Monday, 31 March 2008


i've never see this coming,
calling me a "slut" from my own father.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Still Thinking how to say 'Hi'

hey people
second post of the day...

it's weird
like today got to meet some friends
by conicidence

i started out talking to zhi hui online,
then i met jess while buying coke at mac,
and eng hua after buying my coke also at mac.
after jmd,
i met heng jie at the interchange while waiting for the bus home
and i saw davin on the bus
(ok. i guess that IS davin)


it's a little weird...
and after talking to heng jie,
i realised that i really havent gone out with jin
though we kept saying and saying...

so ya...
i've already asked if she's free on tue

for the time being,
my tues afternoon goes to miss ng li jin.

good night people.



hey people...
it's been quite some time sinced i last blogged.

so last sunday was the finals for spop hurray!
i went with danny to watch the live performance at singapore indoor stadium
together with his mom,
his godsis,
jessica and her friend.


so here we were,
waiting for the live performance of spop hurray to start.

i was super happy when the performance of li sheng jie started


i enjoyed all the songs
and the decor was super pretty!

too bad we had to leave when JJ did his second performance

='( sobz sobz

Friday, 7 March 2008


ok people,
the other day when we went to watch L
i left out something that i didnt blog
cause bryan's school has already started,
so he came in his uniform without changing.
(ya. bryan is no longer nyp student)

so people,
guess how would a business school's uniform look like?

then guess how the students would dress like after lessons?

the answer is below.

dont he just look like some guy who just got retrenced?

and you see...

this retrenced guy has a 'part-time' job!
that is to...

play arcade!
help people beat stages that they cant!


the reason why i didnt blog them up the other time
was because i thought byran would mind.

but hey there bryan,
i did not blog up the photo of the one take
from rear view.

last sunday,
i went to vivo city to watch the danceworks competition.

first i went to harbour front centre with dann for lunch at ramen tei.

i would never go there again.
let's not talk about bad service.
'cause there wasnt much service!!!


then we went to vivo to walk for a while
while waiting for sok hiang.

so we met sok hiang,
gotten some food for her,
then we went to venue,
find a seat
and waited for the competition to start.

so as time passes,
after taking some photos,

bryan joined us,
then gerry and ezzat came at the 3rd group's performance.

our school's foreign bodies is so freaking noisy lah.
i know they are supportive,
VERY supportive,
but a little TOO supportive.

i seriously like the last team
their group name should be
Beyond the Roses
if i'm not wrong.

and ya...
they came in 2nd.

oh then again,
fb aint really the most noisy group of people.

the people from nation junior college are.

there are parts of the competition that were super funny,
i lazy to blog.

the main thing of this post
is abouut my...
= "holiday~"

having my holidays right now.
and i spent my past few days at harbour front,
at sentosa
having a short "holiday" with dann,
and some of my other friends.

hey dear~
the huts at sentosa are better now!

i had a really wonderful time
though it kept raining and raining.

we watched the leap years,
had great meals at harbour front,
great basketball matches between each couples,
great time with all the races
on both land and in water,
great time chilling out while watching NBA All Stars match,
(and imagine ezzat keep rewinding and repeating the video),
great instant noodles for breakfast,

a great time screaming in the toilet because of the cold water
(girls only please)
a really great time to spend with each and everyone.

(ya. i kinda summarised the whole holiday)

ar~ so fast over already...

and now we're back,
back to our practice for club crawl.
as for me,
i'm back to utata yamiru.

all the best people~!


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