Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leaders InSolution Mask

Event & Sponsored Review

Hi everyone!

After a long time, I finally attended another bloggers' event and this time it was held at Raindrops Cafe!

It's a really nice lovely cossy place that I've always wanted to go at *Scape and finally I was there!!!

So we were all gathered at the Raindrops Cafes for Leaders InSolution Mask Bloggers Launch Event.
It's a new brand of facial masks from Korea that will be launched and sold at Watsons in March!

The full range of mask of Leaders InSolution

Table settings all ready for lunch!

And the menu for the afternoon.

Can't wait to nom nom. O(≧∇≦)O

We had a short presentation on Leaders InSolution by of host of the day - Michiyo

And here we have our model of the day - Yijing!

Next! We had a little "experiment"

Here's facial mask brand X

And this is a facial mask of Leaders InSolution

Brand X of the left and Leaders InSolution mask on the right

Both brand X's mask and Leaders InSolution's mask were cut into half and applied on Yijing's face.

Leaders InSolution on the left and Brand X on the right.

As you can see, the mask of Leaders InSolution is much thinner as compared to Brand X.

This is good for people especially with oily / combination skin.

The masks were left on for about 20 mins while we all enjoyed our starters for lunch.

Okay~ Food items will all be below, together. Heehee~

After 20 mins, we had both masks removed.

*What's that face yo, Yijing?*

Ok. I'm sorry. I can't help it but to add those キラキラ sparkles on this photo as Yijing just had that お嬢様 expression.

I'm not sure if you can see this properly but in person,
the difference between both sides was SUPER OBVIOUS!!!
There was like a very defined line in between Yijing face after the masks were removed!

On the left with Leaders InSolution's mask on was much brighter whereas on the right with the Brand X mask on was red and much dull as compared.

Oki! Now for FOOOOOOD!!!

And also, we had chocolates from Yijing as it was Valentine's week! ♥

As here are our awesome goodies from Leaders InSolution

What I really NEED most!

Heard that it will like melt after application.
I have yet to try this so ya, I'll probably do a separate review for this!

Full range of mask!

And the very first mask I'm gonna try is..

Mela-Tox Skin Clinic Mask

For Radiant & youthful skin and to enhance skin whitening effect.
Suitable for all skin types.

The size of the mask fits really well. Not too big, not too small.

It doesn't have much fragrance which is a really good thing especially for people like me who has sensitive skin.

After 15-20 mins, I feel that the elasticity of my skin was improved and also more radiant.
Feeling AWESOME!

Price range: $3.00 - $3.50

Promotion: But any 3 Get 1 FREE!
(Promotion valid from 1 - 28 March 2012. While stocks last. T&C applies)

For more information, you may visit
Facebook: Leaders InSolution Singapore
For overseas enquiry, you may email to

Leaders InSolution will be available in selected Watsons tomorrow, 1 March 2012!
So do remember to check them out!


Hi everyone~

Well, this isn't really a post of sharing anything but just a a short little post I would like to spend writing some feelings of mine which is actually why I started this blog, to note down my feelings and thoughts.

I've never been a person that is good at talking. In fact, I don't talk much if you really get to know me.

I'm not a person whom is good at words or just simply putting my thoughts across via talking. Which is why I used to write songs and just simply blogging them away. They're just ways for me of expressing, of saying what I feel inside to feel better.

Like what people always say, if you have anything bothering you, don't keep it in. Say it out and you will feel better.

To be honest, I have not been exactly happy nor sad for the past few days.

I actually feel kinda lost.

I know what I want. But I do not know how to react to certain things.

My friends may think that I'm one person who do not think carefully before doing something, making decisions and stuff. But actually, I do.

I've always been a person who thinks alot, like waaay alot, before I do something. But I guess these does not appear to some people.

People may think that I'm a very positive person and stuff but in fact, I've always been a very emo person who is shy and feels awkward when I'm in the light.

There are times where I enjoy being in the light and want to be in the light.
I love singing, I love dancing. I love being in the light, performing on stage for everyone.

But other than that, I'm still the old me who would actually hide my face behind my long fringe so that no one could see my eyes.

If one couldn't see my eyes, one wouldn't know how I feel.

Be it whether am I happy, sad, afraid or even lost.

It may be really hard to believe but I am just writing the truth.

Some people may think that I just want people to tell me that "it's ok, things will get better" or like "don't worry, I will always be with you" this kind of stuff.

But really, what I really need is a sincere hug.

You don't have to say anything. Just a simple hug will do.

