Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Ugly me!

hello everyone!

FYP is just getting more and more boring and i just argh~ cant stand it anymore!!!
so i guess you people will get to see more and more posts on weekdays and properly even no posts on weekends.

where's my supervisor!!!???
i wanna ask her thing!!!


remember in the start of the month i said that reiko from the organiser of go japan matsuri emailed me the link of photo albums for the event?
i just went to take a look and i only found photo with me in it in the vocalist album.
but seriously,
photos after the first week of go japan matsuri are only very very little.
just the female vocalist the first week took up almost half the album.
and the day of my contest there's only a total of 4 photos?
or maybe even 3...
so ya...
not to mention that the band day has even lesser.

here's the only photo i found myself in it

i think that this photo is taken after like a few minutes of photo taking already.
i could see my face like abit cramp already.
and i'm not kidding cause it really did cramp that day!
try for yourself lah!
put on your best smile and try to keep your eyes open (as my eyes tend to close when i smile or laugh).
you go try yourself!
see how long can you ta han!

i admit!
i did photoshopped myself as i look freaking U-G-L-Y -- UGLY LAH!!!
and so in order to make me look slimmer also,
i made the winner girl fatter abit.

come one lah!
she's a bamboo stick lor!!!
and i stand beside her,
i'm just a block of ham i feel!!!
(ok! i know i am exaggerating i know...)

but really she IS THAT THIN!!!


that's all.

i miss my chocolate~~~
it's waiting for me at home in the fridge...
darling i'll eat you tonight!!!

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