Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Photo Trip with Jess


The previous Sunday, I met out with Jess and we went for a photo trip at somewhere. hahaha... I shall not tell you where did we take our photos at so you yourself shall guess on your own. =p

We first had lunch, had fishy noodles and it was just simply delicious! Yum yum~ After lunch we walked around the shops near the hawker before starting out photo trip. Seriously... the weather was super duper uper warm and humid that day lah! I think like evrything will melt one lor~ I was like so worried that my makeup will melt! hahahaha... and I meant literally! =p

Jess and I warming up

I just love the old retro feeling

This is Jess with her new sweater

And off off we went to start our photo trip proper!

Camwhore while finding a good spot for photos

Look at all the yummy yummy food~~~!!! hungry!

We were like taking photos from one place to another then another and so on so forth.

One location...

To another...

And throughout the whole journey there are still random camwhore shots here and there

Show off my pretty nails

opps! =p

Our only drink to cool the warm weather down alittle

This cat was following us all around and seriously freaked me out lah!

Jess killed a cockroach by accident while taking photos

And Jess's camera decided to protest and stop working halfway through the day

Final destination where we ended our day there

And the last 2 photos before the actual stuff

Some blogshop feel kind of photos with Jess in her new sweater!

And now the actual stuff!

So these are all the selected photos from my camera.
I have not gotten the other photos from Jess but then again if I don't blog about it now, I have no idea when am I gonna be blogging about it. hahaha...

Note that I admit! I did photoshop myself to appear slimmer, not really alot that it's someone I'm not in there. Did not photoshop Jess as I don't know if I should or not.

Gonna rush to lala land already.

Good night everyone!

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