Wednesday, 26 November 2008

the fortunate twins

hello everyone!
until much till now.
just that i really feel like washing my face.
dont feel awake yet.

i was just looking through some photos on the old desktop that i used to blog last night and also in my sister's laptop for the samsung photo contest.
i wanna win a camera!!!
a stage arts girl won the photo contest last for for the theme "happy".
and this week it's drama.

i just sent in this photo as my entry.

of course the one i sent in doesnt has the border and caption that i've photoshopped in.
and yes.
the photo is originally like that.
i did not photoshop my face into the mirror!

it's a photo i took when i was camwhoring in the hotel's toilet with the magnifing mirror during my trip to hong kong in october.

so if you ever get to stay in Conrad Hong Kong Hotel,
i suppose you will also get to play with it...
i suppose every hotel room has one...

just a little research did.
room prices are from SGD539 per night for a standard room.
the room i stayed in was a "Superior Cityview" room (if i'm not wrong)
which costs SGD595 per night.
if you're thinking "why so much?!"
it is a 5-star hotel.
but seriously,
i dont think it's really that a good hotel.
and just simple access to the hotel is quite troublesome as if you wanna go from the main lobby,
unless you're diving or driven there,
you will have to either walk up a hill or walk down a hill as it's like in between the hill... (-_-'")
and if you're like me who takes the train,
you will have to get out from admiralty mtr station,
then either get out and walk through pacific place
or the either way that my stepmom prefer,
walk through the long under pass that a shorter distance in pacific place.

up to you lor~
my sis, dad and i of course prefer the way that we always take though we have to keep going up and up escalators after ecalators when going to the hotel and otherwise when going out.
but i think it's quite ok as you get to really window shop around the branded shops in pacific place.
like almost every branded brand has their shop there!
LV, Prada, Gucci, etc etc etc.
you name it,
i think like 80% sure you can find it there lor~
and they also have a cinema there but i didnt get the chance to catch a movie there.
will upload photos of the cinema ticket box office again in the hong kong trip album.

the album is updated with some of my cam-whore photos.
so if you wanna see, you may go take a look at it.
forgot the link?

just go the photo album under my links and click hong kong trip.
it will bring you to the picasa album.

lastly to end my post,
i was com-whoring while my sister was showering on the first night and here's the best photo (to me at least) that i've taken with the mirror outside the bathroom.

have a good day ahead everyone!

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