Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Artica's New Promotion


It's a great time for a new look now!


Not only has school reopened, Artica is having promotion offering these super great deals!

Wanting BongQiuQiu, JiaQi or even my hairstyle is no dream!
Check out how Artica has been making my days super good with great hair from 2 years ago!
Yes! No joke! Back in 2009!

Personally, I find the package A really affordable!

And yes, the photo of Qiuting in this promotion poster is super chio!

For appointment or inquiries, do feel free to ring them up at 68362891
or email them

Great hair is not just a dream, it can be reality!

Monday, 25 April 2011

☆ ローズブリット + 姉の誕生日 ☆


Yea I'm back and blogging! *Wootz*

Missing me, anyone?

Seriously, you have no idea how I was dying to blog!
I just need to blog my thoughts, my feelings, my days out!!!

From the past week I can now say that I realised that blogging has really became part of my life and I'm so gonna blog on and blog and on!!!


I went to RoseBullet's Tea Party with Yui and her friend that afternoon at Wisma.

And yea! The huge photo of Fuji Lena on the wall!

They had the new arrivals for the season at the store, too!

I actually wanted to get a set of this special limited Lace Jumper set however, sadly the short pants are too big for me.
Sad~ I'm only a size 0 for bottoms but their smaller size was a 2. (泣)

Enjoying for food and drinks

And yea a photo at the store before making our move.

*Photo aboves are taken from RoseBullet Singapore's Facebook Fanpage*

After the tea party, I met my dad and stepmom before birthday dinner for my sister!

Isn't he just adorable?

Dinning place for the night

My stepmom and dad

Raymond and my sis

Finally I have a decent photo with my dad for the past don't-know-how-many years

Clams for starter

My dad's rockets salad with shedded cheese

Lobster soup

Grilled Squid

My some crabby pasta

Pizza in a shape of a curry puff

Ribeye pasta


After dinner we head over for ice-cream as requested by the birthday girl

I know the ice cream don't look nice cos my sister did not take photos of them before they started eating when I went to the toilet.

That's all for now!
It's great to be back!
See you soon!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Gonna Be Right Back!

Hi everyone!!!
Sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time as I got my laptop 'repaired'.
I'm now gonna be collecting my laptop soon today and will be back blogging!!!
Does anyone miss me? Heehee~
Oki! See you soon!
Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Random pieces of my life ♪

Hi everyone!
Here's a post of random stuff in my life.

Here's Wendy

Hm... something's up her mind...

Attack Kim Kai!!!

So yes! Here's Kim Kai

Ever since MMK Mobile event at Shokutsu10, everytime I meet Kim Kai, I'll just recall of him coming to the cafe for dinner to give me his support!
And yes!!! Thank you Kim Kai for helping Japan by buying the limited edition MMK mug, too!

Here' Erica, acting emo as everyone else was playing with their phone.
Of course, that did not include me cos I was playing with my camera! =p

So, that was 2 Saturdays ago and we were at Shokutsu10 for dinner after our dance practice that day!

Sashimi Salad that I shared with Erica

OMG the salmon super fresh lah!!!

My ramen!!! I can't remember exactly the name of this ramen alright~
Tomomi ate it for dinner one of the days during the MMK mobile event then and she said that it is REALLY GOOD!
So I HAD to try it and YES! It's GOOD!!!

Shokutsu10 is like officially one of favourite place to go for Japanese food!
And of course, it IS the number one place I would wanna go for Pasta!!!
Weird right? But seriously, the pasta at Shokutsu10 is the BEST I've eaten so far in Singapore!

You HAVE to give it a try!!!]

Got myself a pound puppy plushie the following day to cheer myself up as I was feeling really low that day.
And thank you everyone for cheering me up on my FB page, too! *LOVES*

Dann playing with my puppy and hentai jiji OZ in the background. =X

Uncle XM's front view

His backview SOOOOOO cute right?!

My new puppy at the table

Yup, we had a table for '6' that day at Swensen's!

And forever~ The guys are ALWAYS playing Yu-gi-oh whenever we're out.

Boy do I hate Sundays nowadays.
When oh when is Gerry gonna be back!
I need my bestie Gerry!!!!



I'm not a person that fancy food make from potato to begin with especially fries but I LOVE fries from Swensen's!!!

Oh well.. Maybe it has got to do with me working at Swensen's before.

My Cookie Summit!!!

Ok~ Here's some stuff I bought from Watsons last week.
LOVE the Hada Labo Hydrating Mist!
Now I don't have to worry about being in the sun for a long time anymore!
Now I'm super tempted to get the lip gel.
Hmm.. I guess I'll buy it after I finish my current lip balm.

Jelly beans anyones?
Yum yum~

Ok~ I know there isn't a single photo of myself in this post so here's 2 photos taken the day I met with my dance buddy Jess!

Love my new cap!

Oki! That's all for this post!
Will be back blogging more asap!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!
XOXO Tsuriki.


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