Ok. I guess this post isn't really that short after all.

Signing off,
Tsuriki. (or rather, Trixy.)

By the way, many people have been asking me if Tsuriki is my real name or like how did I get this name and stuff like that.
Well, Trixy is my real name. And Tsuriki is just the simplest way of pronouncing Trixy in Japanese.
That's all.

Good night everyone!

Friday, 24 February 2012

2012 Lunar New Year

Hi everyone!!!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not being actively updating my blog for the past one month.
*OMG! It have been one full month!*

So ya. *Bows* I'm really very sorry.

Ok. Now I'm gonna talk a little on how I spent my Lunar New Year this year.
Ya... To imagine that it has been sooo long after the 15th day and I have YET to blog about it!!!

Here's my outfit for CNY Day 1!

Matched with my bag from PerryAmber

They have a range of really pretty dresses and bags!
I have a maxi dress from them, too!

Ok. Talk about that another time..

Didn't really go anywhere that day just like every other year.

CNY Day 2 - Impromptu visit to my auntie's house!

I have not been to my auntie's place for quite a few years as they're are always busy or our timing just don't match.

Cousins! To think about it, we don't actually have a photo of all us cousins together! (mom side)
Or maybe we do have a photo like this BUT it was years back when we all were still YOUNG! Like.. KIDS!!!

And cos since everyone of the family (mom-side) was there, we MUST take a full group shot!!!

The process of getting this photo taken was super hilarious!
And we actually took 45 mins to take just one normal looking shot!

Oh it was a looooong story~

Lesson, DSLR isn't that good of a product at times afterall... LOL!

CNY Day 4 - Meetups!

Met up with Yijing and Clara (Dblchin) first before dinner for a little shopping at Kinokuniya.

Sadded~ I forgot to take photo with Clara before she went home for dinner with her husband.

Yo Clara! We shall go Shunji Matsuo get our hair done together some day okay? LOL!
It will be so so fun!!!

So Yijing and I decided on behalf of the rest to have dinner at Tampopo! Heehee~

Yea to Pink Hair!!!

*Side Track*

Popu-Store's Wig Spree is open again! And this time they have this Pink/Brown I'm wearing available in their spree!
It's exclusive to Popu-Store ONLY! So order now!!!

Mention "Pink Tsuriki" for 10% off this Pink/Brown wig!
*Applicable to Wig Spree #9 only!

Ok. Back to dinner.

Coke float that both Himeko and Michiyo ordered



I had Green Tea float instead!


Ramen time!





After dinner, we settle down at TCC for drinks and cake while we chit chatty away!

Oh boy am I sad cos they took out my favourite Rose Coffee out of their menu!

Both Himeko and I order Strawberry Shortcake!




Mine. Forgot what I ordered instead already. LOL

CNY Day 5 - 8 Day - Battle with High Fever

Ok. No (proper) photos taken on these days as I was mainly lying in bed and sleeping most of the time.

Basically my routine is just to sleep, wake up eat medicine, sleep, wake up eat something (a little) and the routine repeats again.
After the 2/3 days, I can taste basically nothing except medicine!
It was so bad that I actually puked!

Oh gosh~

CNY Day 15 - Steamboat!!!

So it was the last day of the Lunar New Year and it was a nua day at Himeko's house!!!

Went grocery shopping for steamboat that night with Himeko, Michiyo and Tiffany before going to Himeko's house.

As usual, upon reaching Himeko's house, Himeko's room, I'll just lie on the floor and relax. LOL!

We watched The Change Up together after Elfaine arrived till it was time for dinner.

Besides steamboat, there is another highlight that actually costed half the total of our grocery shopping that afternoon!

Everyone's taking photo of it

iPhone not enough...

Must take proper photo using camera, too!

And what is it?


TADA!!! Starbucks ice-cream!!!

How I wish I was able to capture the sparkle in Himeko's eyes when she first saw this ice-cream at the supermarket.

There's literally diamond sparkle in her eyes!!!

*Just imagine~*

Soon after ice-cream while watching the movie, we started preparing for dinner!

Notice someone missing?

Yes! She's Himeko!

She was in her room putting on makeup! LOL!!!

All ready to eat!

Dinner dinner dinner!!!

And why so Chinese? Well, we place newspaper on the table below all the food!
LOL if you get what I mean...

Oki. After dinner I continued to nua at Himeko's place and watched Happy Family together.

So this marks the end of my CNY this year.

Hope everyone had a awesome CNY, too!
(and of course got alot of red packets! *heehee*)

XOXO Tsuriki


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