Friday, 28 November 2008

putting what you're learnt in full use.

here's my pet from facebook's pet society with her little friend,
dingling's pet,
having some vegetable for breakfast this morning.

cute rite~?

always put whatever you've learnt into use to be able to understand it fully.

i know how to talk to people using only close-ended answers.
in comm skills,
this is a sign of someone being uninterested and does not wish to talk anymore further.

here's an example:
(note that my msn nick is "Trixy 。 特理克丝。 ツリキ。 Ardorythmatics")

Someone: Hey

Trix: yes?

Someone: what's ardorythmatics

Trix: dance group

Someone: ahh that's a new one...

Someone: okay then

say whatever you want to how you feel about me.
but seriously...
i do not now this person well,
so why on earth do i have to bother talking to this someone using open-ended answers?

i seriously kinda irritated by this someone.

come in first day ask me stupid question.

what kind of stupid question you may ask...

like everyone knows that unless it's a friday,
our lab people can only go back at 6pm.
maybe cause belinda our main in-charge wasnt here to give them proper briefing on the first day AKA this monday as she was on MC.
but duh right?

still come and ask me...

here's the conversation:

Someone: "er.. what time can we go back huh?"

Trix: "6pm."

Someone: "6pm... no plus no minus?"

Trix: "no. 6pm. no plus no minus."

this kind of thing also wanna ask?!
stupid right?!
you think what?
normal lessons where you get to be released earlier?

and blah blah blah...
more stupid questions asked.
blah blah blah...

after knowing that madam goh is also my supervisor,
he asked me "she also your supervisor huh?"

duh again right?

still tell me say what i must be very pro cause madam goh say i do things well.

you all do not know the history behind all these fast speed of editing stuff sia~

ever sinced i was in secondary 3 after setting up this blog of mine,
i have been editing html on my own like monthly then.
edit edit edit...
and i just do not know why but maybe like my sis always say,
i'm supposed to be in this field as i can just understand all these freaking brain-killing codes easily.
you may think html codes are easy...
i agree.
it is kinda idiot proof actually...
or rather to me to a certain extend.

ya ya ya...
i told bing hong once that i secondary school already understand and know html he said that i'm siao~!

then come poly where i got to learn more and more programming lanuages
visual basic,

and for a slacker student that i am for past years,
editing projects to it looking totally different in a very very very very very short time is quite peanuts to me.

so ya...
for people who actually know the way i work,
you will know.

dont try to praise me for these cause there's a part of it that came to me because of always last minute work and stuff.

so ya...

and i just cant stand people asking stupid questions!!!
maybe i got this "cannot stand people asking stupid questions" thingy from dann...
oh no!
it's a virus!


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