Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Tired after a fashion parade.

not going to use the lappy tonight as i'm freaking tired.
cut everything short,
i came home after school and just wanted to try the new brush i hmv for my gel eyeliner so i ended up doing my whole make-up and just had fun fashion parading (as there's no one else home too...)
tired on the white dress i got for my secondary school prom which i like never touch it before every sinced that prom night.
now that i took it out and try,
it looks so much freaking different!
why on earth did it look so freaking horrible on me then?!
wanna compare?
you can find photos of my prom on my blog i guess...
just find the photo album link after all my friends' links under 'links'
click that then it should be sorted out in one of my post already.
after seeing it tell me your comments ok?
night people!

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