Monday, 30 November 2009

Daniel & Pei Di's Wedding
MyFatPocket Hair Challenge

Daniel and Pei Di's Wedding

Here comes the Bride~
Her comes the Bride~

On the special 21 Nov 2009, it was finally the big for Daniel and Pei Di! Yuhu~!

I met up with Jo at Orchard before heading down to hunt our way to the hotel. LOL

We did made it there successfully before it started raining!


And we are all seated at table 8! Poor Zhi Sen sat alone with a group of people he didnt know. Oh well, his table was just next to us anyway~

And yup! Here's Jo and I! You know... when Jo and I took this photo, Daniel was like,
"Wah~ The bride and groom here never take photo own self down that 自拍"


Cute wedding favour which many thought it was some kiddy toy before they took a closer look at it.

One of our dear Emcee for the night! =X

Paranormal activity~~~ I did not edit the photo above AT ALL okay~

The guys~


The GAYS?!

And of course, more camwhore shots!

Here's some photo I grabbed from boyfriend's Facebook album!

The sweet sweet newlyweds

At the brothers' table

And the crazy group of great friends!

MyFatPocket Hair Challenge 2009

Yippe! I was so happy when I received the email from MFP, telling me to go for the finals! hahahaha...

So a few days back, I went down to REDS at the Central all alone for the finals.

It was pretty fun and stuff with all the filming, interview and etc. I also got to know the other contestants, Yvonne and Yuan Mei, who were the only 2 that made it for the finals. Saddly all the other shortlisted contestants could not make it. It's like really cool to see how other people style their hair and *ahem* learn at the same time. LOL.

So there was I preparing my stuff before the actual filming started.

All the things I needed -- rubber band, comb, brush, pins and most last but not least the super LOVES air fix hair spray!

Above photo's credit goes to Yuan Mei @

So there's Yvonne, Bianca (MFP's Editor), Yuan Mei and I of course!

After the hair challenge, I went Orchard to walk around alone while waiting for my boyfriend to end work. Was so bored and had nothing better to watch so I watch the Korean movie "My Girlfriend is an Agent" on my own at Cineleisure. Ok.. It was quite funny actually~ LOL.

After movie, I met boyfriend where we went for dinner first before watching Informant at the Cathay. hahaha... Talk talk talk talk talk~ A very smart movie but I just can't help dozing off a little here and there cos I've finished my chips and there's no freaking subtitles!!!


After movie, Dann and I went PS's Mac a while where Jae joined us. Chitty Chatty a while then go home liao~

Camwhore while they chat about stuff that I don't understand. LOL

And here's some products I got from the hair challenge. The in-charge from MFP so good. He let us take whatever products we want just as long as we leave one set for them for photoshoot. ( * ^ - ^ * )

Ok! That shall be all for now~!
Kinda tired already~
Haiz... マイガール Ep 8 still haven't load finish.
I guess I just have to wake up earlier to watch it before going to work tomorrow.

Good night everyone!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Yippe! Last Friday before going to work, I went down to Puma's office to collect some stuff! I was early and like 30mins earlier than Diana. By the time I left, she wasn't even there yet.

So I went down to the office to look for Qian and shopped a little at the sample room. Oh~ I love the Silver Ferrari tote! The very first time I saw it the Ngee Ann City's outlet, I totally fall in love with it already lor~!

See my BIG bag of PUMA stuff! Wahahaha!!!


Not forgetting my vouchers which I used part of it to get boyfriend the pair of Puma X Evisu Black Tattoo jeans he wanted a long time yesterday.

That day, all my colleagues and I went out for lunch together at City Square Mall's Manhattan Fish Market to celebrate Kelly's birthday!

My student meal! heehee... Wasn't very hungry. This small portion was just nice!

OK... Photos from this point onwards are not taken using my camera. They are all taken using Mike's 自恋 camera Samsung ST 550 -- the camera with the screen in front, too. I did not edit them either. Heehee.. Kinda lazy~

Photo taken by Yu Shan

Photo taken by Ah deh~

The guys

The girls...?

And here's EVERYONE!!!

Birthday girl Kelly with her birthday present!


Anderson's ice cream cake

The flavour is chocolate craving I think~

Look at Tommy~

What a big difference in expression sia~

Me with my new Boss, Kelly!

*The company's complicated. Lazy to explain any further*

Ok. That's all for now!


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