Tuesday, 29 April 2008

私 帰りたい

i wanna go home...
i feel horrible...

dont wanna eat
dont wanna drink

can you ever imagine
like eating and drinking is all a waste of time?

like whatever you eat this minute
will come out an hour later.

you dont even feel like the food got digested
or minerals being absorbed.

it's like your body rejecting to take in anything
refused to work properly.

i wanna go home...

どこへも 行きたくない。

Sunday, 27 April 2008

2008年 の JMD の ORIENTATION を おわりますた!

yoyoyo everyone!

jmd orientation is over,
was today (saturday).

it was fun...
but i was seriously shocked when one of my group member
wanted floor work in the choreo!

both yook yu and i were like...
*jaw drop*

but all in all
really very happy to have this 08 batch of people
really hope that the wish of having a band formed in jmd
will be fulfiled.
maybe a wrong usage of word
understand can already lah ah~


really hope most of them will stay with us

come on everybody!

Friday, 25 April 2008

in school~

hey there people...
ya i'm in school...
real-time enterprise system development lecture
and what can ever make it worst?
a mono tone lecturer who talks like a machine gun.
our market place lecturer...
imagine people~


so ya...
i'm just blogging to kill time right now.

nothing much to blog about seriously...


okay people.
boring lecture starts~

and i shall stone.


Wednesday, 23 April 2008

if i were a dinosaur...

... i would eat and eat and eat
... i would eat all the fried chicken i want
... i would eat all the teriyaki chicken i want
... i would i would i would
... i would eat a dinosaur
... i would want to eat T-Rex
... i would want to eat a Danny-saur
... i would i would i would
... i would step on Danny's head!


and all of these will only happen
if i were a dinosaur.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

mokomichi's latest dorama!!!

hey people!
i just found mokomichi's latest dorama out!
and guess what?
it's based on one of my favourite manga - 絶対彼氏!!!

however in the manga,
it had a sad ending.
hope that this dorama will end with a happy one!

here's a clip of the first episode shown last tuesday

絶対彼氏 is shown on fuji tv every tuesday nights from 9-10pm

Saturday, 19 April 2008

temporary end for utata

hey people!
yesterday was the last day of club crawl
though we didnt do to our best yesterday
and the standard actually dropped
as compared to thursday's performance


we still have alot of room for improvement till natsu 08

but right now we'll be having a rest for around a month

and within this month,

i dont have to be utata yamiru

that means i eat and whatever i want!

i've been like so super easily bad mood for the passed week or so
because i couldnt eat alot of things
even curry sauce!

the torture is over for the moment
and i'm super happy about it.

and here i laugh again

so today we didnt have jmd practice
but a jmd outing!
we went sentosa today
though it wasnt very warm
very sunny and stuff
but all of us went home with cute rosy cheeks!

seriously hope that ban teng had a little tanned?

he seriously need to get some vitamin D man~!

i guess BT was the star of the day?

first he smacked dann's volleyball i-dont-know-how
that the volleyball tore!

and kim kai managed to get the balloon in that volleyball out of its cover

next thing was the war between the G3
(kim kai, ban teng and zhe sen)

and ban teng had his helmet on!
(the volleyball skin)

last thing the guys burried ban teng!
i guess it sure was some day for ban teng's 2nd lifetime experience at a beach.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

club crawl starts today!

hey people,
currently in lab...
today is the start of our school's club crawl,
cca orientation that is.

before sleeping last night,
i was first excited.
but soon,
i was afraid.

i really wouldnt wish to see people walking away during our performances.
either or,
neither nor.
both wait and see and traditional.
i really dont wish to see anyone leaving.

and i so dont wish that anything will go wrong during the performances.


ok people,
if you're reading this and able to make it for club crawl,
sakuran japanese cultural club's performances are on
thursday - 2.30pm
friday - 12.15pm
at sports hall.

see you there
and please give your full support!
thank you!

jmd jmd jmd!!!
ganbatte ganbatte ganbatte!!!

Monday, 14 April 2008

school's in again!

Hey people...
firstly i wanna say...
Happy Birthday to my Sister!
like the title says school has started
and right now i'm in lesson...
having my PE now.
oh well...
all new faces due to my stupid change of path.

i feel weird...

but then again,
I'll make the best out of it.

ganbatte ganbatte!!!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

all my videos uploaded GONE!!!

roar people!

i just tried to log in to youtube,
and my account has been permenantly disabled!!!
freak lah!
my the videos i uploaded,
like still thinking's coffee day video,
ee ling's birthday video,
iggy's birthday video,
sjcc orientation video,
jmd orientation video,
jmd 5th anniversiry video,
stage art's performances,
foreign bodies's performances,
video of kathy at my house,
video of the mv jess and i filmed down,
still thinking's chalet videos,
etc etc,
all gone!!!


Tired of visiting multiple sites for showtimes?
Yahoo! Movies is all you need

Thursday, 3 April 2008

ang ang ang~!

hey people,
here's a short post before i go to sleep
and prepare for my big day tomorrow

today when walking pass comics connection at toa payoh central
i saw some new plush toys on sales
and guess what i got?

below is the plush toys that jmd 06 batch got for me
for my birthday last year

below is what i bought
what i found on sales today at comics connection

lucky i didnt buy them the last time
now all i find to find is shisuka and the guy's plush toy
then i have the full set already!


that's all

good night people!


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