Friday, 28 September 2012

ZOO outing with Himeko!
動物園へ 行こう!


August is Himeko and my birthday month and yes! We are both *ahem* awesome *ahem* August 13 babies!!!

As the Singapore Zoological Garden had a promotion for all August babes that month, we decided to go to the zoo!!!

Yeah complimentary entry for us both!

Nya~ camwhore a little with our tickets. LOL

Thursday, 27 September 2012

SexyLook Repair Black Mask

Sponsored Review

Hey there everyone!

*Yes, I still trying very hard to start each post with a different sentence recently. LOL*

So I'm sure if you have been shopping at Watsons, you should have seen these new babies of SexyLook!

The Intensive Black Mask Range

This range of masks focus on 3 key points:
- Far-infrared Effect
- Intensive Care
- Detox Effect

So today I'll be sharing with you my thought after using the intense repair black mask of SexyLook.

This range of black mask is actually very very VERY thin unlike the usual SexyLook masks.

*Sorry I apologise for the childish looking PJ's I was in*
*Impromptu decision to try the mask*

I had to take quite some time to unfold the mask before using it as I seriously am so worried that I may tear it or something plus the fact that my nails are pretty long to begin with.

This is the very first non-3D mask I've used from SexyLook range.

Which means, nope, no lifting for V-shape face for this range of mask alright.

Pretty a waste for me cos the one thing I really like about SexyLook masks other than the fact that they are generally more gentle and are suitable to people with sensitive skin like me, is that their 3D masks really helps lift to achieve the V-shape jawline.

After 10-15 mins with the mask on, I feel that my skin was cleaner and brighter besides the fact that my skin was well-moisturised, too!

You just have to try this range of mask out even though I understand that the price per piece is slightly more steep than most masks available on the market currently.

There are 3 different types of masks of their Black Mask range:
- Moisturising
- Repair
- Whitening

You can check out more information at SexyLook Singapore Facebook Page:

Stay pretty everyone!

XOXO Tsuriki

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Universal Studios Singapore, AGAIN!

Yeah! Good day everyone!
*Trying very hard to think of a different way to start a post*


Anyways, 2 weeks back, I finally got to go to Universal Studios Singapore (USS), again, with Gerry! Muahahaha~

And here's Gerry with one of her all sorts of weird expression while we queued to take photo with one of the mascots...

KungFu Panda! Hai~ ya!

I'm just a huge lover of theme parks cos I just love taking thrilling rides!

To me, it's the nearest thing you can feel to death without dying.
*A way of putting for the reason why I love taking thrilling rides*

We walked pasted the pastry shop near the entrance and was lured in by the sweet yummilicious scent!

*OMG~ Did I just used the word "lured"?! So not me!*

And we saw these cutie Sesame Street Cupcakes!!!

*Eat me! Eat me!*

Ok. Gerry and I each got one for ourselves before we left the park that evening.
Ngak ngak ngak~ Fat die us! LOL

And not forgeting, my outfit of the day!

BOTTOM: Cotton On
SHOES: Adidas
BAG: Supreme

Now off to have fun!!!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Happy Happy Day!

Hi everyone!

Just a short post here before I start spamming you all with posts again a in few days' time.

So today was a really tiring day cos I had to wake up earlier for work and I met yup with my Primary School friend, Kathy, and Secondary School friends Darren and Ignatius for lunch at 山頭火 for ramen at Cuppage Terrence!

The ramen I had was Shin-Aji Shoyu Ramen! Yummy yummy~

(Feels so weird to type しょ as sho and not syo)

And after a tiring day at work, I was welcomed home by a parcel from Japan!

Yea can you guess what is it?

Blah blah blah blah... Ura Ara Mania!

Yeah! It's my Special ARASHI Ura Ara Mania Album for their ARAFAS concert just last week!

(And yes, this special album was available for preorder only in Japan at 6000YEN)

Don't ask me how much in total I paid for it.

Paid, and forget! LOL!!!

Just the sight of the ARASHI logo brightens my entire day!

Internal look of the 4-Disc album!

Close-up on CD

The list of songs in this special album!

Lyrics book with information of each song like which year and album/single it was it!

