Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Whiter and more Youthful with Lactacyd


Hi Ladies!

Okay~ Here's another post for the females reading here!

Previously I shared about the feminine wash from Lactacyd (click here to read)
and here I am to share with you some new products from Lactacyd.

Here's my lovely package with the new babies of Lactacyd!

It came with a bottle of oatmeal and 2 bottles of the new range of feminine wash!

I seriously did not know that oatmeal can be such a good scrub!

And now for the main stars of this post!

First! The new Youth Reviving feminine wash from Lactacyd!

This bottle of feminine wash contains Vitamin E and Collagen which helps to enhance the skin elasticity, keeping your intimate area soft and supple.

With the Youth Reviving feminine wash, your intimate area can be moisturised and deodorised at the same time! Leaving your intimate area not only smoother, moisturised and also refreshed!

Get your own Youth Reviving sample by scanning the QR code in the image above!

Your secret password:

Next! The White Intimate feminie wash from Lactacyd!


That wearing tight clothings especially near your intimate area can actually darken our skin? Which I would say is pretty common since most girls wear normal panties... ya?

This bottle of feminine wash is actually scientifically proven to lighten your intimate area within 4 weeks!

With this, not only will your intimate area be fresher, but also fairer!

Get your sample for White Intimate by scanning the QR code in the image above!

Don't forget your secret password:

Both of these feminie wash are available at all leading pharmacies at only $13.90SGD!

Don't forget to redeem your samples! (^^)

Stay pretty!

Friday, 24 August 2012

New hair colour for the Autumn!

Hi everyone!

Once again here is a short post from me as I'm getting my new hair colour done at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio!

Getting a little change with the season even though, yes I know, it's Summer all year round here in Singapore.

There's new feather extensions that just came in to Shunji Matsuo Hai Studio and Shunji-san is gonna let me have some later on!

Mad pretty~!

Will blog proper soon!

Tomorrow's Singapore's 夏祭り(Japanese Summer Festival) and I just can't wait! Unfortunately I won't be performing this year but still I am gonna be there!
So if you're going and do see me there, please don't feel shy! Come say hi to me! Heehee~

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, 23 August 2012

DIY Gel Workshop

Hi everyone!

Previously I shared with you the upcoming workshop for 3D nail art at JNail Studio, now here I'm gonna share with you how fun and cosy the learning environment at JNail Studio is!

That's Jess conducting lesson!

And here we have Yoko-san giving demostration!

Yoko-san is very careful of every detail

Yoko-san giving some theory

Time for hands-on!

And here we have Jess monitoring and correcting

Some end product of the participants of the workshop!

You can be part of the class, too!

Check out more workshops and classes' information at:

Kissable Lips with Lip Gel!

Sponsored Review

Hi everyone!

Today I wanna share with you the new Lip Gel from Mentholatum!

Instead of the usual Lip Balm, why not try Mentholatum's new Lip Gel?

They come in 3 different types:

- Vitamin Lip Gel for Youth-ful Looking Lips
- Hyaluronic Acid Lip Gel for Long-Lasting Soft and Supple Moisturised Lips
- Q10 Lip Gel for Improved Elasticity and Reduced Appearanced of Lines Lips

And which is my favourite?

It must be the Q10 Lip Gel!

Frankly speaking, one reason why I don't like applying on lipstick is because of the fine lines of my lips.

But after using the Q10 Lip Gel of Mentholatum, the lines on my lips are reduced!

And of course, well moisturised at the same time!

The Lip Gels are slightly more of a liquid texture without much of a scent.

You can feel the difference even after the first application!

Get your very own Lip Gel now!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

3D Nail Art Workshop

Hi everyone!

Have you always wanted to learn how to do 3D nail art?

Why not try the 3D Nail Art Workshop at JNail Studio?

You'll be learning not only from very experienced Jess from Singapore, but also with Noko-san from Japan!

And this is actually the end product of a student of JNail Studio after her workshop!

So awesome, so kawaii right?!

If you still have other enquiries or would like to go down to have a feel of the learning environment with no obligations,
please contact Jess Puan at 9690 8083 or email

Monday, 20 August 2012

Hong Kong 2012 - Day 3


Hi everyone!

Now to my Hong Kong Trip Day 3!

Outfit of the day

Both my top and sandals were bought from shop random shop in Mongkok area on the first day of my trip.

And my first buy of the day was my (not so) Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty from McDonalds!

Second buy, Rohto Moist Eyedrop.

Seriously... Why doesn't Singapore carry more range of Rohto's eyedrops?!

Next, after much much bugging, bf finally brought me the shopping centre I wanna go to, Miramar Shopping Centre!

And tada! My first visit to a Liz Lisa shop!!!

I wanted to get a Liz Lisa wallet but sadly they only had like ONE design which seriously was not to my liking.

Lowrys Farm!!!

Bought a Leopard Skinny Jeans there and it's like super comfortable!

Will blog a photo of it in future Hong Kong trip posts.

And after I'm done at Miramar Shopping Centre, we headed over to another shopping centre just 10 minutes walk away for...

YEAH!!! Peach John!!!

Okay~ I was like super excitied cos I always love their designs of lingrie BUT never dare to buy online because of the sizing problem.

But now I know my size for their range of lingrie, I can order online!!!

Okay~ I'm not gonna show you what I bought exactly at Peach John

So this is all I'm gonna show you. LOL

And of course! My Hello Kitty in Peach John Lingrie gachapon!!!

So cute right?!

After I'm done with Japanese brand shopping, we head off for lunch!

Daniel and Itsuki joined us, too, and we headed to this restaurant that Itsuki's work manager STRONGLY recommended him to try.

Tang Chao

Some really atas place but frankly speaking, not worth the price.

So ya, do NOT go there!

Wanton Mee

Itsuki and his Wanton Mee

*Ok. Photo wrong focus. Didn't realise till I was editing my photos*


So it was time for Dim Sum!!!

SEE!!! This is why ONE girl shouldn't eat with a group of guys.

LOL~ Just kidding. We all had our own share.

And then dessert!!

After lunch, we headed back to Miramar Shopping Centre where Itsuki did his street brands' shopping like Carhartt.

And next! Daniel and I accompanied Itsuki all the way to AKB48 Official Shop and guess what?

We could only see the outlook of the shop cos they were having some private event for one of the AKB48 member's birthday for that 3 days.


So we had no choice but to go back 2 days later, right before Itsuki's and Daniel's flight back to Singapore.

Oki. That's all for that day. Nothing much.. I know...

Practically this post's aim is to make you hungry!
Ngak ngak ngak~

See you soon!



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