Monday, 17 November 2008

clear shoe boxes!!!

okay everyone...
finally i got the chance to create a banner for my bo liao boredom comic.
it's already placed up under fun links on the left hand side.

cant find it?
look for this photo below.

i know it can be linked from this photo above.
but just if anyone wants to see my bo liao comic after another 5 posts,
this post wouldnt be here already.
so yup,
the link on the side if for future convinence.

i was just checking my facebook account and i saw this advertisement by the side.
and what are they selling?

i guess this is a survior to all ladies out there like me that loves shoes and have alots of them...


i want them!!!
i saw from the advertisement it's being sold at USD35 for 10 boxes which is around 5.25SGD each box.
i remember watching nui ren wo zui da the other time and in taiwan it is also sold there and also almost the same price.
if you order from that website they would give a 10% discount to singapore's orders.
i want those boxes...
of anything similar...
i just freaking hate looking for shoes everytime i wanna go out lor~
cause like everyone's shoes are all placed together.
all the shoes in my house are not in their correct boxes
and some shoes that my sister got from bangkok didnt come in boxes and i dont know why but they are in boxes too~
everything's very very very messy lor~

it is stated on the web site that the boxes can be stacked up to 16 boxes without falling or damageing other boxes.
and also,
shoes are easy to remove from the boxes so that you wouldnt have to worry about having the need to shift all boxes down to take the shoe right at the bottom.

more photos:

all photos' credit goes to

how's that?
any other ladies feeling the WANT of this shoe boxes like me?!

i found many many other online stores that sells clear shoe boxes too~
but i just dont know which one gives a better bargain.
i shall take a look first then post up here for people that may be interested like me.

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