And even though I didn't have much makeup on today, I still MUST snap photo with it!

Oki! That's all for this short post!
Will be back soon!

Have a great week ahead!!!

Friday, 21 September 2012





どう? 可愛くない?

This year It's my very first time tying a traditional Obi myself and also trying out a different Obi tying instead of the usual, most simple bow.


Before going down to Natsu Matsuri itself, Hitomi and I met up at Tampines One where we went to visit Shirley and Fui Fui!

And after lunch, Hitomi and I headed down to Natsu Matsuri itself!

And here we are!

Went to play some games before heading back to the stage to watch my dancemate's performance.

No. This is not the performance by my dancemates.
It's by the new belly dance club in JAS.

Oh gosh~ It've been years since I last went JAS ever since I stopped studying Jap there and switched to Ikoma.

And after belly dance, it's time for Adorthymatics!

Still pretty sad when I watched their performance cos I was unable to be part of it due to work committments.

Hitomi with her famous fish-face. LOL

She's just so cute lah~

And she was like super excited to see so many gyaru/jap bloggers as I meet up with Himeko, Michiyo and Aki.

Oh man~ I miss working with her.
Why my manager must transfer her to another outlet?!

It's Hitomi's very first time going to Natsu Matsuri becos of certain reasons...
But yea! Glad she enjoyed herself!

Even though it is still very different here from in Japan.

With Fook Yu

With Jim

With Himeko

With Michiyo

With Aki

And to start off Bon Odori, here's the super high Ban Theng!

With Lue Song

With Jia Hui

Haven't seen her for a long long time~
The last time I actually saw her was at a blogger event because the venue was at the cafe she's working at!

*Oei! Lue! Why you photobomb us?!*

Not forgetting GST!

With Gerry

That makes the G!

With Sok Hiang

That makes the S!

and me, the T!

After Natsu Matsuri, I headed off for supper!

Delicious Fried Rice with Egg!

Signing off here's a photo of me with my super shrinked yoyo!

Have a good weekend ahead!

XOXO Tsuriki

Thursday, 20 September 2012

My 23rd Birthday, 2012

Hello everyone!

Ok.. I have been thinking whether should I blog on my birthday or not this year cos I seriously do not wanna admit that I'm already 23.

But since I received so much love this year, I decided to do just a short post.

Celebration 01: JMD 06 Batch

Had an awesome dinner at one of my favourite places for Ramen 八福丸 with my awesome batch of dancemate since Poly. I can always say that we've been through thick and thin, shed all the tears, sweat and blood together!

Thanks to our inhuman instructor... LOL

Yummy Vanila Fruit Cake they got for me!

Polaroid of me!

Haha~ I look so small in the photo~

Ok. Didn't manage to take a group photo but everything that happened still, and will forever stay in my memory!

Thanks for the Doraemon and Adidas watch!
I was super happy when I saw the Doraemon cos it was the one that Fook Yu wanted to caught for me back in Hong Kong but didn't managed to.

Thank you guys!

Celebration 02: JMD & Adorthymatics

Surprise cakey!

I'm so easily touched I almost cried that night!

Playing with the ribbon on the present ( * ^ ^ * )

And my present!

Thank you all of you for the really sweet Samantha Thavasa wallet!

And yea! Bf and I went shopping for a charm for the wallet the following day and I decided to get this cute Samanatha Thavasa Bear Bear charm!

Celebration 03: Actual Birthday

Initially I wanted to go to Universal Studios to celebrate my birthday but I got lazy that morning and decided to sleep in.

Which was a good thing cos it rained super bad!

So I stayed home and played with Kolvis before heading out for a simple dinner at Billy Bombers with BF.

Buffalo Wings

My Ribs with Fish


And as usual, a cookies and cream milkshake the end off the meal!

Celebration 04: Surprise at work

My colleagues at work surprised me with cakey!

*HUGS* Love you girls!!!

Thank you so so much! Less than three~

Celebration 05: Zoo outing with Himeko

Ok~ The last one isn't really a celebration but yea we both 13 August babies sure had an awesome time at the zoo!

*To be blogged in a separate post*

Ok! That's all for this short and random post.

XOXO Tsuriki


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