Tuesday, 2 December 2008

nail art design #2
cap no. 7 review

i just checked the samsung express yourself website to check for the results for the "express youself" contest.

muddy bell!!!
i freaking upset now!!!

here's the results:

muddy bell lar!!!
i'm a notable one only lar!
and to make me feel worst,


forget it...
i seriously want a camera~~~
but then again.

the best thing now to have is a KC550 cause this shine i'm using now is like siao already lor...
so ya.
i need a phone.
and i want a camera.
so KC550 is a very good choice cause it's phone like duh~
and i need a phone.
that's point one.
point two.
i want a camera and that phone has a 5 mega pixel camera.
so get me that this christmas!!!

i did my nails a few days ago and here's how my nails look like now.

i didnt take shots to make it like a tutorial this time as i'm freaking tired and busy with other things too...

what did i use:

the same bottle of nail polish for base.
i put 2 coats of it this time to make it more obvious.
i chose a color that's close to natural skin color yet a little to the pink side.
got the bottle above at SASA.
no colour code stated.

then like you do french nails,
use this glitter pink instead.
this design this time i put like around 3 coats for a bright glittery pink!

next, like i always say...
when you put blings do one finger at a time
as in put a coat of shiny transparent coat then quickly stick your blings on them.
so this time i used mini orange blings that's in the top right kind in the photo above.
after putting your transparent coat of nail polish,
use a wooden stick to stick them carefully into a line on the line that seperates the natural base colour and glitter pink french.

do that for all other fingers on both hands and tada!!!

you get this!
who says you cant do anything with short nails?!

i did say before that you can get cheap blings at AMK hub.
however, i went back last week and found that they dont bring in much anymore...
so sad...
need to hunt for new resources liao...
anyone knows where can i get cheap bings for nail art?
please comment or send me an email please.
thank you!

last night dann and i went to watch cape no.7.
if you're like me...
what cape no. 7?
cause i only knew the chinese title 海角七號 and not the english one..
i got to know the movie a few weeks ago when i heard the song that Van Fan, 海角七號.
that's the song that i was looking for the other time if you haven been reading my blog you should know.
nice nice song~~~
and so is the movie too!

the movie is sweet, funny and touching.
it really was one of the worst movie experience i ever had.
let me ask you...
have you ever been to a cinema and it's freaking warm in there because there totally wasnt any air-con?!

that answers the question huh.
but towards like 3/4 of the movie, then only i feel a little cool in that cinema.
like what the... sia...

but really,
it's a nice movie.
worth watching.
however, if you dont understand taiwanese as in tai yu,
or minimum hokkiean,
then i seriously suggest that you do not watch the movie as 80% of the movie is in taiwanese.
10% is in chinese or rather mandarian
and the other 10% in japanese.

the letters of the japanese guy to the old tomoko in the movie are beautiful.
and so frweaking beautiful that it get too anka feel...

now we know why tradtional japanese songs are so freaking hard to understand...
right? lue song?

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