Friday, 10 July 2009

It's time for custard pudding!

Yippe! I made my custard puddings last Thursday after Japanese lessons that night! My sister said that I was a little crazy when I actually offered her my fresh made puddings that very night (or rather very very very very early in the morning of Friday) at around 1am? =p I started making the puddings at around 11pm and it took me about 45mins to finish everything I needed to do before putting them into the fridge (including of all the photo taking and washing of stuff).

So now here we go! Pudding making!

Step 1: Of course it is to get all ingredients needed ready!

So there's milk, eggs and of course the most important ingredient, pudding mix!

Step 2: Prepare the correct amount of ingredients needed.

1. 400cc (1 1/2 cup) of milk (Poured into the pot above already)
2. 1 egg yolk
3. 1 packet of pudding mix

Step 3: Prepare you pudding cups with caramel sauce

With the provided packet of sauce, divide and pour them into 4 little cute cups for your puddings later on.

I tried to pour them nicely. I really did.

Step 4: Pour all ingredient prepared in Step 2 into the pot and beat and mix them well!

*Suddenly thought of Michael Jackson's song, Beat It*

Step 5: Bring the mixture to boil slowly at medium heat and stir it with a wooden spoon

This will take some time but keep stirring! You don't wanna come back with your pudding stuck to the pot!

*Boil boil boil*

Do not panic when you see everything all fluffed up out of a sudden. OK. I did a little cause it really REALLY SUDDEN!

Step 6: Remove from heat but continue to stir for around a mintue for the mixture to cool down slightly

Yea~ It's getting more and more sticky alright...

Step 7: Divide and pour your pudding mixture into the pre-prepared cups with sauce done in Step 3.

Don't they just look lovely?

Step 8: Put them into the fridge and let it chill for around an hour.

I know it is quite a long ONE HOUR to wait... but you just have to bear with it.

Oh well, it's always a good time to like blog, play your Facebook, update your Twitter and stuff during this one hour if you don't have any assignments like me! =p

Just joking... do better stuffs if you have. I have nothing better to do then so I just watched Disney Channel Series. Which reminds me that I shall introduce you people to "Sonny With A Chance"!!! It's really nice! It's a new (I think) Disney Channel Series. Go check it out!

And one hour later...

TADA!!! You're ready to eat!

OK. I tried it at like 1am that night together with my sister. We both felt that it was a little mushy still. I ate the other 2 like the next few days and it's better. So, I guess just ONE hour isn't enough.

So here's my very first attempt of making my own custard puddings!

Well, many people would just go and buy or something cause you have to buy the ingredients and make. The time, the money... Oh well, I do agree that you it costs about the same but you have to fork out the time to make them your own.

But for me, I love cooking! Cooking makes me happy! Sadly I don't cook often anymore. Meow~ But you see, the sight of the end product just makes me feel even more happy than just enjoying the process of cooking!

And know what's an additional point to that?

You get to EAT them!!! *heehee*

Ok. That's all for now.
Have fun if you're gonna make your own puddings too!

Rest well and Sweet dreams!

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