Saturday, 22 November 2008

New Skin!!!

think that of course you have noticed that my blogskin has been changed.
and tada!!!

though if you see carefully the template is similar to the previous one.
but i did do adjustments for a more wordy blog as my posts are getting more and more wordy recently.
so hopefully this new template will allow you people to read it more easily and better.

it isnt really fully done yet as the banner is supposed to be a flash but now i'm facing coding problem.
so i shall update it again when it's done.

so this morning,
i just woke up after answering the call from my dad.
was thinking if i should go to JMD or not
but i'm still freaking aching everywhere so i decided to just stay home and finish up this blogskin tha i've been working up for the past few days in school and with the banner that i actually did weeks ago.
but who knows,
it has coding problem once it's online.

i still havent decided what to do or where to go later.
maybe i'll just go walk walk or something.
come on lah~
it's a saturday!
so why stay home all day sia!
even if it's in the past,
i do not stay home on saturdays lor~
only sundays cause sundays are relaxing days.

"watching" tv now...
wonder what i should do later...
and ya...
i'm in doraemon pyjamas...
i know...
but who cares!
i love doraemon!
this pyjamas is comfy!!!


i think that's all for now.
have a nice day people!!!

NIKE concept shop at wisma will be opening real soon!!!
less time to meet dann,
another place to shop at though...

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