturise your skin cause you have oily skin! Oily skin does not equals to moisturised skin! You should actually make sure that your skin is well hydrated even more.

*I remember learning this in Secondary School*

I use 3 pumps each time

And massage evenly over face & neck every morning and night after clear lotion!

NOTE! Don't leave out your neck!!! You do not want pretty pretty young skinned face with old grandmother neck!

Step 4: Double up moisture with Hydro Boost Water Gel!

Simply by listening to the name of this product you can imagine how much water is gonna be feed to your precious skin!

This water gel restored your skin's moisture level by more than 200%, providing not only immediate replenishment but also hydration that last up to 12 hours! That's half a day gone!!!

It also helps your achieve soft, supple skin with a healthy glow, too!

You should totally LOOK and FEEL it for yourself!

Use about a 20cent coin amount and massage it evenly onto your face & neck every morning and night!

You can actually choose to apply this after clear lotion or essence. But to save my poor dry skin, I apply it after essence for double moisture!


Lastly, pamper your skin with Hydro Boost Mask!

Ok. This isn't the last step alright. For me when I apply on my mask, I apply it afer cleansing. Some people choose to apply after toner.

Anyway... This mask is clinically proven to boost your skin moisture level 14 times and prevent moisture loss!

Just put on the mask and relax for 15 mins!

Really love this mask as it really stays on so well that I could actually do my normal stuff like using the PC, blogging, watching dorama and etc! It must be its new SMART-FIT fabric that actually holds 25% more hydrating essence!

How cool

Yes yes yes I know that you will say that I'm blogging all these cos they sponsored.

Note above. I stated "sponsored" and "review" but NOT "advertorial". All comments given in this post is really how I feel and I really like it! I am so gonna stick to this set of skincare product as it really works and is also affordable!

Advice price list:

Hydro Boost Mousse Cleanser - $15.80
Hydro Boost Clear Lotion - $13.50
Hydro Boost Essence - $16.90
Hydro Boost Water Gel - $20.90
Hydro Boost Mask - $31.50

Still don't believe me?

Then you should go get some your own and experience it yourself!

LOOK! They's selling so good and quick especially the water gel which was even out of stock and hydro boost mask with the very last box when I went down to Watson's for shopping last week!

Hurry! Before it's all gone!

NOTE: I did not photoshop any of the photos in this post. Photos were taken on different days so you can see from the different nails I was wearing each time.


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