Wednesday, 29 June 2011

N.E.mation! - An annual animation competition for students now open for registration!

Attention everbody!!!

Remember I did blog about the N.E.mation! competition this year and even went behind-the-scenes to see how the really creative and hardworking students working on their videos for the competition?

OMG! You don't remember?
Then you should read my post here !!!

So! Why am I blogging about N.E.mation! again, now?

Well, good news for all students in Secondy School who missed registeration last year!
Registration for N.E.mation! 6 is now open!

You never know if your short story is actually gonna take you all the way to DreamWorks Animation, USA!

So wait no more!
All you need is a team of at least 3 members to register!

Check out the poster below to for a better idea!

(Click to enlarge)

Need more details?

Click on to N.E.mation!'s website @

N.E.mation! 6 is here! This year, students are asked to use their creativity to produce storylines centred on the theme of “NS: From Father to Son”.
Just form a team of at least 3 members and sign-up now at
Registration closes 14 August 2011. No prior animation knowledge or skill required."

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

♥ 父の日 ♥

Hello everyone!

Ok~ I have so so so much to blog on but I've decided to blog about Father's day celebration this year first!

My sister and raymond were like super secretive that day when we asked them where were they bring us to for lunch.

After a long long drive, we ended up at Poison Ivy which is far away at Choa Chu Kang area.

TADA! Finally here!!!

A really nice place to have lunch just beside the farm with all the green around us!

A photo my dad took while waiting for our food to be served!

I waited quite a long time to be able to snap this photo okay~ The bird just refused to stand in this position!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Ginvera Bloggers Party @ Novus
♥ いろいろ ♥

Hello hello!!!
Hello everybody!!!

Last Saturday I was invited by TheSampleStore to the Ginvera Bloggers Party at Novus! It's a really nice restaurant. cafe. bar, at the National Museum!

And yes! We were greeted by really cute packaged door gifts from Ginvera!

Ok. I'm gonna give away these cute products that Ginvera gave us to ONE reader at the end of the post. So keep reading to know how can you win this goodie of Ginvera Green Tea series!

But I must state that I'm gonna keep the green tea bags and my CD-Rom of info of Ginvera. So what you're gonna get is the new Ginvera BB cream, Aqua Whitening Cream and my number one favourite product of the Ginvera Green Tea range, the Marvel Gel!

HUGE banner to welcome us!!!

I think you can guess that we're gonna do some sort of experiment, right?

LOVE the PLACE!!! Super pretty lah!

HI HO!!!

See! The table Michiyo and I were on was so empty!
That proofs that we were not LATE! Lol~


I realised that there are quite a number of 'stalker photos' taken by Himeko, Michiyo, Domo on their blogs almost everytime so meet.
Erm.... They're dangerous!!!

Camwhore before the event begins!

Ringo and Himeko!


And guess what? Their (Himeko & Domo) fate lied on our hands!

Muahaha~ Come! Bribe us bribe us!

And of course, an event at Novus?

It's a MUST for FOOOOOOOD!!!!!

And soon when everyone arrived, the event proper began!

Presentation from the Ginvera team

YES! My number 1 favourite product of Ginvera!!!
And remember, read on to win your Ginvera goodies!!!

Everyone listening attentively

Ginvera's new baby, Green Tea BB Cream!

"Be. Our. Guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test!"
~Be our guest from Beauty and the Beast

TADA!!! *blinku blinku*


So we're gonna do a little experiment for the moisture level of our skin before and after using the new products compared with other two unknown products.


Blogger at work

Michiyo and I with our score cards!
Ginvera Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream is really moisturing!

Now for BB Cream!


I gave it a 3rd try but still, the result was not good.

Sorry Brand Y, but you suck!

More Food!!!

The best of the day!!! Smoked salmon sandwiches!!!


And Himeko came over during our break to camwhore and *ahem* steal *ahem* food *ahem*.

And after the break, it was the presentation by 10 bloggers for their challenge!

Blah blah blah blah blah~~~

More food after the presentation while the votes were being counted.

There was also chocolate truffle served but I didn't manage to snap a photo of them. Too popular kena snatched away liao~ Lol


And here are the top 3 bloggers who got the most votes at the event!

And not to forget, camwhore before leaving Novus!

And yeah! I love my WC Kuma BAG!!!!

So after the event, we headed down to Orchard cos Michiyo and Himeko wanted to SNATCH their PopSister magazines. Lol

Camwhore session at ION after a little shopping done!

And here's Michiyo and Himeko with their PopSister magazines! *Proud*

Well, I didn't get PopSister but instead, I bought ViVi.

I forgot what happened but I was TRYING to kiss Domo.
Aparently, she's too tall!!!

*Ahem* She's in heels and I wasn't.

Guess why are we the same height now?

Heehee... I tipped toe! Lol~

Time past and soon it was dinner time!

Enjoying my green tea while waiting for Udon to be served!

We had Udon at Hu Hu Udon @ Ion.

Seriously I feel that both Go Go Curry and Hu Hu Udon at 313 @ Somerset is much better than the outlet at Ion.
So ya, next time I'll only go 313 for those.

Both Domo and Ringo had Mentaiko Udon.

My Beef Sukiyaki Udon

After dinner, we headed over to *Scape as Domo was crazy and craving for Bishi Bashi, again!

And yeah! We cleared the whole tower!!! Wahahahaha~

At night, we headed over to Lunar to support Domo for the singing competition.

Both Ringo and I had Lychee Martini

Himeko's Cosmopolitan

And poor Domo could only drink mocktail. =(

Domo on stage.

Oki! Now's the time to giveaway the goodies I got from the Ginvera event!

Now all you have to do is to leave a comment with you Name, Email address and the answer to this simple question to win the goodies!

And the question is:
"Which product moisturised better?
Ginvera Aqua Whitening Cream or Brand X Moisturiser?
Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream or Brand Y BB Cream?"

Sorry but this giveaway is applicable to Singapore addresses only.

Giveaway deadline: 26 June 2011, 2359.
All entries submitted after from 27 June 2011 onwards will not be qualified.

And please, leaving ONE comment is enough.
I will only approve all comments after the giveaway is closed.

So that's all for now!
Good luck everyone and have a great weekend ahead!


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